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Well we h ave b een b us y to s ay the leas t , l o a d s of d em o c a r s , p rod uct l a un c h es a n d a few events alrea d y a t ten d ed t h i s yea r. And the di a r y for t h e r es t of t h e year is ch oc k- a - b l oc k ! O n e da te to put in you r d i a r y i s S un day 17 t h July, The S c ot t i s h C a r s h ow a t I ngil ston , E d i n b urg h . T h e ol d S cot tish M od i f i ed c a r s h ow i s now canc el l ed a n d t h i s yea r ’ s event 4 TARMAG.CO.UK

is being organised by a new team who know what they are doing! Feel free to check out www.scottishcar and drop them or us an email if we can assist ;) This month’s magazine see’s re view the Marangoni G430 iMovie car to promote their tyre brand in the UK. The Mitsubishi ASX was our car of choice to get us to the



THE TEAM @ WWW.TARMAG.CO.UK Managing Editor Mark Morris Advertising David Daniels AutoS p or t I n ter n a t i on a l S h ow in Jan ua r y b ut wa s i t t h e r i g h t choice? A n d we g o R a l l y D r i v ing at K n oc k h i l l R a c i n g c i rc ui t s new a n d i mp roved Tu rb o ’ d r a l l y ! E








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CAROLE NASH MCN SCOTTISH MOTORCYCLE SHOW Get ready for some high octane live action at this year’s Carole Nash MCN Scottish Motorcycle Show, held at the Royal Highland Centre on 12-13 March, as visitors are treated to the opening round of the Scottish Supermoto and two spectacular live stunt shows! The Scottish Supermoto first round will be held over both show days in Arena 2. Saturday has qualifying and three races for the S3 (up to 250cc) class, plus qualifying and three races for the Open (any size) class. Sunday features qualifying and three races for the S1 (250400cc) and S2 450cc upwards) classes, the first event in the year’s seven-round series. Around 40 competitors are taking part and Scottish rider Dougie Cunningham, currently S1, S3 and overall Champion, is said to be ‘untouchable’ on the half-mile course. S2 Champion Jeff Malcolm will be looking to defend his crown. There’s also stunt action galore at this year’s show, with the very best names in two-wheeled crowdpleasing action defying the laws of physics, as Broke FMX and Kevin Carmichael perform stunt shows

throughout the day. Broke FMX’s 25-minute show happens three times daily (10.30am, noon and 2pm) in Arena 1 and rider John Pearson is sure he’ll be getting the very best out of his Suzuki RM250. His routine includes backflips that are more than 70 feet long! With fellow stunt rider Dan, who pilots a Honda CRF250, the routine involves countless hours of practice to evolve into something that’s fast-paced and different. “We practice as much as possible but living in the North West of England it’s usually wet,” John says. “What’s more it’s extremely hard to find somewhere to practice as nobody likes the noise of motorbikes.” Show is open 9am until 5pm each day. Adult ticket prices start from just £12 when booked in advance or £16 on the door. Senior citizen tickets are £7, and entry for children aged under 15 is free. Parking is £4 per car, motorcycles are free and secure helmet storage is available. To book tickets call the 24hr ticket hotline on 0871 230 1108 or visit www.scottishmotorcycleshow. com where you can find all the latest updates.



Peugeot is now taking order registrations for customers interested in the Peugeot 3008 HYbrid4 – the world’s first full diesel hybrid car.

First deliveries of the Peugeot 3008 HYbrid4 are to be of an exclusive Limited Edition model of which only 300 are being made to celebrate the world’s first full Hybrid diesel car. Just 35 vehicles will be available in the UK. The HYbrid4 combines the fuel efficient 2.0 litre HDi 163 bhp diesel engine and a 37 bhp electric motor - an ideal 8 TARMAG.CO.UK

combination for a hybrid vehicle as it provides excellent out of town fuel consumption of 74.4 mpg, and CO2 emissions of 99g/km on the Combined Drive Cycle. Customers wanting more information on the 3008 HYbrid4 models can go to the Peugeot UK website – – where order registrations can be placed.


