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Brand Identity and Packaging Brief: Create a brand identity for an organic food company, specialising in Italian herbs and oils. Use this identity to create packaging that will appeal to a young, health conscious target market. I created a logo using the vertical lines seen in the olive groves in Italy. The colours are similar to those of the Italian flag and the green is immediately associated with healthy eating and the environment. I used a lightweight, san-serif typeface to give the brand a contemporary look. The overall look is simple and fresh.

Herb Packaging



Olive Oil Labels

Company Identity and Stationary Brief: Design a fresh new logo to help raise awareness of the Company and increase its appeal to a wider target market. Silhouettes of different occupations were used to show the range of training offered, as well as the connections between the Company and the clients. I used this logo to develop a new stationary range including letterheads, business cards, compliment slips and certificate paper. The house style was also used for brochures and the new website.


With Compliments

Central Training Services Limited Registered Office: Unit 5 Links Court Industrial Estate, Bo’ness, EH51 9UD Tel: 01506 829883 I Fax: 01506 829884 I email:

Registered in Scotland: SC200732

With Compliments

Central Training Services Limited Registered Office: Unit 5 Links Court Industrial Estate, Bo’ness, EH51 9UD Tel: 01506 829883 I Fax: 01506 829884 I email:

Registered in Scotland: SC200732

Compliments Slip Tracey Sands

Tracey Sands

Central Training Services Limited Registered Office: Unit 5 Links Court Industrial Estate, Bo’ness, EH51 9UD Tel: 01506 829883 I Fax: 01506 829884 I email:

Central Training Services Limited Registered Office: Unit 5 Links Court Industrial Estate, Bo’ness, EH51 9UD Tel: 01506 829883 I Fax: 01506 829884 I email:

Registered in Scotland: SC200732

Tracey Sands

Registered in Scotland: SC200732

Tracey Sands

Central Training Services Limited Registered Office: Unit 5 Links Court Industrial Estate, Bo’ness, EH51 9UD Tel: 01506 829883 I Fax: 01506 829884 I email:

Central Training Services Limited Registered Office: Unit 5 Links Court Industrial Estate, Bo’ness, EH51 9UD Tel: 01506 829883 I Fax: 01506 829884 I email:

Registered in Scotland: SC200732

Registered in Scotland: SC200732

Business Card Tracey Sands

Central Training Services Limited

Central Training Services Limited

Registered Office: Unit 5 Links Court Industrial Estate, Bo’ness, EH51 9UD

Registered Office: Unit 5 Links Court Industrial Estate, Bo’ness, EH51 9UD

Tel: 01506 829883 I Fax: 01506 829884 I email:

Tel: 01506 829883 I Fax: 01506 829884 I email:


Registered in Scotland: SC200732

Certificate Paper

Tracey Sands

Central Training Services Limited Registered Office: Unit 5 Links Court Industrial Estate, Bo’ness, EH51 9UD Tel: 01506 829883 I Fax: 01506 829884 I email:

Central Training Services Limited Registered Office: Unit 5 Links Court Industrial Estate, Bo’ness, EH51 9UD Tel: 01506 829883 I Fax: 01506 829884 I email:

Registered in Scotland: SC200732

Registered in Scotland: SC200732

Registered in Scotland: SC200732

Tracey Sands

Tracey Sands

Central Training Services Limited Registered Office: Unit 5 Links Court Industrial Estate, Bo’ness, EH51 9UD Tel: 01506 829883 I Fax: 01506 829884 I email:

Central Training Services Limited Registered Office: Unit 5 Links Court Industrial Estate, Bo’ness, EH51 9UD Tel: 01506 829883 I Fax: 01506 829884 I email:

Registered in Scotland: SC200732

Registered in Scotland: SC200732

Branding and Identity Brief: Design a logo and brand identity for the Istanbul 2020 Olympic Games. Using Illustrator I created a logo that represented the vibrancy and diversity of the Olympics. I was inspired by the shapes used in ceramic patterns and used the colours of the Olympic rings to create an immediate association with the games. The rotation on the logo shows movement and is symbolic of Turkish dancers. The angles, shapes and block colours were carried on throughout the brand to create a poster, pictograms and a set of postage stamps.


