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wayside detection technologies & innovations for the railway world

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foreward Trackside Intelligence Pty Ltd (Track IQ™) was formed in 2007 from the Rail Division of Vipac Engineers & Scientists Ltd (VIPAC) to provide advanced instrumentation and data management software for monitoring the mechanical condition of operational railway vehicles. The RailBAM® (Railway Bearing Acoustic Monitoring System) and RailSQAD® (Railway Squeal Acoustic Detector) products apply cutting edge technologies in acoustics, vehicle condition monitoring and information technology, to the detection of bearing defects in rail vehicles moving at normal operational speeds. They also supply asset condition information which the rail system asset manager can use to increase safety and reduce operating costs. These were developed over 10 years with internal and customer funding, and involved local and international proof of concept trials. Track IQ™ expanded in 2007 by acquiring the WCM® (Wheel Condition Monitor) and the WMS® database (Wayside Monitoring System). WCM® uses advanced technologies in wheel contact force measurement, providing information about wheel/rail interactions and wheel condition. Together, the RailBAM®, WCM® and WMS® products enable intelligent predictive maintenance and facilitate optimal maintenance management of rail vehicle assets.

Track IQ™ now supplies integrated Asset Monitoring Systems to a wide range of railway companies around the world, with approximately 120 systems installed globally. In this process, Track IQ™ works with other suppliers to add vehicle geometry data and component images to compliment Track IQ’s™ own sensor information. As a key part of its growth plan, Track IQ™ carries out extensive product development to enhance reliability, extend solutions for railways and increase market share. Development, field calibration and production facilities are being upgraded to provide for the development of new products, customer demonstration capability, improved product calibration and acceptance testing processes. Track IQ™ opened a support office in Chicago in 2007 to support the increasing number of RailBAM® installations in the USA, and are planning for a sales and support office in Europe and the United Kingdom in 2012. I welcome this opportunity to introduce your company to our products and capabilities.

April 2012

Dr David Rennison Managing Director, Track IQ

trackside intelligence Track IQ™ is a provider to the global railway industry of wayside detection equipment. Core products include the RailBAM® – Bearing Acoustic Monitor; the WCM® – Wheel Condition Monitor; and the dedicated “Detector Integration” package, WMS® – Wayside Monitoring System. Incorporating system design, manufacturing, installation and support, Track IQ™ are a global company to be relied upon for specialist wayside detection equipment.

your problem our solution Track IQ™ designs, manufactures and installs a range of wayside monitoring and data integration systems for the railway industry. These products incorporate advanced acoustic and vibration analysis technologies that capture and diagnose faults in wheel bearings and wheel surfaces of rail vehicles, whilst the train is travelling at mainline speed.

bearing acoustic monitoring The RailBAM速 Railway Bearing Acoustic Monitor uses advanced acoustic technology to monitor axle-bearing defects. Built-in, real time analysis and trending software allows for optimum rail network performance. RailBAM速 reduces operating costs and assists in the prevention of derailments.

wayside monitoring system The WMS has an open ‘architecture’ so that additional sensors and/or systems and sites can be integrated. A database user is able to remotely review the combined status of a range of critical maintenance and performance parameters for an individual rolling stock vehicle from a single report. Such data is compiled over a period of time, and provides a history of the performance of individual vehicles. The user can ‘trend’ the health condition of the vehicle and the rate of degradation of faults. Operational and maintenance planning can be carried out using this information. It is also possible to investigate if there are causal relationships between the various parameters: for example, an out-of-round wheel may be one cause for the onset of certain types of bearing faults. Generalised search functions aid in developing such relationships.

wheel condition monitoring The WCM Wheel Condition Monitor analyses wheel condition, monitors structure loading, records all wheel events and subsequently identifies the vehicles doing the most damage to tracks, enabling better track management. Installation of this detector requires no welding, drilling or bonding to the rail surface.

installation Detailed installation site drawings are provided to the client – complete turnkey solutions are also provided. Services include the design and installation of systems integrations to your data networks.

system location An important aspect for the success of wayside detector systems is that, in general, the instruments are designed to operate on standard straight track structures and to monitor trains under normal operating conditions. The track section in the vicinity of the system does not require special upkeep, and can be maintained using normal track maintenance equipment and schedules. This ability to locate on standard track reduces the overall system installation and maintenance cost to the railroad, and improves the quality of information from the system. Whenever undercutting or re-railing is performed, the track-mounted equipment is generally easily removed and reinstalled, further reducing the cost of ownership of the system. The RailBAM速 and WCM速 wayside detectors are designed for simplified structure and system maintenance.