With 246 bhp and a 156 mph top speed available from the factory, few would ever accuse the RenaultSport Megane 250 of lacking in pace. Yet there are always enthusiastic owners who demand that little bit extra, and now, Superchips Ltd, the world’s leading automotive ECU remapping enterprise, has responded to demand by launching a performance boosting upgrade. Designed to suit all Megane 250 models from 2010 onwards, dyno testing has revealed that the Superchips ECU remap increases power by a mighty 49 bhp at 5331 rpm, placing it at the very front of the hot hatch league. Indeed on Superchips’ in-house chassis dynomometer, peak power increased to 302 bhp. No technical skills are required as Superchips’ customers plug the Bluefin handset into the Megane 250’s OBDII diagnostic port and then follow the simple on-screen instructions, a process which takes a matter of minutes. Superchips Ltd. 01280 816781



PROTON SLASHES PRICE ON SATRIA NEO MODELS Effective as of 28 February, 2011, Proton Cars slashed the price of its popular Satria Neo models, offering a saving of £1,700 to motorists. With its sporty exterior coupled with its Lotus ride and handling, the Satria Neo delivers both excitement and economy in one car. Offering a thrilling CamPro 16v engine, the Satria Neo features 16” alloy wheels (GSX models only), electric windows, reverse parking sensors and rear spoiler all as standard and topped off with prominent wheel arches, a centre mounted exhaust and race-inspired bucket seats. Tuned for precise steering response, the 10 TARMAG.CO.UK

Satria Neo also comes with ABS, EBD and twin airbags as standard. Simon Park, General Manager Sales and Marketing for Proton Cars (UK) Ltd. said: “We are delighted to reduce the price of the Satria Neo and are confident that this price revision will prove popular with motorists. Both stylish and sporty thanks to its Lotus ride and handling, the Satria Neo is eye catching on the road and is fantastic to drive.” To find out more about or to arrange a test drive, contact your local Proton dealer, call Proton on 0800 0 521521 or visit www.proton.




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Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 – a new reference among super With the Aventador LP 7004, Automobili Lamborghini is redefining the ver y pinnacle of the world super spor ts car market – brutal power, outstanding lightweight engineering and phenomenal handling precision are combined with peerless design and the ver y finest equipment to deliver an unparalleled driving experience. With the Aventador, Lam12 TARMAG.CO.UK

borghini is taking a big step into the future – and building on the glorious histor y of the brand with the next automotive legend. The first customers will take deliver y of the new Lamborghini Aventador LP 7004 in late summer 2011. According to its tradition, Lamborghini’s new flagship bears the name of a


sports cars bull – naturally, a par ticularly courageous specimen from the world of the Spanish Corrida. Aventador was the name of a bull that entered into battle in October 1993 at the Saragossa Arena, earning the “Trofeo de la Peña La Madroñera” for its outstanding courage. The price of the Lamborghini Aventador and market deliver y

UK: GBP 201.900,00 (suggested retail price taxes excluded) Europe: € (suggested price taxes

255.000 retail excluded)

USA: 379.700 USD (suggested retail price – GGT included)

0 3 4 E:G


It’s not ever y day you get a phone call asking if you want to come and check o u t a c a r w i t h G r e e n Ty r e s . But Giulietta G430 iMove Marangoni: the new 2011 demo car for fitted with special M-Power iGreen tyres was on of fer for us to review so we gladly accepted. We didn’t believe the car actually had Green tyres until it arrived at our HQ. We set of in the car whilst I noticed a strange device in the back popping through from the boot, turned out it was a Ecological Segway i2! So we had a fun car to play with and a Segway! What an interesting day it was turning out to be! Anyways let’s talk about the car first, tyres and then the Segway! The Car has a staggering 286bhp whish is a good 51 b h p m o r e t h a n t h e o r i g i nal standard car! The car delivers a very punch response even at low rev’s. 14 TARMAG.CO.UK

