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v i n t a g e s i m p l i c i t y

d e s i g n e r i n s p i r a t i o n

I love these vintage simplicty patterns, I make most of my own clothing from these patterns that I have picked up in opshops and online. I love the illustrations and the modesty of them. They are fun, can be worn everyday, suit larger body types because of the full skirts and I think they are elegant and don’t show too much skin. I especially like how functional the garments are.

c o l e t t e p a t t e r n s

Colette patterns is a American store by a designer that releases approximately 4 new patterns per season. The patterns are designed to be easily modified to suit body types and aesthetic. I find the simplicity of the designs very appealing and also like how they are designed with small interesting features such has the rooibous dress which has a peek of the inner lining on the front of the bodice.

s h a b b y a p p l e

Shabby Apple is an Amercian designers website. Most of the designs are dresses or skirts. According to the website the purpose of the company was to fill the gap in the clothing available that allows dresses to be worn as staple pieces. All of the designs have something very special about them that means nothing else has to be worn with it to dress it up. I especially like the vintage and retro touches to the garmetns which make them look elegant but eyecatching at the same time.

f e d e r a t i o n

Federation is a New Zealand clothing store who’s design aesthetic I like. Their designs are fun street wear pieces with a touch of grunge mixed in which really catches my eye. A lot of their pieces are not form fitting but that does not mean that they look ‘messy’. I like that, I think it means that they have been designed and made quite well.

s k e t c h b o o k p a g e s

These are a few pages from my sketch book, this is not something that I do enough of and I hope to work on it more in the future as I think that it can be an important step in the design process of a garment.

c r a f t y i t e m s b y m e

I thought that these images were important to add as I first started out sewing more ‘crafty ’ items. Such as soft toys, baby shoes, and home decor items. I also quite like getting out my pile of felt and handstitching some colourful brooches. I learned a lot about quality control by making these items and selling them at fairs and craft markets.

g a r m e n t s i v e m a d e

This is a collection of photographs of garments that I have made since I became interested in sewing and fashion design. I work mostly from tissue paper patterns but can also draft simple skirt or top patterns. I am becoming more confident in making modifications to the designs and tailoring the patterns to fit a different size.

g a r m e n t p r o c e s s

I chose to document the process of thsi garment as I think that the design is one that I find very flattering to a plus size body shape which are the types of garments and patterns that I am hope of design in the future. I also thing that making and photographing each step of this dress allowed me to show a wide range of sewing techniques that I am able to execute.

wrong sides pinned together.

stitching along pinned seam.

f r e n c h s e a m s

turning garment so that right sides are pinned together.

stitching along turned seam to encase raw edges.

showing how raw edge is incased inside the seam.

finished french seam lying flat.

two collar pieces pinned and stitched around edeges. Opening is left for attachment to bodice.

c o l l a r a t t a c h m e n t

Collar turned through to wrong sides facing. Next step is to iron seams flat.

Collar pinned to bodice, front facings are pinned at seam so that when they are turned through to the inside the seams will be hidden. Stitch along this line.

Turn raw edges up inside of collar.

Turn raw edges of collar under and up into collar. Stitch along this seam to secure raw edges.

try on bodice, check to see if the fabric is bulging anywhere. Pin where excess fabric and where you want the dart to end. Take of bodice and mark dart lines on fabric.

c r e a t i n g

bring angled lines together pin and then stitch along angled line. Press seam inwards towards center.

a b u s t d a r t

finished bust dart.

I have stitched the cuffs into a round and ironed them in half.

c u f f a t t a c h m e n t

place the right side of the cuff to the right side of teh sleeve. stitch around the edge.

turn the garment to that you are working on teh wrong side adn push the raw edge seam of the cuff up inside of it.

Turn raw edge of the cuff under and pin the edge.

Stitch this edge to secure the raw edges on teh inside.

this dress calls for a gathering line at the top of the sleeve. It gives the sleeve a ‘puff’ at the shoulder.

s e t t i n g t h e s l e e v e

gather until the sleeve fits into the arm hole make sure the gathers are even and stitch along the edge.

to keep the edges tidy I encased them in bias binding.

finished sleeve.

I changed the skirt on this pattern from a full circle skirt to a bubble skirt. First I put the pockets in each side of the skirt.

s k i r t a t t a c h m e n t

I put a gathering line of stitching in the top of the skirt and gathered it in until it was the same measurement as the bodice.

I pinned the skirt to the bodice and sitched along the line. I then turned the garment so that the raw edges would be incased in another seam, similar to a french seam.

finished skirt attachment seam.

I marked the hem 4 inches from the bottom of the skirt. I folded the bottom of the skirt up to the marked line, ironed and then folded it up again so that the raw edge was hidden.

h e m

this is the inside of the skirt showing the hem.

this is the outside of the skirt showing how the hem looks on the outside.

first I selected buttons that complemented the dress.

b u t t o n h o l e s

i then marked the size of the buttons on to bodice so that I could accurately make the button holes.

i then make the button hole with my sewing machine and cut it open.

buttons handstitched onto opposite side of bodice.

fashion design appliction portfolio  
fashion design appliction portfolio  

This is the portfolio I put togethe for my fashion design appliction to Wintec. It contains work that I have done myself and where I find so...