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Page: Our Firm Title: Barnett & Garcia – Attorneys and Counselors at Law Page Content: 1. Title Image: BG Logo with Barnett & Garcia PLLC: Attorneys and Counselors at Law 2. Content Title: Our Firm 3. Overview content: Barnett & Garcia’s attorneys are experienced in handling various forms of litigation throughout the state of Texas in state and federal trials, mediation, and arbitration. With over thirty years of combined legal experience, Barnett & Garcia’s attorneys have earned a reputation for being professional and zealous in the representation of their clients. Barnett & Garcia’s practice specializes in civil trials and commercial litigation with an emphasis on: 4. Content Image: Remove 5. Content Hyperlinks: Link to: Creditor’s Rights Insurance Litigation Subrogation Post-Judgment Nationwide Collections 6. Sound: Remove 7. Disclaimer Information: Universal for all pages 8. Copyright Information: Barnett & Garcia, PLLC © 2009 Wireframe of Content:

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