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Ta r M a g g ot i n to uc h w i t h Reb el Run a few m on t h s b a c k a f ter s ee i n g t h ei r l ovel y f l y er s a n d web s i te. S o we l en t t h em a h a n d. N ew we b s i te, n ew f l yer s , n ew ever y t h i n g ! T h ey l i ked our work s o m u c h t h ey i nv i ted us to c om e a l on g on t h e Run . We h a d to s ay YES! W h a t d oe s i t fe el l i ke to b e a Reb el for a week ! Rea l l y g oo d ! Fa n t a s t i c g roup of p eop l e, s om e g r ea t c a r s a n d a g r ea t t i m e a l l ro un d ! T h e f i r s t few day s wer e l o n g , b ut r ea l l y g oo d! S o m e p eo p l e g ot a b i t c ra b i t b ut s om e p e op l e j us t c a n ’ t h a n dl e i t ! A n d t h e d ay s a f ter wer e t r ul y a m a zing! We h ave p ut tog et h er a s p e c i a l ed i t i on of Ta r M a g j us t for yo u g uy s ! S o h ere i t i s ! A f ul l r ev i ew i n c l u di n g w h a t we d on e, a n d m eet t h e tea m s ! T h ey h ave j us t a n n ounc ed t h ei r Aug us t tour d a tes s o c h ec k i t out w w w. r eb el r un . c o. u k



6 FEATURE : REBEL RUN Lydden meet up So it is the night before the star t of the 1st ever Rebelrun and the rumblings in the bar are of the BHP show at Lydden Hill Curcuit, that all Rebelrunner have free entr y. To as well as the next crazy 7 days we have ahead. The Bhp show consists of some of the best drif ters, racers stunt riders and petrol heads ever seen this side of the channel! And now the Rebelrunners entrance to Europe! Af ter a lovely gourmet meal of southern fried something and kebabs, and a few sociably drinkys to get to know ever yone. It is 2 am and the final few are heading to bed ready for the 6am leaving par ty the next morning. (this was only for reconesence reasons and WILL NOT be happening on any other runs I can asure you lol) Lydden Hill Curcuit to Le Har vy So it is now 10am and shapes have stopped being blurr y and the rumble in my head is replaced by all the rumpling popping and dumping of all the crazy drif ters that are leaving there mark on Lydden Hills circuit. All the Rebelrun cars are water6


lessly washed up thanks to Mark form & the cars were also stickers up thanks to the guys at www.casikistyling. and the crazy boys from the Slammed club are causing god knows how much havoc, including nearly closing a duel carriage way when a turbo’d 205 gave up and popped also the lowest golf I have ever seen taking half of Lydden Hills car park home with him. Af ter Jays (the owner of Lydden Hills circuits) brief but precise destructions we are now on the grid lane ready to star t the 1st ever Rebelrun, I don’t think that Lydden Hill Circuit realise that when those lovely girls wave the chequered flags they are unleashing the 1st ever rebels on to the European streets. The flags have flown and we are of f! A quick lap of the Circuit and we hit the road! And heading to Le Har ve where we indulged in a lovely French Italian meal??? in where half of us are dressed with bibs, and the other half laugh at us! And af ter parking up in what looked like empty luxurious apar tment block car park for 30 minutes, while other search for our hotel. Thankfully a anony -


usy Llyden Race Track





mous member went to empty his bladder and as he peaked over the hedge he was watering, he noticed the smallest sign for the hotel that we were looking for luckily half of us were already parked in. So we all decided to chip in and buy the hotel a Sign!!! All par t of the adventure I suppose!!! Le Har ve to Le Sully

Le Mans but to get there picture with the Mustang parked in the car park, It belonged to two lovely guys who had just completed the crumball rally, and they took some extra rebelrun stickers for the car in the garage at home, the only clue they would give us is it is red and had a horse on the bonnet so answers on a postcard!!

