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Have downloaded piles of eBooks and planned to read these iTunes downloaded books on Kindle, only to find that they are not being able to open on Kindle? Do not worry, buddy! It is a normal situation, because iTunes eBooks are in EPUB format and Kindle is not compatible with EPUB. To read iTunes Books on Kindle, you need to convert EPUB to Kindle friendly format, say MOBI. Kindle Fire, Kindle touch, Kindle 3 and Kindle 2 have been developed to support eBook formats, AZW, MOBI and plain text. AZW is Amazon’s official eBook format for Kindle. However, I have not found a proper third app to convert iTunes EPUB eBooks to Kindle. Txt, the plain text format, as you see anywhere, pictures and graphics are not allowed to insert into the content. In this case, converting iTunes books to MOBI could be your best choice for reading iTunes books on Kindle. To convert iTunes books to Kindle, a third-party app is needed. Here, we’re going to use Calibre, a famous yet totally free app for converting and managing eBooks. And following information is details about how to convert iTunes books to Kindle with the professional app, Calibre. 1. 2. 3. 4.

Download and install Calibre. Click the “Add books” at the top left cornet to import the EPUB eBooks. Click the third icon on the ribbon “Convert books”. In the pop up window, select the output format as “MOBI”

It is pretty easyt o convert iTunes books to Kindle format, MOBI, with Calibre. After the conversion, you can save the target eBooks to the local disk or email to Kindle for reading on the go. ------------------

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How to Read iTunes Books on Kindle  

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