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A2 Economics ECON 4 NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL ECONOMY Economic Development Research Task

The Scenario You are working as an economic adviser for a developing nation ahead of the forthcoming G8 conference in Northern Ireland As part of the discussions at the G8 meeting there will be a restructuring of the way aid is distributed to Less Economically Developed Countries (LEDC’s). To help with this process you have been asked to produce a report covering a range of economic data on behalf of the nation you are working for. This data will then be used to prioritise countries ion order of need and ensure the aid is only given to countries who are in genuine need. Your report should be no more than 2 sides of A4 and you should also produce a poster (in colour) to summarise your key findings , making it as visual as you! Essential topics for your repor t include • • •

Background information on your nation A range of economic and non economic indicators of development An assessment of the need for aid for your nation Possible indicators of Development to be used

• • • • • • • •

GDP Infant mortality Birth rates Literacy rates Life expectancy Proportion of population employed in agriculture Human Development Index (HDI) Rates of disease e.g. Aids, TB

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A2 Economics Research Task on Economic Development