Event Pictograms

Poster Featuring Diving Event

Postage Stamp Set

Business Cards, Leaflets and Vehicle Graphics Brief: Refresh the Company image with new business cards, leaflets and vehicle graphics. Using the existing company logo, I created a clean, modern company image by using a lot of white space, simple, modern typefaces and a crisp layout. I used Photoshop to enhance the images of the Companies existing portfolio, along with simple graphics created in Illustrator. The colours and typefaces were kept consistant across all areas and the blue band gives the new branding a stong visual presence.

A5, Double Sided Leaflet

DL Promotional Leaflet

Double Sided Business Card

Van Graphics

Magazine Design and Layout Brief: Starting with a blank canvas, design a new look for the college magazine. Create page layouts in InDesign using articles and images provided by the writers. I created master page layouts to ensure consistency throughout the magazine, as well as paragraph styles. Simple graphics were created in Illustrator and imported in to enhance the articles and layouts. The style of the magazine was developed after issue one to create a cleaner layout with smaller headers and footers to allow more space for the articles.

FVC news Bin there - should do that!

It really is a no brainer these days to easily recycle as we are throwing rubbish away… isn’t it? Yet remarkably and collectively - as we are all on this planet together - we are still putting the wrong things in the

wrong bins and even sometimes, not even in the bins provided at all. Yes you know who you are! Well to help everyone hit the correct target with their utilised disposable receptacles and containers – rubbish to you and me – the College have cleverly made throwing your waste away as easy as it possibly could be. So please remember: GREEN bins are for FOOD WASTE BLUE bins (usually in the refectories) are for MIXED RECYCLABLES (plastic bottles, tin cans, cardboard). We are not talking garbage when we say that recycling is intelligent and efficient and carried out by most people the majority of the time. Here’s hoping we can all make sure the colour coded bins in the college remain choc full of the correct rubbish.

Fusion and FVC have also teamed up to offer students a totally great prize in a totally rubbish competition. We are giving away two £20 vouchers for the two students to can (a) Give us the best suggestion on improving our waste management in the college and (b) Come up with the best waste slogan for FVC to hammer home its recycling message. Fusion are sure FVC students can do better than ‘Waste – let’s bin it’ and ‘Rubbish – Why don’t we recycle it before the air runs out due to pollution and we all die!” We know you can do better than this so send your entries via e-mail to by Monday 25 November, and include your name, course and mobile phone number.

SCOTLAND: A fair trade nation Forth Valley College helped Scotland celebrate becoming a Fair Trade Nation at a special festival organised by the Scottish Fair Trade Forum (SFTF) and held in Perth on Saturday 7 September. FVC became the first college in Scotland to attain Fair Trade Status in 2011 thanks especially to the great support from FVC students and the college’s Student Union. A film made by FVC’s Communications

and Marketing Department and commissioned by the SFTF, and featuring some events organised by FVC college students was shown at the event, which was attended by MSP Humza Yousaf, Scottish Minister for External Affairs and International Development. You should all be very proud of yourselves for your fantastic efforts in relation to Fair Trade – keep up the good work!

Students raise money for MS Students at the Falkirk Campus studying HND Fitness, Health and Exercise recently raised £318.82 for MS (Multiple sclerosis) as part of their course. The students organised a dodge ball tournament and promoted it through a ‘cake and candy’ stall at the Falkirk campus as part of their Event Management section.


The event was heralded as a success and helped to raise MS awareness amongst staff and pupils at the college. CHEQUE IT OUT: HND Fitness, Health and Exercise students: Alexander Boa, Owen Ryan, Sheryl Gallagher, Maria Kiakowski and Douglas Beath at their fundraising stall.


President’s Hello!

2 FVC News

from David Gentles

I would firstly like to thank all the students, who have put themselves forward for class rep this year. This is an important role in voicing the opinions of the student body within the college. The voice of the students is very important within Forth Valley College, and over the academic year the class reps will be invited to training activities, as well as council meetings to voice their opinions. Therefore if you have not registered on Moodle as class rep, then please do so immediately, as the training dates are already listed for all Campuses. The student council meetings will be held in November and this is a brilliant opportunity for any feedback on your course to be voiced. At the first meeting we will also be looking at the Student Union Constitution, which will be up for student approval. Therefore it is very important that the class reps attend this meeting. Coming up this year we have a range of activities and information events and I hope everyone will get involved. We are starting off the year with Mental Health awareness, which will be promoted over all three campuses during the next month. Mental illness is something which affects many people over their life – as many as one in three people will suffer some form of mental illness and can be very difficult to talk about and so we hope that providing the proper sign posting information will help students during difficult times. During the year we will also be promoting health and wellbeing, Fair Trade, charity events and an end of summer term extravaganza featuring the unique Campus Chase time trial event. Therefore if you are interested in being involved in these activities over the next year, please just pop into the office or send us an e-mail.

