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Scott Rupert National contender hones his skills in Ontario and Quebec




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February 2011


Ontario’s Newsletter Where you can read about Ontario’s trackday action from all the angles!

Sunny Park on her way to a championship in her rookie year

SUPERSHOW 2011. LARGEST IN NORTH AMERICA Numbers good, weather bad! Would not miss it for the world! We spent the whole of Saturday, meeting and greeting prospective clients, trackday vendors and possible contributors for 2011 and beyond... We hope that everyone who was at the

the love and effort the Manx people put into an

show enjoyed themselves and those who did

event that lot’s of people have decried over the

not go, will take some time to see as many


dealers as they can before the season starts to

Only there and in Ireland can you legally

make the best of the choices you have; that is,

use the roads for a sanctioned road racing

before the spring.

event. So; dropping off brochures in front of the

There were many speciality shops there offering a vast array of styles to fit nearly

screen really paid off for us as the pile soon disappeared during the day.

everyone’s needs.

Next, we have the London show to look

Did you all meet Constable Cory Adams?

forward to and then the April show back at the

He directs people to the racetrack so they can

International Centre, which will take us into the

go fast in as safe an environment that can be

new season

provided in Ontario and Quebec. Outside Hall 4 we heard, then found, GoLo Hot laps and was pleasantly surprised to see the Isle of Man featured on their big screen tv. Having twice raced the Isle of Man, it’s good to

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February 2011


Ontario’s Newsletter Where you can read about Ontario’s trackday action from all the angles!

SOUTHERN ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF RACING..... SOAR for short, is Ontario’s newest road racing association, that takes you from the street, on and up to expert racing caliber in a family friendly environment in the southwestern corner of the province.... before all our events and Turn2 is going to do the in class “We are going to split the school and are implementing a season between Toronto first level track prep school Motorsport Park and Grand during the Friday practice day Bend, to which we will be as well. adding a season full of This year we are going to endurance races that have been have three Rounds for mini very popular with last year moto’s who seem to be without doing four events and the a satisfactory organization. So previous season, two. what we are going to do is bring We have things on the go them in to our Grand Bend with Racer5 and Turn2 where facility where they will be able they get involved with our run on the infield track. schooling and prepping people Continued on P6 for our racing series. Fawaz at Racer5 does the Thursday’s “Ken; What’s on the cards for 2011?”


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The End of the Beginning When I think back about how all


this began,

came along, I jumped in with both feet, and never looked back. At the age of 33, I took a weekend course at a local college to get my M2 license. Because I had never ridden a motorcycle

I’m still in shock. I never thought at any

before, I had to learn the basics. Figuring

moment the outcome of this journey would

out how to pull in the clutch to shift gears,

be as it is.

gently rolling on the throttle and releasing

Actually, I’m wrong. It’s just another

the clutch was all new to me. But after


some hard work and practice, I was given

the thumbs up by my instructor and

I’ve always been infatuated by

motorcycles, specifically sport bikes. All

passed the first stage of riding.

through my younger years, I found myself

fascinated by their beauty and power.

first bike. A 2001 Suzuki GSXR600. I

Every time I saw one I would stop and

learned how to ride it in an empty parking

watch, as it would speed by making the

lot. After just learning the basics at the

most wonderful sounds I had ever heard.

college, I practiced braking, accelerating

Unfortunately, It wouldn’t be until later in

and turning with a much larger and

my life when I would be able to own one.

powerful machine. When I felt more

comfortable enough on it, I hit the streets.

My upbringing had been very

About a month later, I bought my

strict, as well as chauvinistic. It wasn’t

All the spare time I had, I spent riding my

proper for a woman to be riding

motorcycle. It was truly a dream come

motorcycles, yet alone racing them.


So, when the opportunity finally

Ladies first always looking good

ladies' of speed Introducing some of the women from Canada, who compete or add their skills to our sport. I’m sure there are many such Canadian women who want their accomplishments and prospects published to reach a greater audience CONTACT US AT


