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Need to generate your project into PDF format in Mac OS X Lion? It is a common situation we would encounter in daily life. We need to save Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, WebPages, PowerPoint presentations as PDF for better and conveniently sharing on websites or emailing. This is pretty hard in Windows. However, in Mac OS X, especially Mac OS X 10.7, Lion, it is quite easy by using Print to PDF. Print to PDF is an exclusive functionality of Mac OS X operating system. It enables Mac users to save any editable documents into PDF format with a few clicks. Here in the following are the steps to create PDF (PDF forms) by using Print to PDF. 1. Open the target file you desired to save as PDF and then go to the File>Print… 2. In the pop-up window, at the lower part, see “PDF” option? Click it to reveal the drop-down menu and select “Save as PDF…” 3. In the prompt, fill in the PDF file information and click “Save”.

Note: You know to protect the project from being abused and your copy rights, I suggest you to encrypt your PDF file. To do this, just click the “Security Options…” to have it done.

Creating PDF in Mac OS X, including Lion, could never be easier by using Mac OS X exclusive feature: Print to PDF. It is really cool, right? Tips: Yes, it is indeed so simple to create PDF in Mac OS X. However, when it comes to editing PDF documents, Mac OS X default PDF reader, Preview, is not so powerful, especially in handling scanned PDF. Hence, you might need an almighty PDF Editor in hand. I strongly recommend Wondershare PDF Editor Pro for Mac. It is able to edit native and scanned PDF files on Mac and convert them to editable MS Word, Excel spreadsheet, PowerPoint, EPUB, RTF and more. Download it for future use.

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How to Use Print to PDF to Create PDF in Mac OS X Lion  

How to use Print to PDF to create editable documents into PDF format in Mac OS X Lion? Get the tips and tricks here to create perfect PDF fi...