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Co-Lab. autumn 2011

A collaboration between Chairloom & Super Rural

Co-Lab. Autumn 2011 Molly Andrews Co-Editor Tracy Jenkins Co-Editor Rachel McGinn Photographer Cover & pages 3–4, 6, 14–31, 36–37, 40–41, 46–47, 50, 58, 60–70 & 141 Kirstin McKee Contributing Photographer pages 90–103 Michele DeNardo Contributing Photographer pages 4, 8–13, 32–35, 38–39, 42–45, 52–55, 59, 71, 72, 76 & 81

autumn 2011



6 Co-Lab. is a collaboration between Chairloom & Super Rural along with photographer Rachel McGinn.

Molly andrews Chairloom

Tracy Jenkins Super Rural

Rachel McGinn Photographer

THOUGHTS FROM THE LAUNDROMAT Reflections on change, renewal & renovation at Molly’s local ‘soap stop’.

Ardmore, pennsylvania


Autumn 2011

molly likes...


See what’s on Molly’s mind this autumn.

Samantha french, coming up for air

Once was lost, now is found.


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Antique carved loveseat

ATHENS, NY A collaborative effort between Molly & Tracy involving dusty, broken-down, (yet beautiful) furniture made new again.

Tracy & Ada at home in Athens



Tracy likes...


See what’s on Tracy’s mind this autumn.

Ladies & Gentlemen, superior servers



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For Like ever in Yvonne Eijkenduijn’s amazing home


124 We are proud to present Co-Lab. This is our design lab—a place where we can collaborate on the products and ideas we love.

Introducing Co-lab.

autumn 2011



hairloom and Super Rural are proud to present Co-Lab. This is our design

lab. In our digital pages we can experiment, mixing old with new, creating (and recreating) pieces for your home that allow for decorating with self-expression and individuality. We believe that a successful space is design collage of styles. Period, style, wood color, etc.… do not have to ‘match’ and it’s generally much better when they don’t. Color, pattern and texture can be the unifying elements that make it all work. The most exciting living spaces tend to be the ones created over time, where pieces are added in layers of style and personal meaning. The empty space is gradually filled with basic items, perhaps a hand-me-down or an heirloom or two, utilitarian pieces, other things whose only purpose is to be beautiful, interesting, or a reminder of a place and time. New things come in, some may go out or move to another room—like the nursery or home office—as you reach another stage in your life. Co-Lab exists to encourage individual creativity for your home. Our goal is to enthusiastically bring our products and ideas to you seasonally through theses pages. We are proud to present Co-Lab. — Molly andrews & Tracy Jenkins

Molly Andrews, Chairloom

Thoughts from the laundromat...


ecoming new again is the laundromat’s unspoken message to me. This local

laundromat in Ardmore, Pennsylvania seemed the perfect setting for Chairloom’s finished pieces. Owner Bela Kovac told me that his laundromat opened in 1952, and oddly enough, it’s renovation was scheduled for the same day I showed up with photographer Michele deNardo and a van full of furniture.

New again...

Renovation Change Soap stop Lost & damaged I love the signage in this place! Molly Andrews, Chairloom

thoughts from the laundromat


hy was it that Rubie Green’s East Village fabric looked so at home in the

sunlight that streamed in through the cloudy windows? The suzani ottoman seemed right at home too, as did the Trina Turk orange zebra fabric in front of the stainless steel appliances. Virginia Johnson pillows, Proud Mary’s Guatemalan textile, the bold chocolate brown chevron… Why do I feel so at home in this place? Is it the unspoken message that resonates for me? I need change. I hate feeling lost and damaged. A soap stop sounds perfect. My hope is that Co-Lab. can help its audience reflect on what it means to feel at home, think about small (or large) renovation and giving our own found furniture (and also ourselves) a soap stop.

Autumn 2011

MOLLY LIKES... Molly andrews, Chairloom

Be the anchor My high school friend, Jay Sweet, produces The Newport Folk Festival. This was a poster entry from last summer that spoke to me on many levels, personally & spiritually.

Hook Wrap Bracelet Giles & Brother make such functional, stylish & unique pieces.

The anti-romantic child A poignant and compellingly universal book about family, love, and the relationship between the ideal and the real.

Coming up for air An archival print made from a 40" x 30" oil painting on canvas by Samantha French. Her series focusing on bathers is her link to home and the continual search for the feeling of sun on your face, warm summer days at the lake.

large boat tote I hope Hable Construction never stops making their heavy-duty and endlessly useful gorgeous totes — particularly in red, my favorite color!