Continued on P8

Michelle OHara’s Contribution to SOAR “Can we have some Background for the readers?” Ed “My dad raced stock cars a good portion of his life but the separation of my parents meant I didn’t see him much when I was growing up but I did get to watch him race a lot and really wanted to do it someday. I have always had a love for cool cars and fast bikes. The fact that I was supposed to be a boy must have been a little disappointing to my dad. I guess you could say racing, in a way, helped us relate to each other. I lost my dad to cancer in 2007, before my husband Joe and I started with SOAR. It would have been really cool for him to see us. I know he would have been proud. I also know his mechanical skills would have been appreciated in the pits. Funny? We never

plan it, but somehow his NASCAR hat always makes it to the track with us. When I was 14, I lived on a street that


was a popular route for the guys who rode sport bikes in high school. I can remember running to the window every time I heard them coming – I was a little envious and at that time it was still a dream. I didn’t actually start street riding until I was married and had my daughter. Joe had been riding for 10 years and I had always been a passenger. It wasn’t until 2 years after we had our daughter that I could no longer ride on a seat where my knees reached my ears, so it was either start riding sport bikes or give up all together.” “The only option was to get a bike.” “Of course it was, you were addicted to the sport already” Ed Article is continued on P10

Male suada Quis Dolor Set Ipsum

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everyone came out to our series this year we would be looking at

The theory behind this is that we started the nuspeed class

about 20 competitors. So we are excited about that and I don’t

for the new rider, who quickly became an experienced

know if you are familiar with Ann Duschenes who we are in

rider and moved on, emptying the ranks as they did so. So we are always looking for new kids to fill these spots and the theory is that these riders (nuspeed and mini moto will continue to race on an equal footing as they age.

talks with about coming out to our series and using the

We are going out west? Kinda

The other thing now is; we are the only organization

footage for her show. I hope it happens and we can expand our viewing presence with her goals.”

Do you think the women from the WCC will

come over to your series? Ed

Continued on P7

with a women’s class in Canada, which is ironic as we are growing our grids and getting inquiries on a regular basis, so if





Toronto Motorsport Park

Dunlop Tires Michelin Pirelli Bridgestone Bluestreak Racing

3 Practice sessions per hr Fast

Grand Bend


Medium Slow


Are available to newcomer’s by


into the sport, so in all honesty I think you

SOAR FAMILY “That would be nice but I don’t think the Quebec contingent will travel that far for a regional series; especially when there

We are our own feeder program and

have to build it and they will come; and we

are now a established racing organization

did that with small grids and honest

with it’s core of riders and online following

reasoning, that if the women could muster

with my commentary on many forums.

up more participation we would carry the grids forward and make a series. We did the same with formula 2 stroke

Racer5 was started by a guy who came to us at a low ebb in his life and got turned around by the community. He is

is a series opening up on their doorstep,

and now have a strong contingent of 125

now focused on bringing more and more

although I don’t know yet,if they will field a

GP bikes, where all but one of our new

people into racing and is adamant that it

women’s class or not?

speed class have bought 125GP bikes.”

can only help them. He wants to put

It might, it might; because there are a fair number of women in Quebec that would race!”

“I hope so, because it’s

good for the sport!” Ed

people through his course and into the

“Well, hopefully we can

move these guys towards the Moto3

he is aligned with us at the shows and

class?” Ed

even going as far as when I inspected

“ Yeah, well that would mean having a

“Well, some people look

SOAR family every weekend. That’s why

Grand Bend, he came along for his input

progression in place for them and that’s

and has taken it upon himself to run Grand

another story?” responded Ken.

Bend’s own track days.”

at it differently and say; why should women have their own class and race the boy’s class? And I say, that, that’s the way it is

“That’s about all what’s

going on with us.”

his business and goals soon then.”

and I know with the SOAR experience, a lot of our women would not have started racing if their had not been a women’s class and I find the women are awesome in

“I will have to chat with Fawaz about “Do you know Fawaz?”

“Are you providing any open track days during the season?” Ed

“Oh yes, I met him at the show last year” Ed.

“We are not in the

the way they help each other; with tire

business of track days; we are strictly a

pressures, on track lines and braking

race series although we do have an “On

points; where the men don’t seem to be

Track” segment on Friday, which is geared

this way as much. I’ve seen Sarah Bevan

to the person who is sitting on the fence.

go out with another girl every practice

This is our taste of adrenalin where we

“ Because your events are four days long. What vendors are present?” Ed “All the tire vendors are there, Dunlop, Bridgestone, Pirelli, Michelin. Bluestreak

session, the whole weekend and show

invite these people to ride in

come out with their van full of crash parts

each others lines etc and these girls are

our slow group practice, who

replacements and Turn2 will be bringing

close competitors as far as their

are generally quicker than the

their large gooseneck trailer, again with

finishing order is


new stuff.

