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Proven Demand. Proven Results. Grow Your Practice with VelaShape II FACT: Our survey confirms that the majority of women feel unhappy with their inability to reclaim their “Body After Baby” through diet and exercise alone. FACT: VelaShape II delivers clinically proven postpartum body shaping results – an in-demand solution. FACT: VelaShape II leads the non-invasive sector of the body shaping market. Body shaping is a growing segment in aesthetics with nearly 4 million treatments performed in 2009.

Take advantage of the postpartum body shaping opportunity!

VelaShape II is the market leader in non-invasive body shaping* – the 1st medical device cleared for circumference reduction and the 1st medical device available for the treatment of cellulite. VelaShape II technology is clinically proven in over a dozen independent studies and over 3.5 million treatments globally. Results are visible in as few as 2 treatments.

* Body shaping by temporary reduction of cellulite and circumference. © 2010. All rights reserved. Syneron, the Syneron logo, VelaShape II and VelaShape are trademarks of Syneron Medical Ltd. and may be registered in certain jurisdictions. PB73841EN

Grow Your Practice with Postpartum Body Shaping




Photos: Marc Winter, M.D.

Photos: Marc Winter, M.D.

Clinical Results


Post 5 treatments

Post 5 treatments

Clinical Trial Overview Marc Winter, M.D., Laguna Hills, CA and Yoni Iger, Ph.D., Israel

Quantifying the Postpartum Opportunity It’s generally accepted that new moms face a unique set of physical and emotional challenges once pregnancy and childbirth are complete. But as manufacturer of VelaShape II – the leading non-invasive body shaping technology – Syneron required more data to support our thinking that the postpartum patient market may represent a fresh opportunity of growth for our customers. This is why we commissioned a “New Moms” survey to gain a unique insight into the mindset of moms and their post-pregnancy bodies. We also conducted a clinical trial to measure how VelaShape technology can effectively treat these patients.

VelaShape Study: Demographics • 20 patients, all females • All women were treated on the abdomen and another site • All women were previously pregnant (on average 11 years earlier)

51-60 20%

Thighs 20% 41-50 50%

31-40 20%

Buttocks 30%

Abdomen 50%

21-30 10%

Patient Age Average age 43.7 ± 1.7 years (27-56 years)

The results are clear: VelaShape technology is in fact an in-demand, efficacious solution for women looking to restore their “Body After Baby.”

Treatment Areas Overview 40 anatomical areas treated, 2 sites per patient

Results: Circumferential Reduction • Following 5 weekly treatments, the average circumferential reduction was 5.93 ± 0.79 cm

Moms Speak Out: Survey Snapshot A survey of 500 women who had a child within the last 8 years was conducted by M/A/R/C Research to get more details about which parts of their bodies are of most concern, what causes these body image concerns, and what lifestyle changes these women have made since having children/a child.

• In percentage reduction vs. baseline: 6.07 ± 0.69%

• 71% of new moms report that they feel less physically attractive after having their baby.

• Anatomical Areas of Improvement – Abdomen responds the best – 7.37 cm (2.9 in) reduction – Buttocks – 5.93 cm (2.3 in) reduction – Thighs – 2.50 cm (1 in) reduction

• Women reported that even if they were able to lose some or all of their pregnancy weight, 88% could not get back their pre-baby stomach.

• No significant change in patients’ weight (167.9 vs. 167.7 lb)

Key findings include:

Circumferential Reduction Results 4 weeks after 5 tx Patients saw circumferential reduction from 2 cm (0.8 in) to over 10 cm (3.9 in) 24% 21%

21% 18%


0% 0

Up to 2 cm

Up to 4 cm

Up to 6 cm

Up to 8 cm

Up to 10 cm

• 48% of women add oversized sweaters and sweatshirts to their wardrobe after having a baby. • On average, women felt that they needed to lose two dress sizes to reach their ideal shape.

Assessment of Improvement and Satisfaction Additional Data • More than 97% of the patients were extremely satisfied to slightly satisfied with the treatment results after five sessions. • 83% correlation between patients’ assessment of improvement and their satisfaction, including patients’ comfort. Parabolic reflector Infrared filter RF electrodes


32% 26%


• More than 92.5% of the patients found the treatment to be somewhat to very comfortable.

8% None





• Response to treatment was limited to erythema and edema that lasted several hours. These phenomena are derived from the delivery of energy to the tissue and are considered treatment end point indicators (40-42 °C).

Clinical Results



Before Post 3 treatments

Photos: Lori Brightman, M.D.

Synergistic Use of Energies The VelaShape II device employs multiple modes of treatment: • Infrared light heats the tissue up to 3 mm depth • Radio frequency heats tissue from 2 to ~20 mm depth • Vacuum +/- massage mechanisms enable precise targeting of energy to the tissue, among other things


Photos: Roy Geronemus, M.D.

for Postpartum Body Shaping What is Body Shaping? Body shaping is demarcated alterations of different anatomical zones of the body by affecting the structure and function of superficial connective tissues. This leads to the phenotypic result of circumferential and cellulite reduction with overall reshaping of the treated area.

Assessment of Improvement Patients’ assessment of improvement 4 weeks after 5 tx 95% of patients reported improvements.

After Post 3 treatments


Pregnancy is a beautiful, unforgettable experience, but during the nine months of pregnancy the body undergoes dramatic changes. For most w...

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