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A1 kids and Mrs.Stison work on teamwork at physical education. And we also are trying to do the half mile run! But they cant because it always rains. We do the half mile run outside. We have gym at Friday 8:oo to 8:50 on half days we have it till 8:00 to 8:25. We do gym to be safe be active and to have fun and to be heathy. And we also play games in gym. And we use teamwork in gym also work together.

Videos the new thing now! Sean and Grase are making a math video. In A1 the kids make math videos. This took place in the A1 Class Room. Why is A1 making math videos and sharing them on youtube. So they can teach each other what they now about subtraction with regropeing. They did it with flip video camraes. So that’s how they did subtraction with regrouping videos. Maby you can make your own Subtraction with regrouping video. Maby You can make a video with your friends to!

The A1 super stars do the morning meeting. They do it at the rug at the back of the room. They do greeting and sharing and reading the message. morning meeting starts at 9.10 and morning meeting ends in 15 min. The A1 super stars build a comity and to build friendship. Like Dominic Gabardi’s best friend Daevin Harles. The A1 super stars love morning meeting.� Daevin Harles say I like to greet Dominic Gabardi at morning meeting because he gives me a big smile�. First A1 super stars greet each other and then they share and then a group activity and then they read the news and announcements.

The A1 Keeping Quilt

The A1 class made a keeping quilt with Mrs.Kulis at the back table of our classroom. Students worked on the project in the middle of November. The idea came from a book by Patricia Polacco. All the students sewed on a patch that represented themselves. The quilt helps build classroom community and helps us connect with literature. The A-1 keeping quilt that children really worked hard on is the BEST quilt ever made! THE END!!!

Celia Kulis

Lets talk about Colonial Times The A1 superstars have been working on learning Co;onial Times. The A1 class is learning a lot of people. Like Jona, Tapenum, Sarah Morton, Samuel Eatons, and John Turner the first. Where we learned them is in A1 and A2. The Pilgrims were in Plymoth. They tot us the food, jobs, and clothes. The time they were alive was in 16 to 17 hundreds. There were pilgrims and wampanogs. Did you know that the smallest person in the family had to take the chamber pot out. That wasa rule for the pilgrims. The wampanogs dressed a little fancy when they visted

the pilgrims. The pilgrim girls like Sarah Mortan and Jona they wore pedicoats. The wampanog people just wore dear skin. The houses that the pilgrims had were not that great. The house only had like two window. It only got them through the winter. The wampanogs dident have a great home to. They had a house that is called a longhouse. That house just had a couple of beds for your family. I would want to be a pilgrim. Would you want to be a pilgrim or a wampanog?

Cursive hand writing. Luke Callahan December 6, 2012

The teacher wanted to teach the class cursive hand writing. I wanted to learn cursive hand writing too. I also want to start writing in cursive. I think writing in cursive will be so much fun when I learn all the cursive letters. I loved learing cursive hand writing withmy nice teacher Mrs.Jansen! I love 3rd grade!

Lets write an essay!

A-1 superstar wrote an essay!!A-1 classroom/kids were working at any surface of the classroom. A-1 is trying to build up there writing skills. Wrote November 2012. So A-1 knows how to compare and contrast two subjects. Third graders need to know to mwrite an essay. A-1 is also trying to compare multiple paragraphs into essays.

The A1 super stars. Above the A1 rug. We are happy to put are display on the academic showcase. The A1 super stars are are happy to put there pictures on the academic showcase.After we are done with are pictures we hang them up. After we hang are pictures up with are magnets that we made our selfs on the first day of school, And that’s how we hang are pictures up at school.

Acts of Kindness

the A-1 superstar. The entire school populction. there is a sneeker drive, coatdrive, and toy drive. it si all over Wilmington it spred all around a1 to. we are a very kind communityin a1. it is important to help people in need. community service makes everyone feel good. It takes place in the month of December. they do it with bins for people in need. they will send it to people in hattey. it gets sended by a big tuck.that’s the a1 acts of kindness.n

The A-1 Adinkra Cloth

The A-1 super stars used colors and symbols to design their symbol. We made it to make a connection from the story theme Celebrating Traditions. It is a cloth that has many colors and symbols that represent the person who made the Adinkra Cloth. The A-1 super stars made the A1 Adinkra Cloth. The A-1 Adinkra Cloth is very special to us. To make the cloth the kids used a sheet of cloth.Then they would make some symbols by making stencils so it could be easyer and you

would cut the inside then you put it on the cloth. They would use any color paint and they would use their stencil. Also you pat gently with the paint brush so it wouldn’t get messy. The super stars made the Adinkra Cloth to 1p.m to 1:30p.m. A-1 is good at doing crafts.