Its our 1st morning in Europe and we all meet up for a traditional le sausage and egg mcmuf fin meal and it is of f to Le mans woo woo. When we got to le man ever y one piled out the cars faster than the moto gp guys lap the circuit, not to get the goodies out the gif t shop, not to get the 1st picture of

We lef t Le Mans sorr y that we not able to feel the Le Mans Tarmac under our tyres, and headed of f into the depths of Parc National Des Cevennes which is like a mini Stelvio pass and was amazing………….but as we got carried away at Le Mans and team Minston got a bit giddy af ter seeing Le Man and blew a fuel pipe so


we did not get there till af ter dark which made the view spectacular but when we had to wake the hotel manager up he was not as impressed as we were. Le Sully to Maranello

ulous tunnels and when you have a Subaru Impreza Type R, a loaded green led firing Fiesta and a stage 2 powered VXR all powering thro……. Maranello to Innsbruck

The Next morning, a now getting busy Dan the Mechanic had fixed the mini (as in a down pour the distrubuter got soaked and was miss firing loads and team Bairns had got a puncture (and had no alloy locking key) we decided to split the run up!!! People who had a heavy right foot and a per fectly working car where going to the next hotel Via Monaco and the rest were going to limp to Maranello but no matter which way you went you could not get away from all those fab-

As my eyes opened there was the distinctive note of the 5th Ferrari to go blasting past in the last 20 minutes, so I blurr y eyed stumbled to the loo. I looked in the mirror to see a small backwards prancing horse as I look closer, it was stamped on a little box of toiletries on the shelf in the bath room…… Ferrari Shampoo??? I look round to see a Ferrari logoed front passenger wing on the wall and then it hits me I AM IN THE FERRARI HOTEL WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (well the


Maranello village hotel which is the closest there will ever be to a Ferrari hotel) where else could you order breakfast or 6 pencils with the prancing horse on for 15 Euros?? As we lef t with about 3 random Ferraris in our convoy we waved good bye to Luca the Modified car nut who was driving the reception desk and we cant wait to see him next time and par ty properly. I thought we were doing well as we were nearly half way thro the run and we had only had a few raised eyebrows from the local plod, but weirdly enough the Italian police don’t like it when 9 cars go thro quiet little villages with girls hanging out of windows smacking there asses, horns and sirens an blazing Ibizas nearly running the local Porsche club of f the road, Rebelers passing stickers to the locals while over taking, and exhausts dumping and popping through there tight streets. It’s the slightest little thing these days! As we saw the flashing lights we tried to make our getaway where the lead car I.e. Dan 12 TARMAG

the lost man took us in to a of f road cul de sac where we were trapped……. Like Meer cats!! So af ter what looked like Andy (our convoy biker) had a word in the of ficers ear we found out the Stelvio pass was closed due to 5f t snow drif ts but in true rebel run fashion we ignored him and headed up to the pass where we were given directions to Innsbruck buy the one and only DUFF MAN OOOHHH YYYEEEAAAAHHHH!!!!!! Innsbruck to Prague We were of f to the Stag capital of the world Prague and we could not wait!! That was until we were escor ted of f the road the minute we got into Germany and these guys must of heard about us and boy where they ready there was more full police Vehicles there than there was Rebelruners!!! So af ter keeping us there for like a hour, checking us thoroughly earning the sneaky Rebelrun sticker we gave them and watching us bombard a friendly mini bus and cov ering it with stickers we were free to go and get down in Prague. Prague to Nurberg I have never seen so many excited


faces and Rebels up in time as we all had the whif f of the Nurburgring in our nostrils, so even the 2 unscheduled German police stops, 1 encouraged by the mechanic who over took on a hard shoulder so not to miss his junction since has been dubbed the under taker! and the Czeque police earning another 50 Euros per car to take there mistresses out that night could not damper our spirits (dam phoney highway tax, would not be so bad but we were like 5 miles from Germany). That night as we got to hotel Morschbach Where Ralf already had the BBQ on we quickly donned on our hula girl out fits and loud shir ts and drowned the sorrows of our 1st fallen comrade! On our way to the hotel Team Blackhawk who were making a exciting video for us came up with a crazy idea and lets just leave it at team black hawk got a ver y close up shot of a impreza type R!!! (but know one was hur t or in any danger!) But a big thank you to Rolf for pointing out they had Jagermister on tap and giving us the challenge to help Germany by



ridding them of the evil liquid! Nice tr y Dan!!! Nurberg to Amsterdam Today is the day we head to the ring and apar t from the green faces there was a lot of excited ones! We travelled the 45 minutess to the track and I did not know what to do 1st? look at all the hot cars I mean there was ever y thing to classic minis to Evos to Lambos and things I did not recognise, but no the track was calling my name and I answered. I had 4 of the best laps ever, but I think if we are honest nearly ever y rebelrunner had a little of f but we were all lucky, well luckier then the poor chap in the VXR Nurburg who had a nasty smash but from what I have heard is fine and well, for tunately the open wallet surger y did not go to well The Nurgerg ring is one place you have to be ver y careful!! Someone not being careful was the driver of the ( Nissan GTR35 who too Mark from TarMag round the ring and I think gave him the best under 8 minutes of his life (even if he did come back looking paler than normal) and then to put the icing on the cake we all had 16 TARMAG

out picture with the one and only Sabrine Shmitts mmmmmm more tissues am afraid!!!

close and luck we were to catch the ferr y and how we can improve the run!

