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Defining a New Class



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The Reinvention of the Natural Smile

Adam Bell, Tracey Bell, Natasha Hamilton

“You’re never fully dressed without a smile,” says top cosmetic dentist Tracey Bell who explains why the UK has finally realized the positive emotional benefits of being able to smile with confidence


ong gone are the days where the consumer would accept extractions, silver mercury fillings and a quick five-minute scale and polish as the healthy norm. The consumer is now much more educated by media sources such as 10 Years Younger and countless magazines and other celebrity press showing the Hollywood smile. We are finally learning to recognise that good oral health is related to the holistic wellbeing of the individual. Tracey Bell’s clinics have shown a 260 per cent increase in whitening, dental hygiene appointments and restorative dentistry in the last 12 months. As Tracey Bell explains:


“They expect only the very best – but not always that extreme Hollywood smile “Teeth are important – we communicate, eat and show our emotions by our facial expressions and through talking. This involves baring our teeth. People expect more from the dental profession these days. They expect only the very best – but not always that extreme Hollywood smile that adorns the glossy magazines – what they want is ‘The Natural Smile’.” Celebrities such as Abi Clancy, Natasha Hamilton and

Joe Calzagie’s partner, Jo Emma Larvin, have visited Tracey Bell and received the reinvention of their natural smiles. Combining the latest in whitening, clear braces, and white filling materials – these stars are certainly shining naturally. Abi Clancy, when interviewed by Tracey to determine treatment, was first asked: “What was it about your teeth that you were not happy with?” Abi answered directly: “They



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the art of reinvention



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“We create physical changes and enhance beauty but the biggest factor we notice is the emotive change in people; we build confidence, self esteem and most of all the ability to smile and love yourself!” Tracey Bell


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TRACEY BELL 1 -3 Kensington Road Douglas Isle of Man IM1 3ER Tel. 01624 613323

We aim to ‘put the spring back into your step’ and offer all clients their very own ‘world wide WOW! Factor’ Tracey Bell – the ‘Youth Doctor’ instills a philosophy of ethics, education and emotive beauty. Her reinvention centres offer a comprehensive range of treatments for women and men which enhance and rejuvenate physical appearance but that maximize inner confidence. Time to make a change? Why not call today and speak to a Tracey Bell consultant or book a consultation. website email

TRACEY BELL 92 Strand Street Douglas Isle of Man IM1 2EP Tel. 01624 618727

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were goofy and crooked. In pictures it was always obvious to me.” How did that make Abi feel? Was she really conscious about her teeth? “I would never do photos and smile properly showing my teeth.” Tracey then asked, “Did you know about Invisalign® before your treatment or did you go to a dentist with an open mind about treatment?” Abi said: “I didn’t know about it. When I was young and new to modelling, I couldn’t model with a conventional brace. I found out about clear braces when I went to Tracey Bell.” Now, having undergone the Invisalign® transformation, how long has Abi’s Invisalign® treatment lasted and how did she find the experience with the Tracey Bell clinic? “It was just under a year, and the clinic has been very good, I have moved south since the treatment started and I have come back for my check ups and reviews.” Perhaps the big question is: has wearing the Invisalign® brace interfered with Abi’s job as a model and TV presenter? “No! I used to present and film The Fashion Show for Channel 4 with them in – I feel funny when they are not in. I have done photos shoots with them in as well. I was really shy about


smiling before and it gave me more confidence.” What would Abi say to any women and men out there that are not happy with their smile? “No question about it – it’s a small price to pay for confidence and a perfect smile. Other people might not notice what you notice, but if something bothers you about yourself, you should find out what you can do about it!” Invisalign is a wonderful orthodontic treatment for adults who want to straighten crooked teeth and correct their bite – the aligners are invisible and you can take them out to eat, drink and floss. Natasha Hamilton has had Tracey Bell Whitening SmileScription™ and cosmetic contouring. “My teeth have always been relatively good but as I’ve aged my teeth have darkened in colour and I chipped my front tooth with a microphone. After whitening and cosmetic contouring my smile looks fabulous and, most of all, pain free,” says Natasha. Tracey Bell says, “Natasha had experienced what we all do as we age – our teeth naturally become darker as the enamel (the gloss on the outer part of the tooth) thins and the dentine becomes yellowier and shines

through. A safe effective simple treatment to rejuvenate a smile is to whiten. The most reliable system being SmileScription™ Deep Bleaching this is a combination of Reservoirs (home care) and the use of blue light providing long sustainable results. “Regarding Cosmetic Contouring, our smile ages due to wear and tear and also movement from other teeth coming through at a later age, teeth can become shorter and less even. The result is an aged smile. Contouring involves the use of a template to smooth and re-contour the smile to provide an aesthetically pleasing attractive smile – better still, no injections are required.” With a busy lifestyle flying around the world, Jo Emma Larvin required a simple solution to her naturally beautiful smile. Following a comprehensive Dental Hygiene visit, Jo Emma received SmileScription™ Deep Bleaching. This involves reservoirs (trays) that are especially formulated by Tracey Bell’s proprietary lab to hold the whitening agent against the teeth – these can be worn for a number of hours. The reservoirs are clear, comfortable and you are able to continue with a normal lifestyle with your teeth ‘whitening while you work’. After seven days and a return to your dentist a specially formulated whitening agent is applied and then activated with the use of ‘Blue Light’. The results are long lasting and sustainable. CS&AM Available from: For more information on Tracey Bell and the procedures she offers visit or call 01624 613323



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The Reinvention of the Natural Smile  
The Reinvention of the Natural Smile  

''You're never fully dressed without a smile'' says top dentsit Tracey Bell who explains why the UK has finally realised the positive emotio...