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The Rugby® “Eliminator” body style is so popular, we have redesigned the fold down side dump bodies with the same sleek look. Along with these visually appealing changes, we updated the design on the quick release lever for the sides: the centrally located handle extends and retracts pins at each end; we moved our greaseable hinges to help prevent interference with underbody toolboxes; our bodies are built with I-beam crossmembers and now feature a 5/8” solid tie rod for durability. These are just some of the many features that have been added to our new fold down side dump bodies. All these update have been brought to you only by Rugby®, your better truck body and rugged 5 4 .5 3 5 PAT.6.0 truck hoist people. Croft Truck Accessory 1503 North Brazos 515 1st St. NE Industrial Park • RUGBY, NORTH DAKOTA 58368 San Antonio, Texas 78207 701-776-5722 • FAX: 701-776-6235 210.733.9494Website: Website: htpp:// Email: Email:


Features & Specifications • 10 gauge steel on side construction • 10 gauge steel floor with radius corners • Diamond Vogel 2 part epoxy gray primer • All appearance corners have radius bends • 45˚ sloped rub rail • 88” overall width on 8ʼ and 10ʼ 2-3 yard bodies; 96” overall width standard on all sizes • Sloped 1/4 cab shield with viewing window • Front panel of 10 gauge steel; seamless one piece design with a triple-bend top rail • Full height front tapered corner posts with clearance light cut-outs • One piece sides with two vertical side braces 6” wide • Fully boxed dirt-shedding top rail on sides • Sides include brackets for 6” side boards • Fold down sides feature centrally located quick release lever • Door handle positively extends and retracts 3/4” pins at each end, using a solid linkage member • Greaseable hinges on side, located so as not to interfere with underbody toolboxes • Recessed shock resistant rubber mounted, FS 108 clearance lights, also 3 cluster lights provided in lower apron • 5” structural channel long sills with 3” full width I-beam cross members on 16” centers

Tailgate Features & Specifications • Four-way tailgate with adjustable rod on trip lever • 10 gauge steel construction • Fully boxed brace frame with two vertical braces • Dirt-shedding top and bottom rails • Reinforced decking at rear ensures longer lasting gate seal • Heavy duty 1.25” diameter top and 1” bottom hinge pins • Includes patented EZ-LATCH™ tailgate mechanism • Optional: coal chute door(s), spreader apron • Optional: 8 gauge floor • Optional: 1/2 cab shield in lieu of 1/4

Sides fold down a full 180˚

Centrally located quick release lever is fully enclosed

Rear features stop/turn/tail lights. Coal chute door(s) optional.

Rugby® 2-3 Yard Dump Body Specifications Body Length 8ʼ 9ʼ 10ʼ 11ʼ Body Capacity 2-3 Cu. Yds. 2-3 Cu. Yds. 2-3 Cu. Yds. 2-3 Cu. Yds. Side Height 12.5” 12.5” 12.5” 12.5” Tailgate Height 18.5” 18.5” 18.5” 18.5” Body Weight(approx) 1380# 1550# 1725# 1895#

12ʼ 2-3 Cu. Yds. 12.5” 18.5” 2070#

Accept only original Rugby® Truck Hoists

Rugby® 3-4 Yard Dump Body Body Length 9ʼ Body Capacity 3-4 Cu. Yds. Side Height 17” Tailgate Height 23” Body Weight (approx.) 1630# Hoist Specifications NTEA Class Cyl. Bore & Stroke Chromed Cyl. Shaft Operating Pressure Pumps Hoist Weight Hoist Tonnage Caution:

Specifications 10ʼ 11ʼ 3-4 Cu. Yds. 3-4 Cu. Yds. 17” 17” 23” 23” 1805# 1975#

HR 520 20 5x16 2” 3200 PTO or Elec. 550# 8ʼ-9.5T • 9ʼ-8T 10ʼ-7.7T • 11ʼ-7T

HR 540 40 5x20 2” 3200 PTO or Elec. 600# 9ʼ-10T • 10ʼ-8T 11ʼ-8.6T • 12ʼ-8T

The Combined Weights of Truck Chassis, Hoist, Body & Cargo Must Not Exceed The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) Of The Truck!


Today's marketplace demands quality products and competitive pricing. We work hard at Rugby Manufacturing Co. to comply with your needs. Our reputation for over 34 years has been one of quality production and we won't change. You deserve and demand what we are committed to, the best. DISTRIBUTED BY

Croft Truck Accessory 515 1st St. NE Industrial Park 1503 North Brazos RUGBY, ND 58368 San Antonio, Texas 78207 701-776-5722 • FAX: 701-776-6235 210.733.9494 Website: Email: Website: htpp:// Form 904 0404 ©Copyright 1992 Rugby Mfg. Co. Email:

r 3 Yeaanty Warr  

Croft Truck Accessory 1503 North Brazos San Antonio, Texas 78207 210.733.9494 Website: htpp:// Email: info@crofttruck...

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