Lightweight merino wool shawl Throw pillows Two John Robshaw 20" x 20" throw pillows

When it comes to anything by

with metallic silver and gold on jute will be the perfect touch on your

Virginia Johnson, I have just one word:

Chairloom piece at home this autumn.


victorian parlor chair 34" high x 16" wide x 16" seat depth $175.00 as is $250.00 to reupholster 21/2 yards fabric needed

Shop Chairloom

ONCE WAS LOST, NOW IS FOUND. She sits him down in a stiff chair, rubs his back & strokes his hair. Telling him it’s okay to cry but he just sits and stares. Mumford & Sons, feel the tide

At Chairloom...


chair title vintage shield hereback chair 28”deep 29" high xx 28”tall 19" widexx28”wide 161/2" seat depth requires $175.00 as two is yards fabric $000.00 $350.00 to asreupholster is $000.00 3 yards fabric upcycled needed

1 THE VALUE OF BEING FOUND. We cherish the good bones beneath torn, faded or otherwise timeworn fabric.

2 THE IMPORTANCE OF SECOND CHANCES. Life is all about second chances and there is always the hope of being found when we are lost.

antique carved loveseat 32" high x 49" wide x 21" inside seat depth $950.00 as is $675.00 to reupholster 8 yards fabric needed

Fall fabric picks

elegant metallics Pierre Frey / City

Schumacher / glimmer

what a load of scrap / metallic linen

Madeline weinrib / otto

madeline weinrib / stripe

Studio bon / ellen

Studio bon / twinkle Schumacher / Chiaroscuro Velvet John robshaw / arjak

Greenhouse design / velvet

John Robshaw / Vala

John Robshaw / Goa pearl

Greenhouse design / velvet

antique fan back chair 44" high x 291/2" wide x 22" seat depth $475.00 as is $475.00 to reupholster 6 yards fabric needed

antique carved side chair 34" high x 15" wide x 15" seat depth $175.00 as is $125.00 to reupholster 1/2 yard fabric needed

There is a design, an alignment to cry, of my heart to see, the beauty of love, as it was made to be. Mumford & Sons, Sign no more


AMY’S CHAIR (and ottoman, too...)


Amy Voloshin’s Custom fabric

his chair and ottoman were found last summer and purchased because of their

legs, curves, and overall shape and frame. When Chairloom client Amy Voloshin, the art director of Print Fresh Studio, told me she and her husband were looking for a comfortable vintage chair and ottoman, good for reading, I immediately sent them a picture of these. They bought them sight unseen (as most Chairloom customers do). Amy designed and hand block printed her very own textile for this unique project, giving it added meaning and purpose. The frames were sanded to help give the pair a fresh, slightly modern feel.

vintage side chair 37” high x 20” wide x 16” seat depth $195.00 as is $250.00 to reupholster 2 yards fabric needed

vintage arm chair 33" high x 24.5" wide x 181/2" seat depth $275.00 as is $250.00 to reupholster 3 yards fabric needed

antique caned loveseat 471/2" wide x 29" high x 191/2" inside seat depth $850.00 as is $300.00 to reupholster 2 yards fabric needed

Vintage swivel chair on black wood base 281/2" high x 24" seat $350.00 as is $450.00 to reupholster 4 yards fabric needed

antique arm chair 34" high x 27" wide x 191/2" seat depth $285.00 as is $400.00 to reupholster 4 yards fabric needed

Fall fabric picks

Hable construction / beads

Katherine Rally / Joie de Vivre


madeline weinrib / Chevron Michael devine / Beekman Katie ridder / leaf

studio bon / stripedot

Fadini Borghi / Cesare

boussac / diabolo

hable construction / beads

madeline weinrib / Chevron

Sister Parish / Burma Michael devine / window box

what a load of scrap / berry linen

Sister Parish / Burma

madeline weinrib / Mu

six vintage dining chairs. 36" high x 221/2" wide x 20" seat depth $1,650.00 for all six, as is $175.00 each to reupholster 2 yards fabric needed for each


STACEY’S CHAIR studio bon / ellen


lient Stacey Doll— what a great name!— came into Chairloom one Saturday

morning in search of a great fabric for her old family chair. After seeing a selection of our favorites in the shop, Stacey knew she just had to have Studio Bon’s Ellen linen cotton blend printed in black. It was the perfect choice for this fantastic chair’s up do!