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RailBAM ®

Multiple bearing classes

Trending database

Web-based Trending Database

Suitable for electrified environment

Bearing fault alerts


Wheel diameter measurement

AAR rules compliant

Axle count

Kiwi Rail

CANADA Iron Ore Canada


AAR rules compliant

RailBAM ®

Using advanced beam-forming technology the RailBAM® bearing acoustic monitor detects early and advanced bearing defects including extended surface, cone, cup, roller and audible faults on rolling stock wheels during train pass-by at line speed. Collected data is analysed and forwarded to the user in alert, tabular, graphical and historical formats. Together with these reports and the associated wave files, bearings are able to be scheduled for change out in a systematic and cost effective manner.

Automated system health checks The advanced RailBAM® Trending Database is user friendly with automated report functions and scenario settings for bearing and fleet analysis.

Mixed traffic environment Operating speed ranging from 25km/h to 130km/h

RailBAM® uses two trackside cabinets, sleeper mounted auxiliary sensors and a signal processing electronics rack located in a wayside enclosure.

Ability to issue alarms and alerts to system stakeholders Early and consistent fault detection

Monitoring bearing condition in a dynamic environment ensures that maintenance is able to be systematically planned – providing maximum asset performance and security.

Reliably detects bearing faults Provides accurate fleet-wide statistical data


RailBAM and Track IQ are registered marks of

17-19 King William Street

Trackside Intelligence Pty Ltd.

Kent Town, South Australia Australia 5067




Corporate Office: Adelaide, Australia Contact Us: Office: +61 8 83625445 Fax: +61 8 83620793

Four hour track installation window (as traffic permits)

Minimal traffic interruption for system installation

Bearing Acoustic Monitor

Corporate Office: Adelaide, Australia Contact Us: Office: +61 8 83625445 Fax: +61 8 83620793

Modular design

Beam forming technology


PhotoTAG ®

FleetONE Corporate Office: Adelaide, Australia Contact Us: Office: +61 8 83625445 Fax: +61 8 83620793

WCM ® system benefits include:

RailBAM ® system benefits include:


OnePASS ® Corporate Office: Adelaide, Australia Contact Us: Office: +61 8 83625445 Fax: +61 8 83620793

Corporate Office: Adelaide, Australia Contact Us: Office: +61 8 83625445 Fax: +61 8 83620793


Routine track maintenance without removal

Wheel Condition Monitor Rolling wheel contact surface condition is able to be measured to unsurpassed accuracy using the Track IQ® Wheel Condition Monitor (WCM®), allowing resolution of wheel “flats” and spalling/shelling. The WCM® provides accurate and repeatable data on wheel surface condition. All installation mounts are clamp on, minimising traffic interruption during installation, reducing maintenance times and providing significantly lower whole of life cost. The Wheel Condition Monitor is delivered with the Wayside Monitoring System – a pre-installed, dedicated

software package that analyses and trends captured wheel data. Data can be trended over time and plotted vs vehicle speed. All Wheel Condition Monitors are “systems ready” – ensuring rapid introduction into your railway network. All on-track components are electrically triple isolated, protected by stainless steel covers and mounted below the rail foot, reducing the opportunity of damage by dragging equipment. Located over six cribs, each section is electrically and mechanically isolated; the ability to service/maintain individual crib sections reduces costs and downtime.