Read to the kids Who Mrs .jansen reads greek myths to the kids at read aloud. Where in A-1 in the woubern street on the rug. What read aloud of greek myths is prity in tersting. When on Monday December-3-2012. Why kids have been reading about greek myths. Mrs. jansin tride to teach us all genres of literature. How sean odonoghue knows a lot about greek myths and celis collis as well. These students help malu connections to the titans + the Olympians. So this titan fot side with zues and the titans brother and so zues let the brothers give animals, people but he for got the people so they gave them fire and zeus whas

very mad. And zues married mortels and had demigod children with them.

Genre in the library!!! The students of A-1 have been learning about genre in library. Mrs.Danahy has been teaching genre to the hole third grade. It always takes place at the Woburn Street School library. A-1 has library at 8:25 in the morning on Wednesdays. It goes until 9:10. They have library because they try to keep kids reading books and understand the genres of literature. Mrs.Danahy reads books from different genres. Learning the Dewey Decimal system helps know how genres are organized. Mrs.Danahy has a sign that says “catch the reading bug�. Library is very fun. Second through third grade get to pick 2 books. First grade only gets one. Once you

are in third grade you have to get one chapter book. Stop by the Woburn Street School library!!!

A-1 superstars doin character sketch. I did my character sketch on my Dad. The A-1 Superstars are workin on character sketch in the A-1 classroom. Mrs.Jansen’s class known as the A-1 Superstars have been working on their character sketch November – December. We do this so we get neater at writing and also have better posture. First students selected their subject.They wrote information about how they look,their talents,their feelings about that person.

Here Comes Edmodo! By Sydney Vega The classroom of A1 is using a social networking site called Edmodo. A1 students can go onto Edmodo at the computer lab, at home, or in the classroom. They can go on edmodo any time of day with permission or Fridays at 12:40 p.m. in the lab. Kids can find fun, academic games that teachers and classmates post there. Sometimes Mrs. Jansen puts up a debate question from Time for Kids. Our A1 Edmodo Community includes Mrs. King, Mr. Wheatley, Mrs. Jansen, Mrs. Martin, and the entire A1 class. “Edmodo is a mini, safe, private version of Facebook�, said Christina, a student from A1.

Give Me Five,Books! The A-1 Super Stars are reading

‘’just right

books’’ during Quiet Time,In fact,the whole school is. Picking a ‘’just right book’’is very very important.Miss Bucuvalas said “Find a book you like to read and open The cover. Try to read the first page. If you can’t read five words on the first page, it is too hard. Get another book.” The A1 class loves to read and knows it is important to find a just right book. About 5OO kids think so to.

A1 Field Trip The Woburn Street School third graders went on a field trip to the House of the Seven Gables in November. The House of the Seven Gables is in Salem, Massachusetts. Students learned about the Colonial cooking, games, and clothing. They even climbed a secret staircase! “I like field trips because you can do fun activities,” said Victor Che, a student from A1. The class can’t wait for our next trip!

The A1 behavior chart


A1 spuerstars and Woburn street school have a new behavior chart. The new green, yellow,+ red behavior chart is a helpful chart. Posted in every classroom at Woburn st. We use it to display student + behavior every day. If you get to number three when Mrs. Jansen counts, you have to move your card to yellow. If you got to red that mean you did something bad. So you can be better and be good for the rest of the year. Kids need to be well behaved. The chart tracks behavior and helps kids be responsible.

Book Buddies By Daevin

A-1 and B-10 are Book Buddies.A-1 shoud read to Book Buddies and be a good rollmodul.B-10 comes to A-1 for the A-1 studes read to them.Book Buddies come to A-1 from 2:oopm to 2:15pm.Book Buddies come to bild friend ship and bild reading skils.Book Buddies come to A-1 so all the student read to there Book Buddies.

The A1 and A2 sciences are studying

the five

unknown clemicals.They are working in the A1 classroom.They work on clemicals twice a week.Kids are studying chemistry in science.They are investioathey,red,orange,green,yellow,and blue unknown.Though a series of tests.

The A1 and A2

classrooms aleady did the water test,the vinger test.They put 3 drops of water and vinger in to each unknown.Stop by to see A1 scientists in action.

A1 news article 2012