The power kit also includes a new bearingmounted rotar y turbine, downpipe complete with metal catalyst, complete Ragazzon stainless steel exhaust with wide diameter pipes. Air intake has been modified using a special carbon air box. The front bumper has two wide air grills, with the air flow directed to the uprated braking system. A s r e g a r d s t h e r e a r, t h e original diffuser has been removed and replaced with a new carbon component, featuring evident air extractors, again in F430 style. Racy skirting completes the vehicle’s body kit, per fectly unifying the two axles. The spoiler on the rear window has been raised slightly to give an even more aggressive look. And The bodywork has been completely repainted charcoal grey using a special very fine textured paint, and finished with a 100% matte clear coat. T h e i n t e r i o r, a s w e l l a s using quality materials s u c h a s l e a t h e r, A l c a n t a r a


and carbon, Conte of Florence applied quilting as the leitmotiv to evoke the golfing tradition of Scotl a n d . M o r e o v e r, t h e l a r g e embroidered brand recalls t h e To u r L i n e l o g o , w o r d with pride by the brand’s sponsored players in of ficial competitions. The grey and green also reflect one of the themes of the 201011 Autumn-Winter collection available at more than 80 single-brand stores and around 800 multi-brand stores in Italy and abroad www.conteof The already powerful standard braking system has been replaced with innov a t i v e Ta r o x B 3 6 0 1 0 - p o t calipers and composite disks, with 330x26 diameter brake rotors, for absolute yet at the same time v a r i a b l e b r a k i n g p o w e r. The acid green Marangoni M-Power iGreen tyres, in the 235/35R19 Y size, developed by adding special fluorescent pigments to the compound, are fitted on Barracuda Karizzma 8.5x19 wheels. The result is a captivating green-black combination that makes the Giuli16 TARMAG.CO.UK


etta G430 iMove Marangoni e v e n s p o r t i e r. T h e Ty r e s , M a r a n g o n i ’ s aim was to create tyres for sporting cars which could result in a noticeable cost saving in fuel consumption, but without sacrificing real driving per formance....... and with M-Power iGreen, we showed that they can! The only downside they found, is that the cost of the raw materials that allows them to achieve such a star tling reduction in rolling resistance, are presently too high to make the tyres saleable to t h e t y r e i n d u s t r y. T h ey are however confident however that through fur ther research and development they will find ways to make this possible. With regard to the Marangoni M-Power iGreen tyres as showcased on this G430 Giulietta, they wanted to see just how much they could achieve as far as reducing rolling resistance (saving fuel) on a genuine UHP (Ultra High Per formance) tyre. By using the ver y latest tyre s c i e n c e a n d te c h n o l o g y, t h e






research and development team managed to achieve a 30% reduction in rolling resistance over a “standard black” M-Power tyre of the same size. The standard black model M-Power already shows a 15% reduction in rolling resistance when compared to our previous pattern and construction. It’s not only the new MPower range that benefits from this level of development. The full Marangoni range is constantly improved and upgraded with the lessons they learn from these kind of projects which is a great way of testing our new idea’s. The full range of Marangoni tyres can be found at any Kwik Fit centre. The boot on the Giulietta G430 iMove Marangoni houses a Segway i2 customised in the same colours as t h e c a r b y H u m a n Te c h n o l o g y I t a l y. T h i s r evo l u t i o n ary & ecological vehicle is patented and marketed by Segway Inc. a US company founded in 1999 with the aim of developing innovative transpor t solutions,


based on “dynamic stabilization” technology to combine high efficiency with zero emissions. The transpor ter also features L e a n S te e r te c h n o l o g y, a n engineering breakthrough that makes the Segway i2 even more intuitive and appealing, with all aspects of movement controlled by the direction the rider moves his or h e r b o d y. T h e S e g way i 2 reaches a top speed of 20 km/h and with a single charge the lithiumion batteries can guarantee a travel range of 38 km. Must say due too the UK laws we were not allowed to ride this on Public roads but we had some private grounds available for just this machine and it was fun! Overall Marangoni have produced a great car for 2011, its already attended loads of events in the UK and is now on its tour of Europe. For more details add these guys on facebook www.facebook . com/marangonityre or pop into your local Kwik Fit to get some new tyres!

