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By James Stephen - It had happened to a friend of mine who was a season adventurer and trekker and he had gone off on a week long hike in an arid and humid area, somewhat like the combination of the Arizona and Sahara desserts. He had brought food and provisions for that week and yet somehow on the third day, he had lost most of his food, save for his liquids. For the next two days, he subsisted on these liquids sleeping during the day to conserve energy and traveling late afternoon and into the evening. Upon reaching his destination, he says he seemed fine; he was hungry but not dehydrated. I asked him why he didn't call in for help and he told me that it was OK since he had his liquids left. It would have been a different story if he had his food but lost his liquids. Click Here

This forced liquid diet weight loss experience he undertook had a great ending though. As he went to the emergency room to be treated, he was asked by the attending emergency room doctor a series of routine questions which he replied to in his best effort, despite looking haggard and smelling good.

They hit it off. They are now married and are expecting their first child anytime soon. They went on a wilderness honeymoon, by the way. I myself have had favorable results using the liquid diet weight loss systems that are still in place. I have tried those shakes and they worked fine. I also tried those that tasted like alka seltzer and though its taste was not as interesting as the shakes, it did its job. I have also tried the combination of liquid supplements with some solid foods as well. All in all, the secret to doing well in a liquid diet weight loss program is that you must want to do it. You must also be willing to be steadfast about the program and know what you want to get out of it.

By being realistic in your goals and conservative in your estimates in losing weight, the liquid diet weight loss program does not become a burden, but more of normal activities like waking up, sleeping, walking. If you are able to have that mind set, then without any doubt, you will achieve your goals using that liquid diet weight loss technique. Liquid diets to induce weight loss have been around for some time now. People can debate as to which is the ultimate liquid diet weight loss system and perhaps the discussion will never end. There is one true thing about consuming liquids though: we need it more than food to survive in the worse case scenario.

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