pair antique carved side chairs 38" high x 19" wide x 17" seat depth $400.00 as is, pair $125.00 each to reupholster $175.00 each to refinish 1 yard fabric needed, each

pair vintage armchairs 36" high x 29" wide x 24" inside seat depth $500.00 as is, pair $450.00 each to reupholster $200.00 each to refinish 6 yards fabric needed, each

pair modern vintage chairs 30" high x 23" wide x 19" deep $500.00 as is, pair $350.00 each to reupholster 3 yards fabric needed, each

mid-century swivel arm chair 28" high x 301/2" wide x 20" seat depth $350.00 as is $400.00 to reupholster 5 yards fabric needed

antique sofa 33" high x 70" wide x 22" seat depth $500.00 as is $800.00 to reupholster 14 yards fabric needed

antique fan back arm chair 42" high x 30" wide x 22" seat depth $475.00 as is $475.00 to reupholster 7 yards fabric needed

Fall fabric picks

Autumn warms

What a load of scrap / Salmon linen

hable construction / beads Hable construction / palm

John robshaw / shali

Michael devine / dottie studio bon / wired

what a load of scrap / metallic linen Hable construction / cosmos

proud mary / diamante

studio bon / richter

parlor textiles / simple ikat

Katie ridder / leaf

schumacher / betwixt

classic wing chair, frame. 40" high x 291/2" wide x 23" seat depth $250.00 as is $475.00 to reupholster 6 yards fabric needed

antique arm chair, frame 33" high x 291/2" wide x 23" seat depth $285.00 as is $475.00 to reupholster 6 yards fabric needed


ASHLEY’S CHAIR Sister parish / tucker


shley found this chair for $40 on Craig’s List while on a quick trip to

Connecticut. She knew instinctively that it would clean up beautifully and be a perfect addition to her living room. Like many Chairloom clients, Ashley was willing to splurge on an unusual, modern graphic textile. Ashley chose Sister Parish’s ‘Tucker’ because of how it would complement the shape of the chair, and because of her love and appreciation for such an accomplished designer. Ashley’s blog is best known for its resourceful approach to great design while operating on a tight budget. Ashley encourages her readers to ‘bring color, vision and creativity to their homes — one piece at a time.’

Bring color, vision and creativity to your home— one piece at a time. You can do so much with big inspiration, even if you’re working with a small budget. Ashley, Meet me in Philadelphia

mid century swivel chair 33" high x 231/2" wide x 17" seat depth $285.00 as is $325.00 to reupholster 4 yards fabric needed

vintage footrest with storage 15" high x 15" diameter $145.00 as is $150.00 to reupholster 11/2 yards fabric needed

mid-century arm chair 33" high x 191/2" wide x 171/2" seat depth $300.00 as is $350.00 to reupholster 3 yards fabric needed

vintage slipper / bedroom chair 301/2" high x 25" wide x 19" seat depth $275.00 as is $400.00 to reupholster 5 yards fabric needed

vintage shield back chair 29" high x 19" wide x 161/2" seat depth $175.00 as is $350.00 to reupholster 3 yards fabric needed

antique footrest (that opens) 9" high x 18" wide x 11" deep $95.00 as is $125.00 to reupholster 1 yard fabric needed

Fall fabric picks

Tried & True

what a load of scrap / cross-dyed linen

john robshaw / ananda

Katie ridder / wave

Katherine rally / sassa

john robshaw / petra

Katherine rally / field day

Schumacher / San carlo mohair velvet

Etsy / parisian stripe

Studio bon / Sally

sea cloth / facet

Hable construction / checker

John Robshaw / Aleppo

vintage desk chair (with adjustable seat height) 32" high x 16" wide x 17" deep $275.00 as is $275.00 to reupholster 11/2 yards fabric needed

danish modern dining chairs 29" high x 18" wide x 161/2" seat depth $900.00 for all four $125.00 each to reupholster 51/2 yards fabric needed

vintage chrome lounge chair 34" high x 24" wide x 17" seat depth $325.00 as is $400.00 to reupholster 51/2 yards fabric needed

Vintage desk chair. 32" high x 221/2" wide x 18" seat depth $225.00 as is $300.00 to reupholster 3.5 yards needed

vintage folding, rope chair 28" high x 23" wide x 18" seat depth $175.00 as is

mid-century armchair 29" high x 29" wide x 201/2" inside seat depth $375.00 as is $475.00 to reupholster with detailed snaps 31/2 yards fabric needed

antique side chair 33" high x 171/2" wide x 16" seat depth $175.00 as is $80.00 to reupholster 1/2 yard fabric needed