. . . . . . VES

Meanwhile, performance lovers will get the chance to get close to some of the most desired road and track day cars in Piston record breaking Ultima GTR720.



The dramatically styled new convertible will be built at Bentley’s Crewe factor y. The Supersports ‘Ice Speed Record’ car is distinguished by its vibrant and muscular styling, cues that reinforce the uncompromising performance credentials of this extreme Bentley convertible.

The new Breitling for Bentley watch powerfully complements the design of the Supersports convertible. With its light and sturdy titanium chassis, its “dashboardstyle” dial enhanced


by three ringed counters and its bezel with a typically Bentleystyle raised knurled motif, the Supersports Light Body limited series evokes a sophisticated high-powered coupé car. In tribute to its sporting qualities, Breitling has equipped it with an extremely intelligent and exclusive double-counter system, featuring a central minute hand and a twin-handed totaliser enabling one to read the elapsed hours and minutes at a glance just as one usually for more details

nHeads: The Performance Car Show. Last year show goers were treated to the Aspira F620, the Noble M600 and the world


What do you do when you have the best selling tablet of all time - You make it better! More and Less: Tw o c a m e r a s fo r FaceTime and HD video recording. The Apple dual-core A5 chip. The same 10hour batter y life.1 All in a thinner, lighter design. Now iPad is even more amazing. And even less like anything else. Thinner, lighter and full of great ideas: Once you pick up iPad 2, it’ll be hard


to put down. That’s the idea behind the all-new design. It’s 33 per cent thinner and up to 15 per cent lighter, so it feels even more comfortable in your hands.2 And it makes surfing the web, checking email, watching films and reading books so natural, you might forget there’s incredible technology under your fingers.



Now you can become a p a r t o f Ta r M a g . We a r e n ow o f fe r i n g Ta r M a g Hoodies forsale on our website. £14.99 + delivery is a bargin for a good looking hoody such as these!

But £19.99 will get you FREE delivery and a personalised name on the sleeve of your hoody! to order yours now!

£20 from TARMAG.CO.UK

Waterless Car Wash & Wax

PermaClear Pro ‘DRY’ Clean – Waterless Car Wash & Wax system - It’s a Hand applied Wash and Wax solution called PermaClear Pro ‘DRY’ Clean – Waterless Car Wash . It really works. If the area is heavily soiled hich is then wiped of with a micro-fibre towel, and then use the 2nd micro-fibre towel to buff to a show room shine finish. It really works. If the area is heavily soiled 26 TARMAG.CO.UK

£9.99 From TheWash.Biz




Free track and road magazine



Knockhill Racing Circuits New and Improved Rally! A year or so back we got invited upto Knockhill Racing Circuit to check out their Rally experience with the good old classic Ford Sierra’s which were great cars and the track was fairly straight for ward but not leaving much room for e r r o r. But we then got invited back up at the start of the year by Stuar t Gray one of t h e To p g u y s a t K n o c k h i l l to come up and try out the new Rally Experience! We o f c o u r s e s a i d “ Ye s ! ” S o 30 TARMAG.CO.UK

we headed up on a cold week day to the Circuit and it was nice and wet and cold so great conditions. We weren’t expecting to see a line up of Subaru Imp r e z a Tu r b o ’ s a n d i n t h e backgrounds of the Circuit a purpose built tight and twisty built Rally Stage, this sure put a smile on our faces! We had a quick driver briefing which was entertaining but full of interesting facts about the Circuit a n w a y s t o t a c k l e i t ! Yo u


are then assigned a car number and away you go for your introductor y rally driving session with full tuition from the ver y helpful and cheerful Knockhill staff! First lap is always slow as you are getting used to the car but also the purpose built track which is fast, s l i p py, t i g h t a n d ve r y f u n ! Second lap you get more confident and our instructor introduced us to the hand brake which made the Subaru even more fun

