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mous member went to empty his bladder and as he peaked over the hedge he was watering, he noticed the smallest sign for the hotel that we were looking for luckily half of us were already parked in. So we all decided to chip in and buy the hotel a Sign!!! All par t of the adventure I suppose!!! Le Har ve to Le Sully

Le Mans but to get there picture with the Mustang parked in the car park, It belonged to two lovely guys who had just completed the crumball rally, and they took some extra rebelrun stickers for the car in the garage at home, the only clue they would give us is it is red and had a horse on the bonnet so answers on a postcard!!

Its our 1st morning in Europe and we all meet up for a traditional le sausage and egg mcmuf fin meal and it is of f to Le mans woo woo. When we got to le man ever y one piled out the cars faster than the moto gp guys lap the circuit, not to get the goodies out the gif t shop, not to get the 1st picture of

We lef t Le Mans sorr y that we not able to feel the Le Mans Tarmac under our tyres, and headed of f into the depths of Parc National Des Cevennes which is like a mini Stelvio pass and was amazing………….but as we got carried away at Le Mans and team Minston got a bit giddy af ter seeing Le Man and blew a fuel pipe so