Molly’s great–great–grandmother Dorothy Coe Parish. This photograph was taken in the late 1800s in New Haven, Connecticut

Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn. Elizabeth Lawrence



Athens collaboration


round a year and a half ago we bought a small, 200 year-old ship builder’s

cottage in the Hudson Valley, about 130 miles outside of New York City. It is a modest saltbox with a summer cellar — a kitchen in the basement of the house — with a brick floor (that handled the leaking from last year’s 40 year winter and this summer’s hurricane Irene with Yankee solidity) out of which one of the houses’s early owners operated a fish market on Fridays. I wasn’t sure how to furnish the house in a way that would fit

Molly Andrews and I worked together over the course of

both our taste and our budget while also trying to comple-

many months to put a roomful of pieces together that could

ment the scale and beautiful worn patina of the 19th century

sit well together even though they weren’t all the same style

building. I looked at listing after listing on eBay for antique

or from the same period. We picked a group of fabrics, many

pieces that were typically quite far away and required com-

of which were from independent textile designers. The free-

plicated and expensive shipping arrangements. Many of the

dom to pick the fabric I loved, rather than settling for what

pieces had been ‘freshly’ reupholstered in fabrics that weren’t

was on the shelf at the store, was completely addictive. We

at all to our taste, and all seemed quite heavily marked up. I

made our house a home with these pieces and it was incred-

gave up and started to browse Lonny magazine when I came

ibly rewarding, affordable and fun, not to mention a much

upon Chairloom’s ad inside!

more permanent investment, than buying ‘off the rack’.

Custom upholstered frame Built & upholstered by Co-Lab. in Kelly Wearstler’s Confetti

Vintage Stick & Ball Settee Found & upcycled by Chairloom in Schumacher’s Pebble Texture, Onyx

Athens palette


schumacher / pebble texture

studio bon / ellen

Kelly wearstler / confetti

Greenhouse design / matelasse

Etsy / parisian plain

schumacher / camden check

Duralee / diamond

studio bon / fuzz hable construction / ribbon

hable construction / trellis bargain bin remnant

Boussac / diabolo

70’s Swivel Desk Chair Found & upcycled by Chairloom in Boussac’s Diabolo, Noir


& After!

Vintage caned day bed Found & upcycled by Chairloom in Schumacher’s Camden Check, Ebony




n the city Ada’s room is compact, but we’re not complaining. In New York, as long

as it has a door (even if it doesn’t have a window) it’s a bedroom! In Athens Ada has an airy room big enough for a chair of its own. This room is mainly used for guests because Ada sleeps on a daybed upstairs in the attic loft bedroom with us, but Ada keeps some of her favorite stuffed animals on the mantle, her rocking horse in the decommissioned fireplace and her toy cars and race track are craftily stored under the queen-sized ‘big girl’ bed.

Boussac / Alvaro

Boussac / Diabolo

Antique curved armchair & Footstool Found & upcycled by Chairloom in Boussac’s Diabolo & Alvaro, Rose

Athens palette


Behr / Burnished Clay

Duralee / Large Floral Noir

Hable Construction / Charcoal Checker Schumacher / Zenyatta Mondatta, Peacock

Benjamin Moore / Moonlight White

Pair Armchairs & Ottomans Found & upcycled by Chairloom in Hable Construction’s Checker & Duralee’s Large Floral Noir

50’s armchair & ottoman Found and upcycled by Chairloom in Greenhouse Design’s Licorice Matelasse

custom headboard Built & upholstered by Co-Lab. in an indigo Mexican coverlet

Custom cushions Upholstered by Chairloom in Studio Bon & Kelly Wearstler remnants

Autumn 2011

TRACY LIKES... Tracy Jenkins, Super Rural

string shelving system In the city we are always looking for attractive and functional storage solutions. I love how customizable, light and clean this one is, and the fact that it’s finally available for purchase in the us!

Blood, Bones & Butter A fantastic read from Gabrielle Hamilton, the chef and namesake of my favorite restaurant in New York City, Prune.

superior servers We are homebodies who like to cook for our friends. I love this set of serving pieces from Ladies & Gentlemen that have traditional forms which are freshened with a bright pop of polymer coating.

Grace Anna farrow scarf pattern The Purl Bee is always featuring inspiring projects that I’d love to have both the time and the skill to undertake.

Butterfly drawer pulls My daughter never ceases to be fascinated by these modern forms designed by Ted Muehling. We often walk past them displayed in the windows of designer Chris Lehrecke’s beautiful Hudson shop.

