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How You Get Free Calls Who Pays For Your Free Pc To Phone Calls? Free pc to phone calling in the sense that you don’t have to pay anything for making pc to phone calls is not viable economically. No VoIP provider could provide you such a service indefinitely, though he may give you some free introductory minutes when you sign up. But he can’t continue with it long unless he wants to go broke. This is because when you make a call from your pc to some landline or mobile phone, your call travels over the internet but it has to connect with a landline or a mobile company for completion or termination of the call. For this service, the VoIP provider has to pay that phone/mobile company. These charges vary from landline to mobile and from country to country. If a VoIP provider gives you free service then this money has to come from his pocket – something which he can ill afford to bear for a long time. This means that there cannot be anything like totally free pc to calling at all. At the same it is also a fact there are some VoIP providers like Globe7 that give you free pc to phone calling facility.

Then who pays for free pc to phone calls? The answer to this question is YOU. Yes, it is you that pays for this service. Not in money but by your time. How Free Pc To Phone Calling Works A VoIP provider has to earn enough income to pay for business and personal expenses from somewhere if he is not charging you for the calls. This income comes from advertising. Advertisers pay the VoIP provider to promote their products and services on his site. Such promotions could be ad impressions, asking for free information or free trial offers. For any of these promotions to succeed, the VoIP provider needs traffic to his site. Somebody to see the ads, ask for free information or try out a product or service. That somebody is you. You Make Free Pc To Phone Calls Possible

The VoIP site needs you. Because by joining and visiting the site you are providing the traffic to the VoIP site. When you complete any of the offers you are helping the VoIP provider to earn his income because except for CPM – cost per thousand impressions – kind of advertising, the advertisers pay the VoIP webmaster by results of the promotion. In return for this help, the VoIP provider pays you in free time to make free pc to phone calls. So it is actually you that is making the free pc to phone calling service possible. How Much Free Time Can You Earn? Your earning in free minutes depends upon your involvement in completing the third party offers and the time you spend for them.Offers to ask for free information or free downloads pay comparatively less than free trial offers because the advertisers feel that only when a large number of surfers ask for free information or download a software, there is some likelihood of converting a few of them into paying customers. On the other hand the free trials usually pay more – sometimes as much as $5 – in free talk time because most such offers require you to use your credit card. Of course you are not charged during the trial period but it is upon you to cancel the offer before the trial period ends otherwise your cc could be charged for the next month according the terms of the offer. (Always read the terms of service when going for such offers.) Naturally the advertisers pay more for such a lead which they consider as highly motivated and more likely to convert into a sale. The bottom line: No, free pc to phone calling is not free as such but it comes very much near to that as you don’t have to pay any money for them. So why not earn some free minutes for the calls you have always wanted to make? Related Articles: Free Pc to Phone Calls Bonanza Free Phone To Phone Calls How To Make Free Calls Free VoIP Calls – The Coming Big Thing? Betamax Way to Free Pc to Phone Calls

Who Pays For Your Free PC to Phone Calls?  

Have you wondered how VoIP provides free calls to a phone line? Who pays for them?

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