4 New Starts

How do you feel about starting your new role as Head of Creative Industries? Incredibly privileged. I inherit a hugely vibrant, exciting and important department at a time when there are so many opportunities for our staff and students. I’m enormously passionate about what we do, and believe that the Creative Industries do so much to enrich the lives of people across the communities we serve. It is an honour to play a small part in supporting that work. I’ve loved working with the department at Forth Valley College, and I think we should face the future with genuine excitement.

5 News

6 Waterstones Book Page We are currently still recruiting for new members within the Student Union, on all campuses, so if you are interested then please pop into the SU office or e-mail me to discuss how you would like to be involved – On a similar note, if you are interested in starting up a group or society within the college, and you would like some support or assistance, then similarly please get in touch, as we are more than happy to help. It has been noted that students are still smoking in un-permitted areas around the college. This is becoming an issue that needs to be addressed, with passive smoking being as dangerous as smoking itself, we would ask that students who do smoke, respect the wishes of those who don’t and use the shelters provided on each campus – Thank you! Finally I would just like to thank Action in Mind for presenting the FVC Student Union with a partnership award recently at their AGM. We were delighted to have the worthy charity as our chosen cause for last year and will continue to promote their important messages. I am sure we will work closely with them again in the future.

7 Bloody Scotland

8-9 Health and Wellbeing 10-112013 Graduation 13 Poppy Scotland 15 Beauty Basics

16-17 Music Feature 18 Film Reviews

19 Film Previews

20 Cineworld Competition

october 2013

issue 27



When it comes to wall art Forth Valley College’s very own ‘Barnzey’ could well give ‘Banksy’ a good run for his money.

To win this prize all you have to do is answer the following question correctly and send your answer, along with your name, to to be entered into a draw, by noon on Friday 22 November.

Q: If I had a hammer would I?

See as many movies as you like, from just




1. 2. 3. 4.

a month


Hammer it home Hammer it until it broke Hammer in the morning Hammer Time – dih-nihnih-nih…nih-nih…nihnih – can’t touch this!

Karen Barnes (32) Third Year BA Art and Design Student

Apply at or ask a member of staff for details. Input promotional code FAL2013 at to receive the discount.

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14/09/2011 15:18

What are the challenges you are anticipating and how will you deal with them? At a national level, in times of financial difficulties it can be very easy to retreat back to the view that big business and income generation is all-important. However, there can be no more important time to protect the cultural output of nations, cities, towns, villages - and colleges. Across our provision in art and design, media, and sound production, we have an aspirational, creative output which can, and does, enrich people’s lives in so many ways. So many of our students find their true voice through the arts, through music, and through writing, while others champion the vital importance of the media and hold those in positions of power to account. Never underestimate the importance of storytelling. If nothing else, I want the department to continue to strive towards excellence in these areas, and to provide an exciting, creative, forward-thinking approach to learning in the 21st century.


the mural and painted it during my spare time – what a learning curve it has been for me. If I can do that – particularly as I was holding down two jobs and studying at the time - I can do anything!”

Karen said: “The Getting better Together project has been a brilliant thing for Shotts and it has been such a privilege to work with a great team who helped as I coordinated the designs for the wall. The local schools have been involved there is disabled access and the whole Highly organised Karen, community has some who is also a first aider fantastically committed at the SSEC in Glasgow people who have been and works as a part-time involved. financial administrator, has also recently been diagnosed with having dyslexia, which she says has come as a bit of a relief for her.

“I had never done anything like this before and it is, by a long way, the biggest art project I have been involved with”

She said “Being diagnosed with dyslexia made sense of many things which had been frustrating for me. But I haven’t done that badly reaching the third I am delighted and proud year of a degree course to have been involved. I while suffering from the designed and co-ordinated condition.

Issue Two Special Feature

How do you feel about starting your new role/year as a student in Creative Industries? I feel excited and slightly apprehensive as I imagine any new student would feel.

