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“I am trying to convert 1000′s of PDF files to word 2010 with the original tables and columns remained in place. Is there a way to do this?”—Michael I do not know why it is so easy to generate Word document to PDF file with all the graphics, images and hyperlinks greatly preserved, while changing PDF back to Word is so hard. It is probably because that digital document solutions providers, like Adobe, Microsoft, have done more to help people generate PDF files, but less to let people change PDF back to the original documents. Fortunately, workarounds still exist. Here are two solutions for converting PDF to Microsoft Word 2010. Hope they help. The first solution could be an online solution, which means once you’re able to access to the Internet, you get the solution. You can have PDF opened or let’s say converted to Microsoft Word 2010 with the Free PDF to Word Online Converter. It is pretty easy for you to convert PDF to MS Word 2010 and keep the original layout at the same time. In three steps, you’ve made it. 1. Launch the web browser and open the Free PDF to Word Online 2. Browse the PDF file on your hard disk or pate the URL of an online PDF file 3. Select .docx (Word 2007-2010) as the output format and hit the green Convert button.

The online solution is perfect for you if you only have a few PDF files to convert. And you do not need to download and install an extra app. However, to convert piles of PDF to Word 2010, you should use the desktop app: Word 2010 PDF Converter. Word 2010 PDF Converter is a professional PDF to Word converter. It enables you to convert PDF files in batch, saving your time. Up to 200 files could be converted in one time. And just like the Free PDF to Word Online Converter, just in three steps you get the MS Word 2010 you need.

1. After you download and install the PDF to Word converter, launch it. 2. Click the Add Files button to add PDF files you need to convert 3. Hit Convert to get the PDF to Word conversion done.

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How to Convert PDF to Microsoft Word 2010 in Windows/Mac  

Need to convert PDF file to Microsoft Word 2010, so you can easily edit the content in Word processor or reuse the PDF content? Here is a go...