So af ter a fun few hours we headed to Amsterdam, where the Ibiza boys got there a bit quicker than ever yone else due to cooking there front breaks on the ring and the passenger break pad totally disintegrating.

Before I finish I would like to thank ever yone who helped the 1st Rebelrun happen and be such a memorable experience.

But luckily we all got there in 1 piece and enjoyed a lovely steak meal a few beers and a good laugh at the weeks hilarities. Amsterdam to Dunkirk On our last Rebel morning we all headed to the ferr y well some of us as in the tune of “afromans” how high “the Ibiza boy got lost in Amsterdam cos they got high” And the classic mini that had made it all the way around, decided to give up and blow his coil pack so we strapped him to the back of the suppor t wagon and flew to the ferr y, only just making it and it was the last car to get on as the ramp rose and closed. As we lef t France (unfor tunately with 2 teams still in France but we heard they got the next ferr y and are home safe) we spent the next 2 hours chatting about how

A big thank you to ever yone who was in the Rebel convoy who were such fun people and ever yone done there bit to help! We have made some great new friends and learned a lot of valuable lessons, Ever yone that stayed home and suppor ted us from the UK! All the rebels family and friends that have been patient and not really seen much of us as we have been so busy organising To Tarmag who went above the “we will just feature you” but have helped us on so many levels. And again to ever yone that came and ever yone that tried to come but could not, hope to see you all on the wrong side of the road real soon So it was a long and tiring week but looking on the bright side! It is all happening again in Aug (with a few changes here and there) Cant wait!!



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TEAM SUPPORT Ahhh yes the Suppor t wagon, that is supposed to be there in case of emergencies and to help out but I think they caused most of the problems but were wor th having with us. In the driver’s seat was Dan A.K.A “pass me another jagerbomb as I am the under taker, bllluuuuurrrrgggghhhhh” Who proved his wor th by keeping the mini going as well as 20 TARMAG

fixing a few other niggles on the other vehicles, even fixing an exhaust with the worst hangover in the histor y of RebelRun. In the Passenger seat was Mark A.K.A “Don’t call me Ginge” was there getting as much material for Tarmag as possible, as Mark has been helping RebelRun out for a few months now from things like sourcing the RebelRun stick-

ers to filling our goodie bags need less to say the run would not have been half as good with out his help, and to top it of f he managed to have a sneaky blast round the Nurburgring in a uber fast Nissan GTR 35 as well as coax the lovely Sabine Schmitzto get out of her ring taxi and have her photo taken with us!

standing on the hard shoulder and waving her Bra at us as we all blasted past. Both Kirsten and Lyndsey done a fab job ever y time the camera was out and posing there little TicTac’s of f!

In the rear of the Suppor t was Kirsten A.K.A “TicTac” who splurged the Rebelrun on by 21


TEAM MINSTON And he did!!! ( Nearly) Mighty Minston the 998 F reg mini proved his wor th with the big boys and with pint size pilot Bazza A.k.a the man who planned the route but did not pack his Sat Nav charger” accompanied by Lysney A.k.a “minty fresh” getting giddy and blowing a fuel pipe of f, the old boy did not do to bad and Minston went ok to!!!


The high light for Minston as when we found some fabulous mental twisty roads and as we were tr ying to keep up with Andy on his bike af ter hitting a corner a bit hard we nearly ended up over the edge of what looked like a looooooongggg drop!!



TEAM REBELRUNNER Ahh Team RebelRun, A big thank you to Team Rebelrun who took it upon their selves to light up ever y tunnel we went thro by popping flames out of the exhaust and lighting the way, Bernie A.k.a “camera killer” spent most of the journey annoying team Nor folk or bust as there were competing for the loudest exhaust and pop competition. 24 TARMAG

In with Bernie was Louize A.K.A “the police will let us go when he sees these, if he was not gay!!!!” who on ever y occasion tried to use her assets to convince the police to hurr y up with there checks but I think just kept us there longer as there is a lot to get a eyeful of f!



