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Looking Good and Feeling Great – The non surgical approach So we have established that there is a correlation between what we see when we look in the mirror and how we feel. Whether it is the undeniable hands of time and noticing fine lines around our eyes, blemishes and brown patches, loss of plumpnessand volume in our cheeks and jaw line or even just a lack lustre complexion and a dullness of the skin. Or maybe it’s something that has always bothered us about our face, body or complexion like thin lips, acne, hyperpigmentation or deep jowls but that we’ve thought it too vain to bother doing anything about it. It doesn’t get away from the fact that certain things about our appearance can ‘bother’ us and when addressed even ever so slightly can make us feel better about ourselves. Years ago there was very little choice in between an expensive miracle cream and a face lift, well now there is. Tracey Bell’s philosophy is for facial rejuvenation is; Canvas, Lines and Volume

By using a subtle combination approach of non-surgical procedures it is easy to target areas of concern and achieve amazing results. First of all the skin’s health is analysed using the Visia analysis machine which takes a close up photograph of the skin (up to 2mm) to measure evenness, tone, texture, bacteria, wrinkles and sun damage. This determines the most effective course of treatment and by using one or a combination of lasers, chemical peels, microdermabrasion and targeted skin care we can get the skin, your canvas looking notably clear, smooth and ready for a masterpiece. Lines around the eyes, forehead and brow can be targeted by using professionally prescribed and administered Botox. The results are a naturally smooth and relaxed and slightly lifted looking brow and eye area. Occasionally deeper lines on the forehead and brow can be smoothed out using dermal fillers. The nasolabial are the lines which come from the base of the nose and go down towards the mouth, sometimes these can appear deeper with age from smiling and a loss of volume or they can be a naturally deep characteristic. The marionette lines are the ones which extend down from the corners of the lips and can give the appearance of a downturned mouth these are due to skin losing elasticity, aging and sun damage. Dermal Fillers such as Restylane and Perlane are excellent in the softening out of those deep folds and creases,with just a few simple injections the overall look can be enhanced beautifully. Volume is so important to the contours of the face and we associate youth and beauty with plump skin and apple cheek bones. As we age our collagen production slows down, as does our skin cell turnover and we lose elasticity which all combines to make the face look thinner, jowly and slightly sagging. By using strategically injected fillers to restore lost volume in the cheek area, the jaw line and of course to define and plump the lips, the upper and lower face can appear lifted and recontoured. By using just one or a combination of any of these treatments problem areas can be targeted and excellent results achieved.

Prevention: Better than Cure? Some people ask at what age is it ‘OK’ to start having treatments. The answer to that is to only ever have treatments that you are sure you want and when feels right for you. One of the best ways of doing this is by selecting your practitioner carefully and being honest with them and listening to them. The Tracey Bell approach is education, ethics and evidence based results. We educate our patients first and use procedures like skin analysis to photographically show areas of concern and then offer our patients choices and advice. We like to create a patient journey file which will show the journey, images and analysis results over a period of time. ‘Lessis More’ is the Tracey Bell theory but prevention could certainly have immediate beneficial factors as well as long term benefits. There are two types of aging; Intrinsic Aging , also known as the natural ageing processis a continuous processthat normally begins in our mid-20s. Within the skin, collagen production slows, and elastin which gives skin its firmness, has a bit less spring. Dead skin cells shed less quickly and turnover of new skin cells may decreaseslightly. While these changesusually begin in our 20s, the signs of intrinsic aging are typically not visible until a decade or so later. The signs of intrinsic aging are: fines lines and wrinkles, thinning skin, bone and underlying fat shrinkage which causesthe skin to sag, hollowing of cheeks and loss of plumpness, hair loss and unwanted hair in other areas. Extrinsic Aging Theseare the external factors that are caused by the environment and our lifestyle. A number of extrinsic, or external, factors often act together with the normal aging processto prematurely age our skin. Most premature aging is caused by sun exposure. Other external factors that prematurely age our skin are repetitive facial expressions, gravity, sleeping positions, and smoking. By educating ourselves about good general health and well being is a good start to slow down premature aging. Eating fresh wholesome foods, drinking plenty of water, exercising regularly, stopping smoking and by using sun protection factor, we can help ourselves enormously. Now go a step further by using a good skin care regime and you can probably keep your skin looking and feeling fairly healthy. Rejuvenation treatments however, such as Botox, fillers, laser skin treatments and cosmeceutical grade skin care can assist with reversing some of the already evident signs of ageing and by following a personal, structured treatment plan and maintenance program the signs of ageing can be kept at bay for longer. Take a piece of material if you sit on it for hours you can create a creasethat is very difficult to iron out. If you press the creaseand get it back to it normal but sit on it in exactly the same place the creasere-appears straight away. When Botox and fillers are used to smooth out lines and wrinkles certain facial muscles are at rest and volume is added to the contours, so inhibiting fine lines, wrinkles and creasesfrom appearing. This in turn diminishes the depth and definitivenessof those lines. By taking action and addressing the first signs of aging whilst they are still minimal we can probably preserve our youth and skin health, tone and texture

for a lot longer. This isn’t just a philosophy for the face this also a sensible rule of thumb for the whole body.

Prevention Better than Cure  

Looking Good and Feeling great