to drive around the track! We finished our first 5 laps with a huge smile on our faces! Knockhill have created run of f area’s which allows you to go passed the car infront in case they are slowing you down, sometimes we were bumper to bumper with the car’s in front so this is handy if you are a bit more experienced than others. We then take a quick brake and then head back out to the track but this

time we tackle the track in the opposite direction so tight right hander’s were now left, etc. This made the track more interesting as to how to go into dif ferent corners. Continuing in this session is your final assessment stage where the instructor will give you some small directional instructions and your assessed on your driving skill’s which they have been teaching you throughout the experience. Once you have finished all your laps you are then taken on what’s called the “Instructor demo lap.” It’s a fast and very well worked lap with the Instructors showing you the area’s you may of struggled with how to handle t h e m c o r r e c t l y, s h ow i n g you dif ferent entr y and exit lines into corners and just using their skill to show you a all round good fast and exciting lap! Also for any spectators or drivers that want a fur32 TARMAG.CO.UK

ther hot lap you can get Tw o h i g h l y c h a r g e d f a s t and furious Hot Laps in a rapid Ford Focus Rally car from a top profess i o n a l R a l l y D r i v e r, B o b Watson who was a Scottish rally Champion, you just sit back and be ready for the drive of y o u r l i f e ! Yo u c a n p r e book this additional experience with Knockhill before your arrival or on the day but don’t miss out its definitely wor th it! Yo u t h e n h e a d b a c k i n t o the warm Knockhill Club house for an Awards ceremony and cer tificates unfor tunately well we didn’t win or perhaps we are still waiting for our t r o p h y ! Yo u c a n h e a d t o the Knockhill offices and purchase one if you feel you did that well! To s u m u p , i t w a s g r e a t , left with a big smile on our faces, to find out more or to book your experience check out www. or call 01383 72004 4!


It wasnt me....


. . . X : AS

Well at the Star t of Januar y we were looking for a car to take our team from Edinburgh to Sunny Birmingham to the AutoSpor t International show at Birmingham’s NEC. We were looking for something dif ferent, good on fuel, and comfy! We decided to opt for the Mitsubishi ASX. Practicality and versatility was the key to the appeal of the ASX. With a wheelbase to match the Outlander passenger space is generous, with the flexible seating inside giving the ASX real versatility for customers looking for a practical, enjoyable family 34 TARMAG.CO.UK

c a r. W e h a d t h e 1 47 b h p 1 . 8 - l i t r e D i D a c h i e v e s 51 . 4 m p g and 145g/km on the of ficial combined cycle, other options include the 1.6-litre petrol engine managing 4 7. 1 m p g a n d 1 3 8 g / k m . W e found the car did hit these figures on most of the journ ey. A f u l l t a n k o f D i e s e l got us to Birmingham and back, costing around £80 which is extremely good value as this was one of our concerns about keeping costs down! We couldn’t however decide if we liked the Auto Stop & Go. This engine-stopping


technology combined with an on demand electric power steering system, low rolling resistance tyres, regenerative brakes and intelligent power management to allow the ASX to return its impressive consumption figures. We didn’t complain about the consumption figures but at a set of lights if you wished to go back to your boy racer days and give someone a gentle race at the lights you would have an embarrassed look on your face whilst you waited that impor tant few seconds for the car to restar t! When i say a few seconds i do only mean 1 or 2.

But at a set of awkward lights etc where you want to get through them it just seemed a feature we still don’t understand! Auto Stop & Go automatically stops and restar ts the engine without operating the ignition key when the vehicle is stopped (at a traffic light for instance). In practical terms, when the vehicle stops, the clutch pedal is released and the shif t lever in neutral position, the indicator in the meter cluster lights up and the engine stops auto m a t i c a l l y. S t a r t i n g i t a g a i n only requires pressing the c l u t c h p e d a l t o s h i f t g e a r. A switch on the dashboard al-

