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Great reception staff are imperative

and that they are understood by your team and staff. The main insurers at present who insure for malpractice are: Hamilton Fraser, Towergate and Ceart. It is important to compare all companies for pricing, procedures covered and excess premiums. The IHAS (Independent Healthcare Advisory Services) is a group that provides a quality assurance framework for practices to follow. This has been recently introduced and one which I have signed my clinics to. There has been much press about this network which at present offers the only reassurance a patient may look to to ensure that clinical standards are maintained. It is a framework of quality assurance and protocols that my team can work from. www.treatmentsyoucantrust.


A great team, good consumer focus and interaction Now what you need to do is simply set a goal. If you have no goal, you’ll get lost. The goal simply needs to be: • Time phased - set an annual or sixmonthly goal. • Monetary - track Progress, simply look at costs, profits and how to contain expenses. Believe me, expenses you need to contain. • Realistic - be realistic, don’t set goals too high. Two patients per week is a good goal to begin with. • Bought into - goals will never be achieved alone. Your team needs to understand your goal. A swot analysis is a great way to brainstorm with your staff and makes them feel a part of the ‘tools’, which I think is essential. From the swot analysis, everyone can see exactly how a strategy can be exercised in order to bring those clients through the doors. A couple of extra items for the tool bag worth explaining are insurance and IHAS registration. The correct insurance is important in this litigating society. It is vital that regulations and rules are followed

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A tool bag can be as simple or as comprehensive as you wish. The main, key ingredient however is education and knowledge. I was lucky to begin with, as I ensured that in order to gain knowledge, I worked with plastic surgeons, dermatologists

and watched other cosmetic practitioners work - simply because I was interested. I asked and they kindly agreed to share their ideas, knowledge and experiences with me. Take my advice and simply ask. It was from plastic surgeons that I learnt about procedures and from dermatologists that I learnt all about the skin. Yes, we can all read a book, but I believe that telling, showing, doing or educating, watching and knowing what to do are vitally important to understanding an ageing face, as you will see in the next article.

Aesthetics tool bag checklist Education of staff and practitioner A room for completing procedures – with the correct ambience Botox - educational materials / injections / products / sharp bins / gauze / good before and after images Fillers - educational materials / products / sharp bins / good before and after images / patient aftercare advice Peels - and a microdermabrasion Skin care - do not invest heavily if you are not confident to begin with Team - a team who believes, loves and understands facial aesthetics Follow up - constant contact Relationships with reps and suppliers are extremely important; they can help with education, marketing and planning

A good injecting technique and patient trust is crucial

Insurance IHAS registration

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A tool bag can be as simple or as comprehensive as you wish. The main, key ingredient however is education and knowledge. I was lucky to beg...