Zig Zag Bag I am a sucker for tote bags, particularly those in bold patterns like this one from Hansel from Basel.

Geometric triangle necklace A custom-made

No. 6 clogs A heel that feels like a flat, cute

brass bar tube necklace from threedeluxe on Etsy.

with tights or bare feet & toddler friendly!


Photography by Kirstin McKee

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. Albert Camus

Super Rural

You & me, & love, For Like Ever... Forever is composed of nows. Emily Dickinson

We make...


Custom upholstered frame Built & upholstered by Co-Lab. in Kelly Wearstler’s Confetti


FINE PRINTED GOODS & MORE TO COME. Check out our new pieces made in collaboration with Chairloom. (see page 124)




vonne Eijkenduijn of The Yvestown Blog has the most lovely and beautifully

natural light-filled house. She lives ‘in an old gentleman’s house from 1896 in Lommel, Belgium very close to the Dutch border.’ Yvonne purchased our For Like Ever poster and installed it in her insanely gorgeous study. She documented the stages of finishing the room along the way, and with each step it looked so perfect and ‘finished’ until she’d post another photo showing yet another layer of gentle refinement. If Yvonne hadn’t captured my heart with her beautiful home that looks so deceptively effortless, she would have had it with her glowing photograph of my favorite flowers of all time, pink ranunculus.

Your room

WE LIKE... Woody low shelving system A cleverly simply ladder-style shelving system made of soap treated oak beams, colorful powder coated bent steel shelves and screws.

For like ever

Bubble chandelier Jean Pelle’s delicate glass globe cluster chandelier became famous as a diy project she designed for Ready Made magazine. You can still make one yourself, or you can buy yours directly from Ms. Pelle’s Etsy shop.

flotaki diamonds rug Anthropologie’s shag wool rug woven into a minimal argyle pattern.

Hemp braided rug Calypso Home’s neutral and affordable rug works well with colorful accents and patterns in the room.

Painted Antler Cassandra Smith’s found and hand-painted domestic and Sika deer antlers are so beautiful. If you see one you love, you’d better snap it up, each one is unique and they go fast!

ABC’s thonet chair My parents had Thonet chairs when I was a kid and I still get a little nostalgic when I see them. ABC Home has re-issued this classic design in Hot Pink.

Tray Table A 231/2" large square table with a removable tray top. These tables can be stacked to make a shelving unit.

Child’s room


For like ever

Sparrow bed We love Oeuf’s Sparrow twin bed with its pull-out trundle bed or storage drawer. Its clean lines and cheery look work in any room and it’s solidly built with sustainable materials.

String pocket shelf Available in nine fun colorways. Perfect for storing books, stuffed animals and other small treasures!

Pappelina rugs We love Pappelina’s bright rugs and runners. They are woven from the softest plastic and are perfect in a child’s bedroom or bathroom. When soiled you can simply pop them in the bathtub and rinse out the affected area and hang to dry.

Essimar original artwork Original 6" x 6" small collage and graphite creature. Essimar makes lovely and affordable graphic collages and cheerful screenprints.

Lion No. 115 Penguin & Fish design and hand make their adorable lions, cats and unicorns in bright colors and graphic plaid prints.

Storage Bushel Hable Construction’s ingenious storage bins and bushels keep toys put away in style!

Talking heads hooks A set of six dipped beech wood hooks that screw directly into the wall and can be arranged at your whim.

Puffin Classics Penguin Books have begun to

Each hook is 3" wide and projects 41/2" from the wall.

reissue new editions of their children’s classic books in a colorful hardcover series.




n my second year at the MFA graphic design program at Yale I designed this poster

as part of my thesis topic, Do-It-Yourself (DIY), I was exploring the different ways we can customize and re-purpose everyday things. I had taught a workshop the previous summer and one of my students kept using the phrase ‘For like ever...’ (always one of my favorites) over and over with a sharp Valley-girl tone and it kept ringing in my ears afterward. In 2004 after graduation, my classmate Jeffrey Lai encouraged me to screenprint a very small run of the poster and he helped me hand make a batch of 20 in exchange for one for himself.