Fusion has a new student editor for the forthcoming academic year. Iona Bellingham-Baird will lead the magazine’s team of student correspondents and liaise with the Student Union and the College as your student magazine goes from strength to strength. Iona said: ”I am delighted and excited at my new role on Fusion magazine. Though I would never change studying Media and Communications at Forth Valley College, the way it happened was in no way the way I expected, I fell into the course a little bit by accident, but I’m so glad I did, it has been one of the best things that could have happened to me. “Starting a new course or a new year is daunting, it’s not easy and there will be times when things are difficult, but by working hard and looking ahead you can achieve things you probably never believed could or would happen. “I would recommend Forth Valley

College to anyone and I already have. I urge any of you starting out at college or starting back after the summer to do anything and everything you can whilst at college to have the best experience you possibly can - whether it’s getting involved with Fusion, the Student Union or trying something different. What I’ve learnt whilst studying is regardless of how or why you choose to study, ultimately how your studies pan out and what you do as a consequence of them is purely up to you. Who knows this time next year you could be writing for Fusion.” Anyone wishing to get involved with the magazine through writing, taking photographs, drawing cartoons, designing pages, advertising, marketing or distribution, or even dropping us an e-mail with feedback (good and bad) on our content are welcome to get in touch with Iona and the Fusion team at

What are you most looking forward to? I’m most looking forward to the opportunity to broaden my skillset, studying facets of creative industries I haven’t previously experienced such as video and radio production. This year, in BA Media and Communication, the emphasis has switched from predominantly theory-based learning to being much more practical and I find that makes the course more attractive overall. It’s now more relevant and valuable for taking your degree directly into the workplace as students will know the theory and have hands-on experience. What are the challenges you are anticipating and how will you deal with them? As a mature student returning to college after more than 10 years I’ll have a few challenges, mainly in reacquainting myself with student life and college routine, plus perhaps learning how to use new software for units such as radio production. Dealing with them is like any other challenge you come across in life, you address it by talking to people, in this case lecturers and fellow students, and perhaps a bit of research/self-tutoring for the software. What message would you pass on to the new Head of Creative Industries sharing this feature with you? Talk to and engage with the students studying within Creative Industries. They’re the best indicator of how student morale is and how well courses are progressing and being interpreted.

NEW ESOL COURSE FOR FVC A new course aimed at Scottish residents for whom English is not their native tongue has just started at Forth Valley College.

”I am delighted and excited at my new role on Fusion magazine.

The ESOL – English for Speakers of Other Languages – course welcomed its first batch of learners last week and briefed them on what they would be covering over the next academic year. Students are gearing up to tackle subjects including: Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing, IT and Business Tourism. Ninoska Skelton (38) originally from Honduras, but who now lives in Falkirk, said: “I chose this course to improve my English and my quality of life and give me more freedom to speak with other people. I also hope it will help me get a job and also help me teach my three year-old son how to speak English. I am really excited and looking forward to learning on this course.” Care Assistant Joanna Wolczyk-Papciak (38) originally from Poland, but who now lives in Larbert, said: “This is a great opportunity for me to return to my profession as a mid-wife in Scotland. The course will help my employability and really help me find a job. I am very excited about the course and I am happy to be here and meet new friends. Adela Hudak (30) originally from Slovakia, but who now lives in Stirling, said: “I have two children aged 13 and nine and this course will help my English and help me speak to their teachers at school. I like Scottish people and I have a lot of Scottish friends. I like living here and do not want to return to Slovakia so it is important for me to improve my English. I am looking forward to the course.”

october 2013

issue 27

COMEDY Karen’s achievement - all the more remarkable when you consider she suffers from dyslexia, has held down two jobs and managed to successfully juggle her full-time art studies at the Stirling Campus – won her a North Lanarkshire Council (CHECK PLEASE) local Volunteer of the Year award for her efforts.


* Minimum subscription of 12 months. **For a limited time only. See for full terms & conditions. £17.99 per month for Cineworld Fulham Road, Haymarket, Shaftesbury Avenue & Chelsea.

A6 Falkirk Unlimited Ad CW79.indd 1

the Big Lottery Fund, local charity Getting Better Together approached Karen – knowing she was an art student at FVC to lead on the project to Third year BA Art and brighten up a section of Design student Karen Barnes (32) has been wall in the community. winning admirers, plaudits Her vision incorporating and awards recently for co- scenes from Nature, Shotts ordinating he painting of Through The Ages, as well an 85 metre wall mural in as asking kids from all the her home town of Shotts in town’s primary schools to Lanarkshire. place a hand print on the wall, took two years to Funded by Growing complete – but it was well Community Spaces, the worth the wait! People’s Postcode and

What are you most looking forward to? Working with, and for, the staff and students of Forth Valley College’s Creative Industries department. Nothing is more important. I have enormous respect for the department team, who bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and enthusiasm to their roles, and if there’s one key thing I need to do in my role it is give them the very best opportunity to make a positive difference to our students’ lives. We should be incredibly excited when a student decides to trust their future to our care, and that’s not a responsibility we take lightly. We are in the process of developing an exciting new portfolio of courses in Creative Industries which will ensure our students get the very best experience, and I’m really looking forward to working with our Curriculum Managers, lecturers and support staff to see the department flourish.

