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Does it happen to you that after you transfer the EPUB eBooks to iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Sony Reader or Nook, only to find that these eBooks are not readable? What have happened? The answer is though Apple devices, Sony Reader and Nook are developed to support EPUB eBooks, to protect the copy rights of these eBooks and maintain the profits of the each online store, each company, like Apple or Sonly, normally adds DRM protection to each eBooks. So if you want to read the EPUB books freely on any eBook Reader, you need to remove the DRM protection from EPUB. Here come the questions: how to remove EPUB DRM protection? Is it illegal to do this? Let’s explore the answer one by one.

How to remove EPUB DRM protection? 1. First and foremost, you should know that to remove EPUB DRM protection, you need a professional DRM Removal tool. Here in this article, I’d like to recommend an EPUB DRM removal tool named ePUBee DRM Removal. It is a free tool to remove DRM from EPUB files header without losing the quality of EPUB eBooks. To remove DRM protection from EPUB by using ePUBee, Adobe Digital Editions is needed as well. Adobe Digital Editions is an app to manage your eBooks. Here are the steps of removing DRM from EPUB.

2. Download and install Adobe Digital Editions. You’re going to be asked to authorize your computer with your personal Adobe ID. If you haven’t had one, then register one. Do not worry about the security of your personal information. No more personal information is needed, but email address, name and country.

3. Save these DRM-protected EPUB books on the desktop. Make sure they could be opened in Adobe Digital Editions.

4. Download and install ePUBee. 5. Click the Browser button on the simple interface of ePUBee to upload DRM encrypted EPUB eBooks. You’ll find it in “My DocumentsMy Digital Editions“. Set the output path to save the target EPUB books. Hit the unDRM directory to remove remove DRM from EPUB This is how to remove DRM protection from EPUB eBooks. It is pretty easy to make it.

Is it illegal to remove DRM protection from EPUB? The answer could be NO. Removing DRM from EPUB eBooks is Ok. It is more or less like removing PDF password protection. You do it because you really have to. You need it. But keep it in mind that you should not distribute the DRM-free EPUB books for business purpose or sharing with on the Internet. -----------------This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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