lows the driver to de-activate the system if wished, such as in case of a traffic jam with constant stop and restar t 90% of the time we had this switched off! The Exterior of Mitsubishi’s A S X i s e d g y, fa m i l i a r M i t s u b i shi design like the bold Jet Fighter grille make it stand out from its crossover competition from the likes of the Audi Q5 and Nissan Quashquai. The interior is quiet and comfor table, new sof t touch materials and plentiful standard equipment making the ASX a good value proposition in the crossover marketplace. Standard equipment from the entr y-level ASX2 model includes air conditioning, reversing sensors, a CD/MP3 player with aux-in audio jack, electrically controlled and folding door mirrors and 16inch alloy wheels and we didn’t complain about any of these standard features. One thing that wasn’t the best was the seating, for a 5+ hour drive each way the seats didn’t of fer much lumbar support! The Mitsubishi ASX delivers a choice of two engines, two transmissions and either front- or four-wheel drive. 36 TARMAG.CO.UK

Mitsubishi’s ambitious environmental and per formance are no better represented by the engines of fered with the ASX. Featuring a number of firsts either the 1.6-litre petrol or 1.8-litre DiD turbo diesel deliver excellent per formance on the road and for the environment. With Mitsubishi entering the marketplace with an all-new crossover it’s fitting that the ASX features an all-new engine. The 1.8-litre DiD turbo diesel, jointly developed between Mitsubishi Motors and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries provides excellent per formance with low environmental impact. The ASX’s tyres use a specific compound and design that lower the rolling resistance in conjunction with D u n l o p / Yo k o h a m a R u b b e r b y about 5 % compared to those on the Outlander To s u m u p , g r e a t c a r, g r e a t value, shor t journeys are comfy but long would be subject to better lumbar suppor t on the seats. The sound system is good, interior is of good quality as per all Mitsubishi’s and economy figures are great when running costs these days are rising! For more information check out www.mitsubis h i . c o . u k a n d s a y Ta r M a g s e n t you!







To c e l e b r a t e t h e L FA’ s hat-trick of class wins at t h e N ü r b u r g r i n g 24 H o u r s race, Lexus has created the Nürburgring Package, an array of aerodynamic features, suspension adjustments and revisions to the 4.8-litre V10 engine that give the supercar a more track-focused profile. Shown in public for the first time at the Geneva motor show, the per formance option is available on just 50 of the 500 cars that will be built. These versions will be craf ted during 2012, the second f u l l ye a r o f L FA p ro d u c t i o n . To s h a r p e n t h e c a r ’ s c i r cuit driving per formance even fur ther by increasing downforce at high speed, the Nürburgring Package introduces modifications and additions to several key carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) components. These include a l a r g e r f r o n t s p o i l e r, f i n type side spoilers, a canard fin and a fixed rear wing. To e n s u r e t h e L FA m a i n tains its 3.7-second acceleration time from nought to 62mph, in spite of the increased drag, the V10 engine has been revised to increase maximum power by 10bhp to 562bhp. Shif t times in the six-speed sequential transmission






In terms of handling modifications, the package features suspension tuning and a 10mm reduction in the ride height. Exclusive mesh-type wheels are introduced, fitted with dedicated high-grip tyres. Exterior colour choices are restricted to matte black, black, white or orange, with interiors finished in black and red, black and purple and all-black. Cars delivered in Europe will feature a carbon fibre centre console and door trims, with carbon fibre sports seats finished in Alcantara. Customers who specify the package will also be of fered one-to-one driving tuition from a Nürburgring chief instructor and a year’s pass to enjoy their car on the famous Nordschleife circuit. # Nürburgring Package offered as an option on a maximum of 50 cars – just 10 per cent of the total L FA production run # L FA production underway since Decemb e r, w i t h o n e h a n d - c r a f t ed car completed per day Looks a great car hopefully be driving one later this year!



Free roadMagazine magazine Freetrack Trackand and Road Š 2009 TarMag Extra care is taken when compiling the contents of this online publication but the staff, contributors cannot be held responsible for any mistakes or errors. TarMag isn’t responsible for any issues arising from any dealings with any advertisers within the publication.


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