What message would you pass on to the new student sharing this feature with you? It might sound overly simplistic, but the simple piece of advice I give to every student in the department is this - turn up, work hard and enjoy it! It’s essentially a basic recipe for success on any college course. The other thing I would say is this: be fearless. This is your time to experiment, to find your passion, to develop your skills, and to make a few mistakes along the way. Also, don’t be afraid of challenging things, and never, ever be afraid of finding your own voice whatever the medium. I’d also recommend they get hold of a few Belle & Sebastian albums that’s guaranteed to make anyone’s life that little bit better.

FVC news



Issue One Feature and News

SPECIAL [ fea t ure] Wouldn’t it be great to have a magic big hammer? It would be good to have one to hang all those paintings, posters and light fittings that are needing done… and also to hammer the nails into your head each Saturday night when all that’s on TV is some mind numbing culture sapping, moronic, reality, karaoke, celebrity hair brushing, while singing someone else’s song and repeating a classic Latin/Vienesse dance, style TV show. Alternatively it would be good if there was a big man who could show you how to use it – and I’m not talking about Monstrous Malky MacPherson the Mild Mannnered Moon Man from an appropriately scary part of either Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee or Aberdeen - who on a Saturday night can use his claw hammer like Luke Skywalker uses a light-sabre and also make a tasty quiche with it if you are peckish! No I’m talking about Thor of course and he’s back… obviously in Thor 2: The Dark World. And no, before anyone starts, this film is not set in any of the aforementioned scary parts of Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee or Aberdeen! Anyway Fusion has teamed up with Cineworld to offer you a fantastic competition prize pack of all these (see picture) Thor goodies including: a beaney hat, hammer style pen holder, a mug, book and pad.

Martin Boyle and Yvonne McGregor both take on new roles at Forth Valley College this year. Martin is the new Head of Creative Industries Department, while Yvonne has started studying for her Media and Communication degree. Fusion caught up with them both to find out how they are feeling as they begin their new roles.

3 President’s Hello

Issue One News and Contents


new starts

Karen has made extensive contacts in the art, business and local authority world since beginning her art journey on the wall which will help in her future career. She has already been offered another mural project in Shotts next year. However she has rejected any comparisons to infamous and illusive guerilla graffiti artist Banksy.

“Funnily enough my nickname is Barnzey which is quite similar to Banksy.” “I do like his stuff and I do use spray-paint in my art, but it’s completely different as I use that on canvasses and that is what I will be concentrating on.” 3

[featu re]

Sloss is the Boss at Falkirk Town Hall

“You could say it is a bit of a triumph over adversity to get where I am today as it really affects your selfesteem. I hope I can inspire other people suffering from dyslexia to not just sit and suffer in silence, but to seek help and strive to be the best they can.” Comedian, Daniel Sloss

In recent years, Scottish comedian Daniel Sloss has taken the comedy world, on both stage and screen, by storm.


t just 23, he’s already racked up an impressive list of accolades, including being the youngest ever comedian to perform a solo show in London’s West End. aniel, who lives in Edinburgh with friend and fellow comedian Kai Humphries, has just embarked on his latest UK tour – Stand Up. Kai Humphries opened the show at Falkirk Town


Upcoming Events in Stirling

By Jasmin Crawford

Hall on Sunday 10 November and his warm wit, Geordie accent and self-depreciating humour captured our attention from the beginning, whetting our appetite for what was to come. hen Daniel came on stage he quickly developed a rapport with the audience, talking about Falkirk, the people and the wheel (of course). His jokes were clever and wellconstructed, but definitely not for the faint hearted or those easily offended. During the evening he covered everything from religion to homosexual penguins. The hour or so that


The festive season is upon us and Stirling has no shortage of musical talent to help bring the cheer. Here are the top 3 events for this December.

he was performing passed by in a blur, his jokes were relentless and the pace never let up. By the end my cheeks ached from laughing. fter the show he took time, before he left to get pictures, to talk to and cuddle the fans that had stayed behind to meet him. He sincerely thanked everyone for coming to the show and seemed genuinely surprised that anyone stayed to meet him. It was an absolute pleasure to get to meet him and I cannot recommend that you catch one of his shows enough. He is a truly talented young comedian.


