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Green Unit


GDF SUEZ - Green Unit

GDF SUEZ - Green Unit


1,2 million tones

is the reduction of yearly CO2 emission achieved thanks to the Green Unit


GDF SUEZ - Green Unit

1 million tones

is the amount of biomass to be turned into energy in Polaniec every year

Vision that changes reality Dear All, For years, in its operation, GDF SUEZ Energia Polska SA has promoted innovation and flexibility. This is why today we are especially proud that, having followed these assumptions persistently, we celebrate the inauguration of the Green Unit. This is our largest and most ground-breaking investment completed in Poland. The project substantiates our understanding of the necessity to align the needs of the natural environment, business interests, and the energy security of Poland. We have never concealed our aspirations to acquire the title of green energy leader, which is why GDF SUEZ Energia Polska SA embarked on an unprecedented project. In Połaniec, we have built the world’s largest unit that uses only wood and agri biomass as fuel. Taking into account the volume of energy that can be produced from renewable resources here, from this day the title of the Green Leader belongs to us. A fact we are proud of, yet we feel further need and eagerness to invest in renewable energy sources. The systematically developed wind projects will help us meet the priority assumptions of the Polish branch of the Group. The three farms we have launched so far prove and demonstrate that this is the way to reach the energy of the future: of an environmentally friendly future. The Green Unit proves the high organisational capacity of GDF SUEZ Energia Polska SA in carrying out difficult and innovative projects. We feel satisfaction from the completion of this project of highest importance for us, on time and in line with the original budget. Words of recognition are due to our staff involved in working on the Green Unit and also to all the companies that cooperated with us on this innovative challenge. The operation of GDF SUEZ Energii Polska SA is founded on four unchallengeable values: drive, commitment, daring, cohesion. This canon is complemented with the care for natural heritage and the awareness of limitations of natural resources. Moreover, inscribed into our every move is the concern for the safety of our staff. It is so as we understand that the human capital is today one of the company’s fundamental resources, and only its judicious prudent management will let GDF SUEZ develop dynamically, and reinforce its position in the power map of Poland. We want our production capacity to provide our clients with the cheapest possible, safe and environmentally friendly electricity. We maintain that one of the options to make these assumptions real is to invest into renewable energy. Because green energy means innovations, friendliness for the environment, responsibility, and sustainable development. And this is precisely what we stand for.

Grzegorz Górski, Chief Executive Officer of GDF SUEZ Energia Polska S.A.

GDF SUEZ - Green Unit


Green is our goal Energy generation from renewable sources - is one of priority goals, GDF SUEZ Energia Polska S.A. sets its sight on. Respect for the environment and taking care of the natural environment motivate the company to invest into green projects. Results? Achieving the title of the leader on the Polish renewable energy sources market It all started 15 years ago, when GDF SUEZ Energia Polska commissioned the flue gas desulphurization facility in Połaniec Power Plant. Afterwards, there was the water demineralization system and the beginning of co-firing biomass with coal. Later on, the time had come for investments in wind farms. Simultaneously, the construction of the Green Unit was commenced - the world’s largest power boiler to be fired exclusively with biomass. Thanks to the consistently executed ecological policy, the company received the title of the leader of the Polish renewable energy market. All pro-ecological actions undertaken by GDF SUEZ result from treating the environment as the heritage that must be protected. The company’s activity in the field of fighting for the degraded nature constitutes a proof that the company understands the need for rational approach towards the nature. Other „green” projects being executed by GSEP allow for a significant reduction of emissions of harmful gasses to the atmosphere, an increased generation of clean energy, rising the national power safety and limiting adverse effects on the natural environment. Energy from renewable sources constitutes a chance to reduce the number of produced wastes and save natural resources that we are running out of.

