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TO WORK WITH YOUR INDUSTRY REP Put your dental industry rep to work, says Tracey Bell. It will build their business, benefit your staff and save you money


here are five key ways for you to work with inductry reps to get the best for your business. It’s up to you to get the most help possible from them, but remember, you will reciprocate by helping build their business. Have you ever thought of this question? Can you really get the industry to work for you and with you? In my opinion: yes, yes, yes. • Will they help you train and educate your staff? • Will they provide literature and help to arrange the waiting room? • Can they motivate staff and help you contact your clients? • Do you feel confident these tasks are Tracey Bell, BDS (Hons) Manchester, has aesthetic centres in the Isle of Man and Liverpool, which specialise in facial aesthetics and cosmetic dentistry.

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being managed so you can continue to drill teeth, eat lunch and sometimes have the odd afternoon off to spend with your family? The answer is always yes - you just have to ask.

1: THE REPS Let’s say they appear at your reception. Your receptionist should never tell them you are unavailable. Instead you should invite them in and give them 15 minutes of your time. Remember, this is the start of a meaningful relationship and business arrangement. Over the last three years reps from different companies have really helped me. I did not spend thousands with each of them, I was simply nice to them and most of all loyal. It is important to ask if they will they educate your staff and assist with training sessions The answer must always be yes. The staff will love an independent team-building


exercise; it builds rapport and keeps them updated. I have reps from implant and orthodontic companies help with this regularly. The benefit to my business is huge. The upsell from my staff is also enormous. With the non-surgical companies I am even provided with business development managers, a great asset to help me build the business.

2: OPEN EVENINGS Plan an open evening and ask your representative to attend. I have even had contributions towards food and help with the emails or direct mail invitations. All I had to do was to provide All the staff have their teeth whitened courtesy of the industry the data and some staff who had already been trained by the rep. This is a great way to build clients, create 4: PR local news and bring new patients into the We have all heard of PR and there are many practice. Who helps and provides it? The rep, of us who have stepped into these murky of course.
 waters. Beware, the waters certainly are murky. There are lots of piranhas, and hordes of ‘yes’ men and women who generally take a 3: DEMONSTRATION AND BEAUTIFYING lot of money – for a little self adulation. THE STAFF What I learned though, was that a lot of the A staff member could be a guinea pig for larger companies had PR firms who they even the latest whitening treatment, implant or paid to represent them, who were just crying ceramic inlay. How many of you have ever out to be provided with stories, pictures, and thought to ask for a ‘free sample’ for your successful before and after pictures – at no staff? Well, it’s always worth asking! cost to me. All my staff on reception have had their So, the next time your representative is teeth whitened. Why? Because they sell me, in, ask if they have a PR company. Even if the treatment and the brand. I simply asked they do not, ask them if there is a way you the my whitening company and told them can work together on marketing: reps have I would aim to reach the target. When I did often helped me place small adverts in local achieve it, my staff reaped the benefits. The newspapers and pay per click ads on Google. same goes for the labs. I often get a deal for Again, all I did was ask for a little assistance. my staff bills, sometimes complimentary. Remember, they are often only too happy How about aligning teeth? Two of my to help. receptionists wear aligners. Of course the treatment is provided free of charge by me and my dentists. Nevertheless, the laboratory 5: TRAINING YOU bill is often supported by the company’s There are many training courses from representative – and yes, we have a good Botox, implants and sedation to general uptake on treatments. conservation. Ask your representative what Always remember, the relationship training they can provide in house. between you and your rep is crucial and there Many non-surgical providers offer is many a win:win deal to be done together. products with training and ongoing support.

These companies have a wide network of individuals who can offer ongoing advice, handholding and education. I have also been fortunate when dealing with implant companies to receive helpful courses for my nurses, reception staff and restorative courses for my other dentists. I have had to purchase products and stay loyal, but at the end of the day both the company representatives and your company can prosper from a complete understanding of how to work together.

FACTFILE: GETTING THE MOST OUT OF YOUR REP Give them your time Ask them to help with open evenings Get your staff involved Some of their PR budget can help with your marketing Get them to help with training

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Premium Practice Dentistry - 5 Ways To Work With your Industry Rep  
Premium Practice Dentistry - 5 Ways To Work With your Industry Rep  

There are five key ways for you to work with inductry reps to get the best for your business. It’s up to you to get the most help possible f...