This daylong

Food is usually taken care of by the

involvement on and off the

participants with your usual barbeque and

track whets the appetite

travel trailer cooking but downtown Grand

and we include a

Bend is only five minutes away and it’s like

weekend spectator

a mini Wasaga Beach. Which reminds me;

ticket so they can

racing by day, beach and swimming in the

hang out and experience the

evening or as a brake from the racing;” “Sounds good to me!” Ed

event. Of course we hope they will come over to full concerned. I’m sure it’s that atmosphere that brings them

Taken from an interview with Ken

blown racing and increase our grids but

McAdams at his home in Bowmanville

running track days on their own is being

Ontario. Ed

taken care off by good people already and we have no interest in that.


Photography by John Reed. Don Roy of Royal Images & Dan Jones of Jonesy Productions

These people were raving about the

Maintenance Shop John Sharrard Accelerated Technologies Continued from January 2011 Back again John! Hopefully with better spelling and

motorcycle and lubricate where necessary

set ups especially when we showed the

all bearings and pivot points that you

the huge discrepancies with sag, rebound

ignore during the riding season.

and compression.

Now we do have customers bring their

I would like to see street riders change

bikes from Sudbury, Kingston, Eastern

their oil every 2 years for the low milage

Townships and even Michigan but any

riders and every year for the high milage.

farther than that we have a good

The oil degrades and the seals will let by, especially if you don’t fork legs, brakes

clean your and

relationship with Canada Post getting a shock to us for about $10.00 and a set of forks for about $20.00. Purolator, and Fed-Ex are usually in

grammar this time. I think it’s because I

everyday dropping off and picking up

type with a cockney accent? Ed

stuff.Our shipping address is on our website.

So, the factory have the

If you do not have a trailer and have to

30 mm kit available now but we

wait to get your stuff to us then we would

stayed with the 25 mm kit for

be more apt to give you the added service

Jodie Christie last year to

of checking your bike for the abnormalities

minimize the amount of changes to

that the street riders found on their bikes at

the bike and get as near to the front

the track.

as possible and to be as competitive

Misalignment of the wheels and

as we could.

misalignment of the triple clamp. Binding

We were right behind Szokes at the

of the dog legs and worn steering head

beginning of the season with the Elka

bearings; Even the tension of the final

shock and the 25 mm Ohlins front fork

drive chain impairs the suspension.


If you collect your completed

We are well known for our pricing and

machine this would give us a

selection of components that are

chance to do the

appropriately suited to our customer.

final set up with the rider aboard:

An amateur and a pro might have similar spring rates according to their


weights and heights but the pro will have different valving according to his or her abilities, velocity and feel. What we do get at the racetracks is the curios customer who listens in to our conversations with the trackday participants and watching us work on their bikes asks if this is relevant to their street bikes. We have often taken care of them at the track and later when they return with their friends, we do a personal set up for them. At Calabogie this has happened on numerous occasions with up to six at a time making use of this repair.

If you’re still running on

Oem oil, you will notice the

change in suspension qualities fairly

The people who do ship

us their stuff will get this chance in the spring to meet with us at the racetrack and get this done for free. We can do this at different tracks that

quickly in comparison to when the

we go to and arrangements can be easily

suspension is serviced and a quality fresh

made for this on our website linked

oil is used. A well serviced suspension will feel fresh, react more positively and make the bike feel new again. Winter is a perfect time to do this and instead of just throwing a blanket over the bike and getting the wheels off the floor. You can test your equipment and send it to use if you feel it is ready for a service. We would gladly have it turned around in time for the upcoming season leaving you free to clean the front and rear of your


elsewhere in this newsletter. Thank you John. We hope to chat with you soon about correctly lowering your motorcycle. Edited from an interview with John Sharrard.

Continued from P4

Sunny’s Story

Three weeks later, I had the

for the first time. Well, the third

opportunity to take Phase 1 of Michel

time I went to the track is when

Mercier’s FAST Riding School. Even

I had my first crash. At the end

though I was a little nervous about it, I

of the day, I became a little too

agreed to go. It was one of the biggest

comfortable and went through

turning points in my life so far.

a hairpin turn too fast for my

skill level. I ended up low

Riding a motorcycle on the track

was unbelievable. It was so exciting and

siding coming out of the turn. I

exhilarating. It was at that point where I

wasn’t injured, and my bike

started to think about possibly racing.

suffered minimal damage. I

was only a little

Being so new to the sport, I then

decided to plan the following year. I would

embarrassed. That’s when I

come back to FAST and get my Phase 2

decided that I would

certificate. I took the last ride of that year

continue to carry on this

on the last day of November. It snowed the

hobby, gain some more skill,

very next day.

and try other racetracks in Ontario.

