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What’s standing in between you and the perfect smile?

small, that bothers you, ‘fixing’ it could make a big difference to how you feel about yourself.

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“Teeth are the internal scaffolding of the face, get that right and you can alter the facial anatomy,” says cosmetic dentist and aesthetic practitioner Tracey Bell as she explains all you need to know about cosmetic and restorative dentistry


issing teeth, ill fitting dentures, crowded teeth and incorrect bite can cause the face and jaw to be incorrectly aligned. Whether looking to rejuvenate your smile, match to your existing smile or totally reinvent your smile, your specialist restorative or cosmetic dentist should ensure that your teeth, gums, lips and face all complement each other. This could involve implants, crowns, veneers, bridges, gum re-contouring, white fillings and cosmetic whitening. The results can be amazing and life changing for some people.


Your smile says so much about you – what’s yours saying?

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A survey for the Royal Mail found that 72 per cent of people perceive those who smile frequently to be more happy, intelligent, confident and successful while 86 per cent say they are more likely to strike up conversations with strangers if they are smiling. Bosses are 12 per cent more likely to promote people who smile a lot.

A quick guide to perfect smiles Veneers Veneers can be used to correct


Implants contouring may be for you. The dentist can create the smile you want sometimes by simply shaving away small areas of the teeth. Gum Re-contouring If teeth appear shorter than they should or if one tooth is longer than the rest it may be that gum coverage is a problem. Recontouring is a minimally invasive way to correct the gum line and enhance the smile.

White Fillings White composite filling material sticks firmly to the tooth giving it strength. By replacing old silver amalgam fillings with white fillings or inlays you can restore the natural healthy appearance of the tooth and when colour matched correctly the white filling can appear invisible. Replacing silver fillings with white ones can be the first steps to creating a beautiful smile.

Orthodontics Implants Implants are a safe and permanent way of replacing missing teeth or restoring a BEFORE


Californian Veneers crooked teeth or to improve a discoloured, tired or rippleedged teeth. Beautiful and natural looking, strong and stain resistant, high quality porcelain veneers can be used to fix just one or multiple teeth. There are various different types of branded veneers from Lumineers which can be bonded to the teeth with no drilling to Californian Veneers which are custom fabricated in a Californian laboratory to uniquely fit each client. Bonding For a short, crooked, broken, chipped or decayed tooth the dentist can apply a colour matched composite resin compound over the top of it.

The problem tooth is gently filed to allow adhesion and a special light is then used to harden and bond the resin to the tooth underneath. Crowns Crowns which are sometimes called caps can be used to make a crooked smile look straighter, in place of veneers. They are custom made to repair broken or damaged teeth and sometimes to cover an implant. The existing tooth surface is reduced and covered with a crown made from porcelain or another durable material. Cosmetic Contouring If your teeth are uneven, pointy, or have ragged edges cosmetic


Braces and aligners are a way of straightening teeth and perfecting smiles. Invisalign® is a clear aligner system that

“Dentistry is evolving; it’s more than just drilling and filling ” smile. Titanium anchor posts are implanted in to the jawbone and the covered with a natural looking crown or denture on top. Bleaching/Tooth Whitening Professional in office tooth whitening is an effective way of whitening the teeth and brightening your smile. The hygienist will de-scale and polish away superficial stains first and then a lightening agent will be applied to the teeth and then a blue light will be used to accelerate and optimize results. Take home reservoirs and whitening gel are also an option.


is custom moulded to fit you. The virtually invisible aligners gradually reposition your teeth into a smile you’ll be proud of. I recently treated model and TV presenter Abby Clancy with Invisalign®. Abbey said she never used to smile and show her teeth in photo shoots before, but now she has far more confidence and loves her perfect smile. It’s not just about physical beauty it’s about putting that spring back in your step and smiling on the inside. Emotive beauty is a powerful thing and if there is something about your smile, no matter how big or

Available from: Tracey Bell has clinics in Isle of Man, Liverpool and in September is launching a destination Super Clinic in Douglas, Isle of Man specialising in cosmetic dentistry, cosmetic surgery and age perfecting aesthetic treatments. The Super Clinic is opening in September 2009 and will be offering Cosmetic Surgery and Cosmetic Dentistry at highly competitive prices with some superb opening launch offers. Tracey Bell is a speaker for the BDA, a member of the BACD and regularly writes for Private Dentistry and Aesthetic Dentistry Today. Tracey has her own brand of cosmetic dentistry called SmileScription™; for more information go to www. or call 01624 613323



My experience has shown that sometimes people do not bother talking to their dentist about how they feel about their teeth, because they think that nothing can be done; some have had poor treatment already and others think it could be considered slightly vain to want a nice smile. However, dentistry is evolving; it’s more than just drilling and filling. It’s about listening to and educating individuals about good oral and general health and offering choices. Beautiful smiles can be created for everyone no matter what age you are or how bad you might think your teeth or dentures are. Good dentists can work wonders to reinvent your smile. CS&AM

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Whats standing between you and the perfect smile