TEAM KERMIT “Happy Bir thday to you, Happy Bir thday dear kermitttttttttt, Happy Bir thday to you” Just before the run Smur f A.k.a “Bir thday boy” had just turned 21 and lef t the UK and boy and returned a man, Apar t from being Rebelruns of ficial Sweetie distributor and spent most of the run passing sweeties from car to car, he also had to pop to le tesco for forgetting ever y single toi26 TARMAG

letr y you would ever need to take on holiday, ( I think that was the par t his mum did not pack for him!!) And with Keith A.K.A “Milky” carr ying the smallest travel bag in the world it is probably best with all the sweeties in the car and the fiestas uber low suspension.



TEAM FREEDOM Team Freedom came along on the ver y last minute and we are all glad they did. In the lovely BMW we had John A.K.A “when can I get my roof down” and passenger Ann A.K.A “John it is your fault we can’t get the roof down!” and they were a scream, and even kept there cool when the German police where tr ying to get John to admit to under taking a lorr y, Didn’t he Dan????


My lasting memor y of team freedom is when they over took me and as I turned to wave at them I was confronted with johns hair y man boobs pushed up against the drivers window as they went past!!! Not cool and the counselling is still not helping.



TEAM BLACK HAWK If you have not already heard of Teamblackhawk then go on there website of, we had a awesome time with them and there hilarities of them just disappearing and then as you drove pass you would see Paul A.K.A “I will sacrifice my new HD camcorder for the good of RebelRun” half falling out of a tree or something tr ying to get the best video footage possible 30 TARMAG

Also a big thank you to Team Blackhawk for the use of there CB Radios so we could all stay in contact and talk about Jamaican TicTacs! Mint! It’s a shame the Camcorder was destroyed as Paul and Elaina A.K.A oooo I like this button that makes the siren noise” video was star ting to look immense.



TEAM BUST Rob A.k.a “why is my Stage 2, 2ltr turbo VXR drinking so much petrol” as he raced and popped through the tunnels, they were actually meant to be “team Nor folk or chance” (say it again quickly) so sorr y Rob! Rob is probably the best racing driver I have ever heard as af ter ever y lap of the Nurburgring another excuse came out he blamed ever ything from brakes, clutch, turbo, turbo 32 TARMAG

pipe, missing his cat at home lol for his continuous slow laps but it was the taking par t that is impor tant eh Rob!!!!!! In the VXR Micky Aka “don’t tell my misses there is models coming” was quite well behaved till Germany and he found the jagermyster on tap and well I think we will leave it there, Poor Monkey



TEAM BAIRNS Hmm Team Bairns what can we say about these crazy Grangemouth pair, Piloting the Seat Cupra Turbo was Watty A.K.A “Who needs front brakes” and Simmy “Duf f man” who absolutely made the trip, for ever y mile they were doing funnier and funnier things to make us laugh and smile, including a visit from Duf f man on the stelvio pass and he seem to appear ever y time the police pulled 34 TARMAG

us over! Our hero! We can tell watty was giving it some on the Nurbergring as he completely disintegrated his front passenger brake pad (that he had only had fitted for the run)



TEAM ZIPPY Here we have Team Zippy which was meant to be Team Recover y but as we were having a few Technical dif ficulties with the Recover y vehicle, Andy decided to concur the Run on his motorbike to do some research for next years Rebelrun Motorcycle runs. Apar t from getting caught in torrential rain on the Italian Riviera Andy A.k.a “mines a pint� had a great time, a few 36 TARMAG

dices with death from the Czech Lorr y drivers but on the whole was safe and sound. Andy took up the role of Tail End Charlie for most of the run looking af ter the stragglers (mainly Minston) until he saw a fun twisty bit of road then he was of f like a rocket



Rebel Run are proud to announce their next run! Star ts Saturday 7th August with a warm up par ty on the 6th August! We will be visiting the Lydden, The Nurburgring, Michael Schumacher Go Kar ting Centre, Our old Friend Rolf the BBQing Rebel, Stelvio Pass, Ferrari Museum and Hotel, Italian Riviera, Monaco the Col De Turini, Millau Bridge as 38 TARMAG

well as much much more... The price is ÂŁ550 per head minimum 2 people per car Prices cover, ferr ys, hotels, goodies, sticker packs, as much media attention possible and par ty entries! So what are you waiting for! Get booking now! For more information:



Managing Editor - Mark Morris - Advertising - David Daniels - General Enquiries : TarMag - 199a Borough Road, Middlesbrough, TS4 2BN

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