MUSIC [reviews ] Frightened Rabbit’s Thumping Good Tunes O2 Academy, Glasgow; Saturday 16 November By Gilly Ramage After a lengthy but successful tour of America, Frightened Rabbit finished the UK run of their tour with what was essentially two nights of a celebratory homecoming at Glasgow’s O2 Academy. With two sold out shows at one of Glasgow’s larger venues, this was bound to be a humbling experience for the Selkirk band. And from the raucous applause the boys received from the moment they walked on stage, it was clear that the two sold out shows would be as momentous for the fans as it would be for the band. The setting of tonight’s show may have been a dreary Saturday night in November however, as soon as the first song Holy started, there was a genuine warmth spreading through the room. With four critically acclaimed albums and two EPs under the band’s belt, there is no shortage of songs to choose from. They played a stunning mixture of old and newer songs and the set list included fan favourites

such as The Modern Leper, Old Old Fashioned, and Head Rolls Off, as well as songs from their newest and most commercially successful album Pedestrian Verse. After a somewhat intense and fast-paced period of the set, Frightened Rabbit moved to a well-positioned acoustic section of the show. As front man Scott sets himself up the rest of the band leave the stage, it’s clear that they are in need of this wellearned break. It’s difficult to hear Scott’s vocals throughout the three acoustic songs, F*** This Place, Scottish Winds and Floating in the Forth, due to the intense sing-along from the crowd. The remainder of the band returns to the stage for My Backwards Walk, which acts as a perfect transition from acoustic to the full volume and maximum energy set. From the atmosphere in the packed venue, it is clear that the audience are having the time of their lives and from the genuine smiles spreading on the faces

Charity Gig Night Macmillan Cancer Support Charity The Kilted Kangaroo, Stirling Sunday 15 December, 7.00pm Minimum donation of £5 for the night

Hogmanay at Stirling Castle. Gates open at 8.30pm. Tickets on sale now, £25

With a variety of live music genres on offer including accoustic, indie and heavy metal, there really is something for everyone. Acts include: Final Silence, Lost In Echoes, Mile Away Chant, Jordan Differ And Lucy Hume. It’s sure to be a great night with great live music and it’s all in aid of a brilliant charity.

Hogmanay at Stirling Castle will be a fantastic celebration in the heart of Scotland, to bring in 2014. Acts performing on the night include Scottish favourites Deacon Blue, Dougie MacLean, Bags of Rock and Rail Fan.


Issue Two Comedy and Music

of the band, it’s clear that they are too. The Oil Slick and Acts of Man are the last two songs played during the main section of the set, with the latter having an extended instrumental ending, encouraging the 2500 strong crowd jump along to the music. The encore consists of recent hit The Woodpile, dancing favourite The Twist and the bands bona fide anthem, The Loneliness and the Scream which leaves the audience chanting and singing the tune long after the band leaves the stage. The ringing of the crowds singing continues until the band returns with disbelief and love on their faces, to sing a rare second encore with crowd pleaser Keep Yourself Warm. Thanking the crowd for the best gig of the year so far, the band finally leaves the stage for the last time, to cheers and raucous applause. Frightened Rabbit clearly love playing in Glasgow, and the feeling is definitely mutual.

Buddy Holly and The Cricketers Stirling Albert Halls Wednesday 18 December, 7.30pm. Tickets start at £13 Featuring all of Buddy Holly’s greatest hits as well as legendary songs from artists such as Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Roy Orbison and The Beatles, to name a few. The event is set to be a great night and Buddy Holly and The Cricketers always has the audience up on their feet dancing.


Poster Design and Merchandise Brief: Stirling Cycle Hub required designs for a poster campaign to encourage people to take up cycling in the local area. They also wanted designs for two additional items that could be used to promote the campaign. Using the slogan ‘Cycle and See’, I took photographs of iconic local landmarks and using Photoshop, I created templates that were used to screen print the silhouettes, adding texture and interest to the poster. The final design was then used to create a DL leaflet and a t-shirt that can be sold to raise funds or given out at exhibitions.

Handprinted Screen Print

DL Leaflet Campaign T-Shirts

A1 Poster

TraceySands 07581 452468

Tracey sands portfolio  
Tracey sands portfolio