Green energy production (in GWh) at GDF Suez Energia Polska SA

Green Unit vs. the remaining biomass power plants (in MW)



without the Green Unit


including the Green Unit

Power installed in 27 biomass power plants Source: Polish Energy Regulatory Office (URE), 2012

The Green Unit provides a fourth of all Green Energy produced from biomass in Poland. 6

GDF SUEZ - Green Unit


Green Unit power

flue gas desulphurization system → reduction of 1998 -emissions of harmful gases and fluids → Elektrownia Połaniec more friendly to the environment

biomass co-firing → limiting emissions of harmful 2004 -gases and fluids → concern for the natural environment and an opportunity for the region’s future development

of wind projects → increased share in 2010 –theexecution renewable energy sources market

GDF SUEZ - Green Unit


GREEN UNIT, i.e.: CFB boiler – with circulating fluidized bed GTP – steam turbine generator infrastructure - complete delivery system - new wood chipper line and fuel warehouse,

storage yards, railways, roads, unloading stations, necessary conveyors


GDF SUEZ - Green Unit

Precision of execution From laying of the foundation stone, through the installation of the steam drum, to the construction of the CFB boiler and starting-up the Green Unit - the investment GDF SUEZ Energia Polska S.A. executed in Połaniec is an evidence of implementing an innovative project. The idea to build the Green Unit was born in 2008 together with a desire to increase GDF SUEZ’s share in the market of energy generated from renewable sources. Following a year of intense studies, developments and internal discussions, an improved version of the project was drawn up. The best solution turned out to be the construction of a circulating fluidized bed boiler (CFB). The technology mitigates the risk of fire and explosion related to biomass firing. Works on the Green Unit’s construction site commenced in 2010. The scheduled activities were based onGDF group’s knowledge and constituted the answer to the market’s needs. All stages of the project were executed according to the determined schedule - construction of the Green Unit ended in the middle of November 2012, as assumed. In December the boiler received the licence to produce electricity from the Energy Regulator Office. During the first three months of operation, the Green Unit’s work was problem-free, meeting all assumed parameters. Moreover, in the scope of steam production and the reduction of flue gas emissions - the parameters were improved. The achieved gross power exceeded 205 MW and preliminary tests confirmed that the Green Unit is capable of achieving 223MW of maximum temporary power, which was noted after a few days following its start-up.

GDF SUEZ - Green Unit


Unique project Innovations - is the term that best describes the technologies implemented in the Green Unit. Ground-breaking solutions used in Połaniec allowed GDF SUEZ to gain competitive advantage on the Polish energy market. So far there have been no such innovative projects within the GDF SUEZ Group as the Green Unit constructed in Połaniec It is a first of its kind investment in a power boiler of thermal energy exceeding 525 MWth and fired exclusively with biomass. Its blend - with majority of agri-biomass - is also an innovative solutions that gives an opportunity to significantly reduce emissions of harmful gasses to the atmosphere. Simplified biomass preparation prior to its supply to the power boiler is also a technological breakthrough, leading to a reduced energy consumption related to the biomass handling. Results? Increased efficiency of the entire unit. The investment executed in the Połaniec Power Plant can serve as an example for other energy generators. That includes other countries, where competitive prices of forest and agri-biomass are maintained. Power Plants that would be equipped with a Green Unit fired with the same fuel could achieve the power of up to 400MW. The innovation of the project executed by GDF SUEZ Energia Polska S.A., its safe character and effective idea, allowed the company to achieve the competitive advantage on the Polish energy market. The Polish branch of the international GDF corporation proved that it is possible to combine modernity and responsibility in taking care of the environment.

Wide range of fuels for the Green Unit The heart of the Green Unit is a CFB boiler, which allows high fuel flexibility. Circulating Fluidised Bed (CFB), that is the technology used in the boiler makes it possible to use as fuel the “difficult” biomass that contains alkali, chlorine, and other chemicals. Moreover, the technology significantly increases the range of biomass types that can be used as fuel, as the combustion temperature is 850°C rather than the traditional 1400°C, and the fuel particles remain longer in the chamber and in the fluidised bed enriched with additions, notably lime, kaolinite, sulphur, and fly ash from the combustion of coal. Other existing CFB boilers are not furnished with such advanced additions installations, which strongly reduces the scope of biomass types they can use as fuel.