The winter came and went, and I

SOAR Supershow 2011

The following season was a busy

races were back to back. I ran all three of the qualifying races on Saturday, but only raced in the Open Sprint and

picked up where I had left off. I went and

one. Along with TMP, I also went to

Formula Femme, classes for the finals. For

took Phase 2 of FAST at the start of the

Shannonville, Calabogie and the Mosport

the life of me I can’t remember how I

season. This time, I went into the

RDT track. I think I did a total of around 30

finished in the Open Sprint, but I ended up

intermediate group. I gained so much

track days that summer. Then I heard of a

in 2nd place for the Formula Femme, class.

confidence in myself that day being the

new road racing series called SOAR

I couldn’t wait for the next season to

only woman in that group, and definitely

(Southern Ontario Association of Racing).


not the slowest. It was another great

This really appealed to me because the


series was being held at the track I was

was quite an experience for me. I

most familiar with. I went as a spectator to

dedicated myself to do two different series:

track day at Toronto Motorsports Park in

watch round 3 and 4, and decided to enter

the Formula Femme, class at SOAR, and

Cayuga. In all honesty, I really didn’t enjoy

myself in the final round. Due to lack of

the Women’s Cup Challenge. The WCC

it very much. I was very frustrated and

entries at the start of the season, the

races took place at some of the Parts

tired. I had difficulties trying to learn the

Formula Femme Class was put on hold,

Canada national rounds, which allowed me

track and became discouraged. But,

but reintroduced at the last round. I

to participate at tracks I never thought I

determined to do well, I decided to give it

entered in three different classes that

would be able to race at. ICAR at Mirabel,

another chance. My second day there

weekend, Formula Femme, Novice Open

and of course Mosport. The season didn’t

went much better. I even dragged my knee

Sprint and the Rookie Challenge. All three

go without any hardship though. My motor

It was October when I did my first

For my first full racing season, it


Accelerated Technologies

1358 Cedargrove Drive

John Sharrard

Peterborough Ontario

Motorsports Performance

Canada K9K 1H1


Tel # 705 313 6100


Sunny’s Story continued... blew up at the second to last round at SOAR, so I had to borrow my boyfriend’s race bike to keep my points lead. Even though I never had a crash all season long, I suffered some injuries at my workplace but still raced in the final round. I never missed a race in either series. At the end of it all, I placed 3rd overall in the WCC as a novice racer, and took home the first Formula Femme, championship at SOAR. Another end to another story, and I can’t wait for the next one to begin… Contributed by Sunny Park #525

Michelle OHara’s Contribution to SOAR

and crafts for my 8 year old, I assist the

My husband is the more serious racer.

organization with administrative tasks,

I had only ridden a street bike for a couple

advertisements, website and graphic

of years and was a little intimidated by

design. Thanks to many great people who

sprint racing. At the time, my daughter was

work, volunteer or race with SOAR, we can

only 6 and although I wasn’t really nervous

bring our daughter with us.”

of crashing, I still felt that one of us should try and limit those possibilities. I would

“What is your function with SOAR?”

only ride on Friday's during our racers Practice day. Dan Dubai, Alan Robb and

“It’s hard to describe my main function

Joe made up the Endurance Team, Off Suit

with SOAR. I handle the majority of the

Racing, and won the GTU Championship

graphic and web design “off track” and

in 2009. Alan Robb didn’t race with the

help run Timing and Scoring “on-track”

team in 2010 and due to mechanical

The great thing about the SOAR team is

problems; my bike, a Suzuki SV650, “got

that we aren’t all pigeon-hold into one

donated” for the season. The guys really

position. There are times where I get to

wanted me to ride with them, so finally in

stand out on the grid assisting with the

August, they convinced me. I only did

start of a race, to driving the pit truck to

about 20 minutes (my husband set a

pick up a motorcycle.

record 1 hour 40 minutes record that race)

The majority of my time is spent in

and I really improved my lap times. There

timing and scoring. We are using the

is something really exciting to be part of a

Zoomius RFID timing system as well as

team, figuring out strategies and pit stops.