In 2005 we printed the poster again, but this time is was run offset on extremely thin pink paper, the exact kind that is stocked at your local copy shop that fades in the smallest amount of sun. We printed it in a fluorescent pinky-poppy-red ink that almost looked orange in certain lights. It was the ‘b-side’ of a type specimen poster. We had hundreds of them printed and they were all folded into a tidy little mailer. We keep 50 copies of this print run off to the side unfolded, for no particular reason, and decided to offer them for sale for $10.00 (postage included). Every now and then we sold one. And every now and then we pulled one out and wrapped a present with it. Then Brian Murphy of Loeffler Randall purchased one and framed it, which seemed very novel and exciting to us! Not too long afterward he and his immensely talented wife, designer Jessie Randall’s apartment was profiled in a small feature in Elle Accessories and you could see our poster on their wall brightened by a point and shoot flash. That was a huge month for us—we sold at least five of our posters…


In early 2006 Brian mentioned that he and Jessie were going to be featured in Domino magazine. They weren’t sure how the finished piece might turn out, but there was a chance it could be a cover story. He asked if we were prepared and I said we were. After the Elle Accessories poster blitz we had at least 30 copies left! I was that clueless. I was excited for Brian and Jessie and thought the poster might appear faintly in a background shot somewhere at best, or would be completely cropped out at worst. When the September issue appeared, my brother called me breathless. He said, ‘Okay. Your poster is on the cover. It’s in the middle of the page. It’s big. It’s as big as the woman in the photograph!’ I dialed up Domino online, picked myself up off the floor and called our printer to make a proper version of the poster once our vast supply of 30 was gone, and mailing tubes and I have been roommates ever since.


MAKE IT BEAUTIFUL, MAKE IT YOURS... Any time one or more things are consciously put together in a way that they can accomplish something better than they could have accomplished individually, this is an act of design. Charles eames

Co-Lab. presents



Vintage filkauf linen, Coral

fter endlessly scouring the vintage market for one, let alone a matching pair

of X–Benches and coming up empty, we finally decided to make a pair of our own. We were so pleased with the result that we’re offering them for sale in three stock sizes (and we are happy work with you to customize the size for your space). We can finish them in just about any fabric, completely hand-built and upholstered to our exacting standards and handmade entirely in the us.

Filkauf X-Bench Pair Built and Upholstered by Co-Lab. 22" wide x 181/2" high x 161/2" deep $1,850.00 for the pair


HANDMADE PIECE BY PIECE, JUST FOR YOU. Our furniture is completely customizable. Each piece is made entirely by hand with care and exacting detail. We can make a special piece for you in just about any fabric or size. Tracy & Molly

Heavy-Weight metallic x-Bench Built and Upholstered by Co-Lab 60" wide x 181/2" high x 161/2" deep $1,900.00


Bring your own fabric, or let us work with you to choose one.

Pretty pairs…

ADD COLOR, PATTERN, WHIMSY & BEAUTY TO ANY ROOM... X–Benches are endlessly versatile and they look perfectly at home at the foot of the bed, the entryway, the dining table, the nursery, as an accent in the living room…

…go anywhere!

...NOT TO MENTION COMFORT, STYLE & FUNCTION! Any color, any fabric, any size. (Or at least just about any…)


Three standard sizes available, or let us build a custom size for you.

Single Seater

22" wide x 181/2" tall x 161/2" seat depth requires 3 yards fabric

side View Front view

Top View

Double Seater

40” wide x 181/2” tall x 161/2” seat depth requires 4 yards fabric

side view

Top View

Triple Seater

60" wide x 181/2" tall x 161/2" seat depth requires 5 yards fabric

side view

Top View

Generous seating for one. Perfect grouped in a pair and endlessly useful as a versatile room accent. $850.00 each, base price + fabric $1,600.00 pair, base price + fabric

Seating for two. Fits very nicely at the foot of a twin bed. $1,200.00 each, base price + fabric $2,000.00 pair, base price + fabric

front View

Beautiful in a hallway or pulled up to a dining table. Fits perfectly at the foot of a queen-size bed. $1,600.00 each, base price + fabric

front View

fabric resources

Amanda Nisbet

Parlor Textiles

Clarence House

Pierre Frey

Erin Flett

Peter Dunham Textiles

Hable Construction

Proud Mary

Jacqueline Faith Quinn

Roberta Roller Rabbit

John Robshaw

S. Harris Textiles

Katherine Rally


Katie Ridder

Sea Cloth


Seema Krish

Lee Jofa

Signature Prints

Madeline Weinrib

Sister Parish


Studio Bon


Timorous Beasties

Michael Devine

Victoria Larson

Mokum Textiles

Virginia Johnson

Oliveira Textiles

What a Load of Scrap

Co-Lab. Autumn 2011  
Co-Lab. Autumn 2011  

Co-Lab. is a collaboration between Chairloom and Super Rural