Suitable for standard track structure Operating speed ranging from 25km/h to 130km/h Defect detection resolution of 5mm diameter Modular components reducing installation and maintenance times Auto compensation for track modulus variations

Ability to issue alarms and alerts to system stakeholders

PhotoTAG ® system benefits include:

OnePASS ® system benefits include:


The entry level to an integrated wayside monitoring site Automated vehicle condition reporting sets the standard for ensuring minimal downtime of vehicles – Trackside Intelligence provides technically advanced instrumentation for the dynamic checking of rolling wheel parameters with OnePASS®. During vehicle pass-by data is collected and analysed and then forwarded to the user in alert, tabular, graphical and historical formats. Key parameters are checked including bearing condition, wheel rolling surface, load imbalance and gross vehicle weight with fore/aft and left/right measurements. This advanced integrated monitor utilises the field proven RailBAM® – bearing acoustic monitor and the

second generation WCM® – wheel condition monitor. These systems installed in parallel provide a high level of accuracy in detecting and monitoring wheel surface condition and bearing defects. Monitoring wheel and bearing condition in a dynamic environment ensures that early defects are detected and that maintenance is able to be systematically planned – providing maximum asset performance and security. Using advanced technologies OnePASS® delivers the optimum in vehicle monitoring solutions. Additional sensor systems (wheel profile, angle of attack, etc.) can be added subsequently.

Bearing fault alerts

FleetONE system benefits include:

Rolling wheel surface condition reporting

Web application displaying real time data

Weight measurement fore/aft, left/right and gross Wheel diameter measurement Axle count Automated system health checks Mixed traffic environment Minimal traffic interruption for installation Ability to issue alerts to system stakeholders Early and consistent fault detection Provides fleet-wide statistical data


RailBAM® and WCM® adaptable Alpha/numeric recognition Hyperlinked to rail databases

Intuitive functions

Imports, integrates and unifies critical wayside rolling stock data Track IQ™ developed FleetONE software to extend the capability of your Wayside Monitoring hardware interface. Facilitating a monitoring and data mining portal, key vehicle metrics are now available through a web based application.

These modules include wheel profile, angle of attack and HABD/HWD systems.

FleetONE seamlessly allows the rolling stock manager to access real time and stored data on rolling stock, and receive alerts and reports based on sensor measurements. Track IQ™ lead products, RailBAM® and WCM® provide data streams. FleetONE accepts data from other wayside detectors.

Portability Proprietary software is not required for your multi user work stations. Your key personnel will have access to performance data at any web accessible location, enhancing planning and maintenance decision making activities.

Advanced search functions enables rapid identification of “worst” vehicles according to flexible default and operator/owner rule sets.

Day/night view

Advanced search function Password protection System expandable Help desk support Administrator privileges Standard reporting function including: • Alerts • Vehicle history • Operator summaries • Track loading summaries • Axle masses • Wheel condition • Bearing conditions • “Worst” wheel/vehicle



High-speed operation

Virtual Tagging System PhotoTAG ® uses a wayside mounted, high speed camera to capture vehicle identification nomenclature during pass-by. This system eliminates the requirement for RFID vehicle tagging in order to recognise rail traffic for the purpose of building train consists, advanced vehicle defect observation and/or weigh in motion measurement. Track IQ ® have specifically developed and field trialled the PhotoTAG ® system to facilitate rapid introduction of Wayside Detectors into environments where RFID vehicle

Mixed traffic environment tagging is not available or where vehicle IDs are required to be checked prior to removal from service for maintenance.

Virtual tagging of railway fleets Optical Character Recognition Operates during low visibility

Adaptable to both the RailBAM® and WCM® databases and other industry systems PhotoTAG® ensures that alerts for defects are immediately associated with the appropriate vehicle. Suitable for environmental extremes and night/day applications, the system enhances railway safety and maintenance regimes.

Short headway processing times Anti vandalism mounting Line speed operation <120km/h Low power usage 24v DC, 110/220/240v AC


WCM® and Track IQ® are registered marks of


RailBAM® and Track IQ® are registered marks of


WCM®, RailBAM® and Track IQ™ are registered marks of


RailBAM® and Track IQ® are registered marks of

17-19 King William Street

Trackside Intelligence Pty Ltd.

17-19 King William Street

Trackside Intelligence Pty Ltd.

17-19 King William Street

Trackside Intelligence Pty Ltd

17-19 King William Street

Trackside Intelligence Pty Ltd.

Kent Town, South Australia

Kent Town, South Australia

Kent Town, South Australia

Kent Town, South Australia


Australia 5067

Australia 5067

Australia 5067

Australia 5067

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