manually scoring. I have a great

I think Endurance Racing is a great way to

appreciation of anyone responsible for

introduce you to racing. In my case, I was

when Joe asked me to help with a logo for

manual scoring. It is crazy; bikes blazing

nervous of a grid start, so this type of

the newly created SOAR. Joe was friends

by you only a few feet away, at first, I could

racing worked for me.

with SOAR Director Ken McAdam and had

hardly keep up. Practice does help! Most

already committed to helping with bike

of us in timing and scoring can now

“How did your first Sprint race go?”

tech for the new series. One thing led to

recognize our racers bikes in a blink of an

Still riding on the high of my first

another, projects kept on getting shifted

eye. My, now 8 year old can tell you a

Endurance race, I figured it was time to

my way. During the 1st practice round in

racers name by just telling her their race

stop being a chicken and try the Formula

April 2009, I just sort of just started helping

number. Practice makes perfect.

Femme class. First, I have to give credit to

“How did you become involved with SOAR?” Ed “It just sort of happened. It started

a few awesome racers! If it weren’t for

Tracy McMillan (McAdams Partner) with registration. I was given a radio and

I recently had a lengthy conversation

Sarah Turl, Jennifer Roth, Sunny Park and

basically did what I was told (which by the

with an organizer from the CMX. This

Sarah Bevan, I probably never would of

way, doesn’t happen very often) Then

person is responsible for timing and

taken the 1st step and joined in a the race.

came the May round – the first ever SOAR

scoring for her organization. Although our

Due to schedule constraints for our August

round. I helped with registration again.

organizations are different we still shared

Round and the fact that I do timing and

There was a need for someone to manual

the same opinion. People don’t realize

scoring, I didn’t run the qualifier on

score so I grabbed a clipboard, not really

that there will always be a requirement for

Saturday, only the final on Sunday. After

realizing what I was in for. After that

manual scoring. Power failures happen,

finally persuadng myself to do it, I got my

initiation round, I ended up helping timing

equipment can break – manual scorers are

gear on between races; Joe got the bike

and scoring with technical setups and

an integral part of organizations such as

ready and on warmers and had arranged

using the newly introduced Zoomius


for two other racers to assist me in the pits. (Joe was on grid setup so he wouldn’t

system and I guess the rest is history. When I have time – after working a full time job and I’m not facilitating chores, meals

“How did you start in Endurance Racing?” Ed

be able to help). I joined the other women for my first official Sprint race.


Michelle from page 10.....

next race. It was really cool to see how supportive these women are.

I managed a decent start and


get me wrong, on track, they don’t hesitate

I’m sure there are stories and photos

couldn’t believe how quickly I changed into

and have no problems leaving you in their

to be told about the women you know of

someone who wanted to win. Of course,

dust but at the same time, its cool that you

and we would like to hear from you all, to

because I do timing, I’m aware of

aren’t intimidated off-track.”

be able to publish the outstanding work and even,

everyones lap times, so I knew I wasn’t up to par, but I sure tried hard. At any rate, I

From an article submitted by Michelle

finished a fifth out of eight which I think is

via e-mail and edited to flow around

pretty good. I wouldn’t have cared if I

the photographs by John

came last – I finished my first race! It was


the not so outstanding. Ladies’.....Please let us know your stories, past and present. I’ve noticed many moms who are there at

really cool.

the trackday and

After congratulating Sunny Park

race meetings,

on her win, and thanking the other women

looking after

for their

their sons and daughters!

support, I believe I was

Send your contributions to....

back at timing

and scoring in 15 minutes getting ready to score the

TRACKDAY HUB 1358 Cedargrove Drive Peterborough Ontario K9K 1H9 705-313-6100

Thanks to the following for their contributions in February

February Contributors. ******************** Editor...Gareth Jones IT Tech...Dan Jones Ken McAdams, Sunny Park, Michelle OHara, John Sharrard Photography. Dan Jones @Jonesyproductions Don Roy@Royal,, John Reed

Trackday Hub February 2010  

Trackday Hub is Ontario's Top Source for News and information related to Motorcycle Track Days at the best tracks in Ontario. Mosport, Grand...

Trackday Hub February 2010  

Trackday Hub is Ontario's Top Source for News and information related to Motorcycle Track Days at the best tracks in Ontario. Mosport, Grand...