GDF SUEZ -Green Unit

Green Unit, i.e.: • innovation • modernity

• competitiveness • reliability

• safety • effectiveness

GDF SUEZ - Green Unit


Project’s 2010 Autumn 2010

Laying of the foundation stone - July 2010

Autumn 2010

2011 March 2011

January 2011 Arrival of the Drum - May 2011


GDF SUEZ - Green Unit

schedule 2011 Autumn 2011

Initiation of the Drum - May 2011

Autumn 2011

2012 Spring 2012

May 2012 Initiation of the new turbine - November 2012

GDF SUEZ - Green Unit


We all win By constructing the Green Unit, GDF SUEZ Energia Polska S.A. wanted to expand its activity on the renewable energy market. And it did. With an advantage not only for the company but for the local community and the entire country as well. When starting the construction of the Green Unit, the main intention of GDF SUEZ Energia Polska S.A. was to increase its share on the Polish renewable energy market. The company wanted to meet the environmental obligations enforced by the country, which were in compliance with the ecological policy being maintained by the polish branch of GDF Group. Both goals were achieved the company dominates among national generators of clean energy, thanks to which emissions of harmful gases and fluids to the atmosphere are reduced. Producing electricity from renewable sources, GDF proves its position of a socially responsible company in the eyes of its clients and business partners. Such an attitude is a part of the Group’s canonical values. It results from the eagerness to protect and the emphasis on the respect for natural environment. The entire society benefits from the investment concluded by GDF SUEZ. It brings into being the development of the region small and medium-size biomass provider enterprises. Good collaboration with the local civic environment continues for years. Looking at the scale of the entire country, the production of energy in the world’s largest fluidised bed boiler using only biomass as fuel helps to increase the volume of Green Energy in Poland’s energy mix.

Worth to know: GU will produce 1.2

twh of electricity, what can secure electricity demand of 600 thousands households.

GU will reduce the co2 emissions by 1.2 annually by 33


milion tons annually. It’s an equivalent of co2 absorbed thousands hectars of pine forest.

GDF SUEZ - Green Unit

Green unit: Energy produced from agrcultural residues and forestry by-products

lowering enviromental footprint.

Reduction of Co2 and NOx emissions

locally based supply system.

Respecting enviromental regulations

contribution to values of GDF SUEZ

GDF SUEZ - Green Unit



1882 MW of generation capacities


GDF SUEZ - Green Unit

307 MW

capacity from biomass and wind

3342 co-workers

Strong assets GDF SUEZ treats Poland as its basis for energy development on the entire continent Reasons? On the one hand - dynamic growth noted every year, exceeding the European average. On the other hand - presented goals of the energy policy and the ambition to significantly reduce utilization of coal in the process of energy generation. Such priorities open wide perspectives for the development of renewable energy sources in the country. The key moment for the company’s development in Poland was the first summer following the national system’s transformation. A progressive liberalization of the energy market convinced GDF SUEZ Energia Polska S.A. to intensify its involvement in the Polish power sector. It participated in the process of privatization and got interested in projects related to modernizing the process of energy generation, paying particular attention to environmental requirements. Today, GDF SUEZ Energia Polska S.A. is the fifth largest energy producer in Poland and the largest in the south-east part of the country. The core of the Polish Group is the Połaniec Power Plant that annually generates ca. 8.4Twh of electricity and is the leader on the green energy market. Polish assets are supplemented by consistently executed wind farm projects. The green map of GSEP includes three ready wind farms: Jarogniew-Mołtowo, Wartkowo i Pągów and one investment under realization: Klukowo-Samborsko park. The Group’s activity in Poland is based on the generation of cheap and safe energy that is friendly to the environment and suitable for the people’s needs. GDF SUEZ Energia Polska S.A. key value is the concern for the natural heritage and rational utilization of limited resources of the environment.

Environment is the heritage that must be protected. Nature degrading activities must be prevented. Nature’s resources must be used rationally. GDF SUEZ - Green Unit



GDF SUEZ - Green Unit

GDF SUEZ - Green Unit


Brochure Green Unit  

"Green Unit", the future biomass power plant of Polaniec

Brochure Green Unit  

"Green Unit", the future biomass power plant of Polaniec