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GeLuscious™ features a fun, funky, functional line of well-being and lifestyle products for your busy everyday living. Our collection offers the woman on-the-go the level of comfort to soothe body and mind. Indulge in a sumptuous range of luxurious patented delivery formulas for a luxurious spa experience at home, office, or getaways. Our Footcare cushions are a solution to fashionable but painful shoes. Now you can wear your highest heels and have your feet feel as good as they look. We invite you to try our products and discover the Ms. GeLuscious in you! Love, Ms. GeLuscious


GeLuscious™ Moisturizing Gels

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How does it work? Infused with exclusive cocktails of vitamin Enriched antioxidants, nourishing vitamins and moisture-rich oils, our gels have been proven to completely transform skin, making even, the driest, most callused skin smooth, supple, and beautiful. The GeLuscious ™ polymer gels are inherently Dermatological safe and cannot support the growth of bacteria (self anti-microbial) and is completely hydrophobic. The GeLuscious ™ patented gel polymer is encapsulated in a lightweight fabric providing a non-messy wholesome environment. Wear the GeLuscious ™ gel products for at least 20 minutes and as often as you want. For optimal benefit, use for up to 40 treatments and then replace with a new pair. The Gel is washable and reusable (it is suggested to sprinkle talcum powder on gel after washing it). 3

Our Products

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Moisturizing Gel Booties Your Feet Deserve Pampering !!!!!

Our Moisturizing Gel Booties are the quintessential treat for dry feet. Tough, cracked, callused skin disappears with just a few uses, and the non-skid pattern lets you move safely and comfortable on any surface. Clinical testing shows reduced dryness by 66% after 2 weeks and 86% after 4 weeks. Useful for at home treatments and for the frequent traveler. MADE IN THE USA

Moisturizing Gel Gloves Your Hands Are Too Precious !!!!! These cozy, comfortable gloves provide soothing moisture and complete breathability in a cocoon of soft, sumptouse terrycloth. The patended gel lining releases skin-loving nourishment with hydrating blends of vitamin E, jojoba oil, grape seed oil and olive oil. MADE IN THE USA


GL for Men™-Bamboo Charcoal Gel Moisturizing Socks

Cuti-Fix™ Gel Moisturizing Pen Pads Cuti-Fix Gel Moisturizing Cuticle Pads and Cuti-Care Pen condition, protect, and rejuvenate your fingernails and toenails. Pamper your nails at home or during a spa manicure or pedicure. MADE IN THE USA

The Bamboo Gel Moisturizing socks contain many pores in its structure, making it excellent for absorbing odor and controlling temperature. GL for Men™ Moisturizing Gel Socks will get rid of cracked, dry, and callused skin caused by everyday exposure to harsh environment conditions. MADE IN THE USA


Eye Candy™ Exuding sweetness for under eye puffiness and dark circles!! A unique under eye patch that is innovative in its use. Reusable, Eye Candy™ gradually diffuses oils and imparting nourishment and moisture of the active ingredients, stimulating the skin surrounding the eye area for a younger and smoother appearance. The patches eliminate under eye dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles. MADE IN THE USA ADD IN IMAGE OF LADY WEARING THE UNDER EYE PATCHES

Smooth Heelin™ Me heels deserve a break!! Comfortable cushion terry, cotton heel sleeves are infused with Vitamin E, Grape Seed, Jojoba and Olive Oil. The Smooth Heelin™ unique gel matrix technology softens dry, hardened skin. Easy to wear during an at-home pedicure or at the salon! MADE IN THE USA CROP IMAGE TO JUST FOCUS ON THE WRINKLES BEFORE AND AFTER LIKE DONE ON PRIVATE LABEL PACKAGING


Heelmate™ with Anti-Bacterial Biofoam In-2-Sole™ with Anti-Bacterial Biofoam Put a L’il Soul in that Step!!! Geluscious ® In-2-Sole™ instantly cushions, comforts, and protects your feet. The insoles are designed to absorb shock and pressure from the base of the heel to the ball of the foot.

Find Fate with Heelmate™ !!!!! Geluscious ®Heelmate ™ shields your feet from abrasions caused by constant rubbing of skin and the heel area of the shoe.

Pumpfort Pads™ Feels Like Walking On Air !!!!! Can you put in picture of the new insoles next to the heels

For the consummate "walking-on-air“ experience, GeLuscious® PumpFort Pads™ cushion the balls of feet and absorb shock to help relieve pressure and prevent aches and pains.


Divine Drops™ with Anti-Bacterial Biofoam Hussh!! Its time for Divine Drops ™!!

Sassy Strips™ with Anti-Bacterial Biofoam Why resist ??

Geluscious® subtle Divine Drops™ provide cushion and relief to any tender area.

Geluscious® Sassy Strips ™ are the answer to blisters and red marks on heels caused by constant movement of shoe straps into the skin.



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