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Publish ensophia Books to Inspire.

Create engaging contents with ensophia ensophia e-learning provides you as both a user and a viewer an interactive environment to create educational contents effortlessly that effectively presents your ideas. Each content that is created with ensophia is called「Book」or 「Slide」. With ensophia, you can further enhance your Office or PDF documents with other visual and audio aids to create dynamic reports, presentations etc.

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ensophia Slide : Introduction With ensophia, you can also combine your information a presentation slide layout (ratio 3:4). ensophia Slide is distinct from other presentation creators as ensophia users can also include, combine and manage other audio and visual formats among the uploaded slides.

Uploaded Slides on ensophia

You can upload Power Point slides onto ensophia with just a click of a mouse.

Combine movie clips among slides

Enhance your Power Point slides by combining them with other audio and visual files and create a comprehensive presentation with ensophia.


ensophia Slide : Audio and video narration Features on ensophia Slide also allows you to include audio and video narration to any desired page on your ensophia Slide. With these narrations you can be sure that your ideas can get across the table clearly.

Video narration

When you are viewing a particular page on an ensophia Slide that has a video narration, the video narration to the left will automatically play when you come to that page. You can either upload a movie clip or record your video presentation using a web camera as your movie narration.

Audio narration

When you are viewing a particular page on an ensophia Slide that has an audio narration, the audio narration to the left will automatically play when you come to that page. You can either upload an audio clip or record your audio presentation as your audio narration. 2

ensophia Slide : Highlight feature Another feature of ensophia is that besides enhancing your presentation slides with audio and visual narration, you can also use our highlight feature to draw your viewers’ attention to certain parts of the slide as your audio and visual narration is playing. ”The highlight feature is not present for Movie or Audio slides.

Video narration with highlights

Audio narration with highlights

Use the highlight feature to draw on your presentation slides to engage your viewers to a focused topic. With the highlights too, you can help your viewers understand the flow of your presentation more effectively. The highlight feature allows you to select the highlight color and diameter. You also get to control when the highlights appear and time it with parts of your audio and video narration. 2

ensophia Slide : Delivery of dynamic presentations ensophia Slide provides you with a platform to create engaging Web seminar contents. With the features on ensophia slide, you can now enhance your existing documents and Power Point slides with audio and video clips. With the mentioned features in hand, you can safely send your share your ideas online, knowing that your viewers will fully grasp the gist of your interactive contents.

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ensophiaďźšBackground templates Because ensophia is a web application, you can create and edit your Books and Slides online from any web browser. There is no necessity to download extra softwares to create interactive presentations like you see on Power Point. With ensophia, you can create and publish interactive presentations and reports online. Besides uploading PDF and Office document, pictures and movie clips, you can also create charts and record audio and visual clips directly with ensophia.

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There are 3 design templates that you can choose from while creating your ensophia Book or Slide.




ensophia Book・Slide:Share contents under a secured environment ensophia provides you the ability to share your created contents under a secured environment.You are give the freedom to choose who you want to share your ensophia contents with.

①Individual Delivery

②Group Sharing

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ensophia comes with a mailing system that allows you to attached your created ensophia contents onto each message to be sent to selected users.You do not have to worry any longer that your contents will be viewed or abused by unwarranted viewers. In addition, ensophia comes with a feature that allows you to confirm whether the selected recipient has already viewed your content or not.

From the list of Groups that you participate, you can select to post ensophia contents onto selected Groups. You can now share your ideas with your Group members. The Group feature on ensophia also comes with settings for the Group administrator to control the the number of invites for users to join the Group and who can or cannot post ensophia contents onto the Group.

ensophiaEffortless delivery with ensophia Downloader ensophia Downloader is a complimentary software (sold seperately) that provides you the means to publish out your ensophia contents. With ensophia Downloader, you can publish your created contents and view your ensophia contents through an offline viewing from your desktop. ensophia Downloader publishes a folder that contains all the necessary information to view your created ensophia contents.You can then burn the folder onto a CD and deliver to viewers that do not have an ensophia account or internet infrastructure. Furthermore, by uploading the folder onto your homepage’s server, you can easily publish your ensophia contents on a public website.

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An ensophia contents that has been embedded onto a website.


An introduction to ensophia, a web application that provides users the means to create engaging multimedia contents.


An introduction to ensophia, a web application that provides users the means to create engaging multimedia contents.