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You Don’t 30. What Know CAN Hurt You

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It’s a silent killer for men all over the world. Prostate Cancer is very common to men and if it’s not checked, it can be too late. Take if from sportscaster Brian Custer

Light In Your Soul 12 Entertainment News 18 Soulful Leader: Sam Tita 20 Soulful Leader: Jagger Gordon 22 Soulful Leader: Robert J. Moore

Are A New 40. You Creation

There is a lot we all must face in life, and more than too many times we feel inadequate or worn out to stand up and endure our challenges. But have faith knowing that your expiration date is still good.

Story: 50. Cover More of Les

World renowned motivational speaker Les Brown sits down for an exclusive interview with Soulful Image about his start and his legacy.

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Inside Your Soul

These are some of the talented people who contributed to this issue’s Soulful Image to make it special just for you.


Amber Howard

Business development @ amberhowa amberhowardinc.com

Jonathan Tarrant

Self Discovery Coach for Men @live.more.ca

Harriette- Patrick Barron

Lawrence Kerr

Author/moticational speaker Award-Winning Photographer @lawrencekerrmedia @harriettebarron77 lawrencekerrmedia.com

Keshia Christie

Storyteller and fitness coach. IG@fit_driven_mom

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Michelle Moore

Owner of Fashion Faith 78 Boutique. FB/fashionfaith78-boutique

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Donovan Curling

Personal trainer donovancurling@gmail.com

Juliann Rasanayagam

Anger Management Expert. empathiccounselling.ca

Grace Barkwell


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David Cohen

Author, speaker, coach thedavidcohengroup.com

Kimberlee Shelley Ajibolade Host of ON THE MOVE @iamkimshelley

4 Soulful Image Magazine / Issue 21

Germalin & Yerodin Barnes

Relationship coaches of Love On Top Marriage Ministry. FB/lotmarriageministry

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Inside Your Soul


or many, 2020 began like a nightmare from a horror movie. Job losses, stocks plummeting, massive deaths, social distancing, skyrocketing domestic abuse cases, suicides, a large rise on mental health issues, and many of our small businesses forced to shut down without hope of reopening have rocked our communities to its core. Never had any of us saw anything like this coming when we held hands, kissed our friends, our kids, and our spouses and shouted, “Happy New Year!” at the beginning of this year. But here we are 8 months into the world’s first modern pandemic that has affected the entire globe at an expediential rate because of social media. Now I can imagine with all of this loss, sad news, hyped up fear, feelings of uncertainty, panic and devastation can cause many of you to focus on what you see instead of holding on to hope that God promises us in our faith walk. Now I’m not saying that these things happening are not real. What I am saying is in the midst of the chaos, the storms of life, just like Peter we can walk on water when we focus our attention and beliefs through our faith. Faith is believing that despite your circumstances you can still overcome. Through faith you can decide to make the choice to act like you cannot fail in moving forward in this season. And while many of you may have felt stuck, unmotivated, exhausted, weary, depressed or simply hopeless at one point or another during these past several months, God wants you to dream again. God wants you to believe that you do have the power to get back up and build the life that you deserve. And the only 6 Soulful Image Magazine / Issue 21

Faith is believing that despite your circumstances you can still overcome. way you can achieve that is through radical faith. Radical faith begins with radical prayers and the strong desire to take what’s yours with the mindset that you cannot fail once you make the decision to go for it. When I prayed and asked God what the theme of this issue should be, the spirit said, “Act Like You Cannot Fail!” Why? Because today most people are allowing what they see happening around them to dictate their future instead of believing in and creating the life that they want. You must trust only in what God’s Word says about your present and future. What you truly believe is what is going to manifest in your life. Believe fear, you will manifest fearful things. Believe in hope and positivity, and you will manifest the hope of your dreams through the will of God for your life. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11 If God promises to prosper you, to give you hope and a future then it’s time for you to act like your time for that

to happen is now! Don’t wait. Don’t stay stuck or in that emotional pit you have been sitting in for the past several months. Get up! Dust yourself off and begin to see yourself standing in a position where you cannot fail because your father in heaven has prepared the way for you. Trust and believe and it will be yours. In this issue we have some fun features, some tips and recipes, and great advice articles like Five Steps To Transition Your Career, Don’t Let Rejection Silence Your Voice, Self Acceptance, A New Creation in Christ, Change Is Inevitable and a lot more! We are exceptionally excited to share the powerful words and stories of the amazing Les Brown, the world’s greatest motivational speaker. You have to check out his incredible story of overcoming insurmountable odds. Read on!

Tracey-Acadia Thomas

Founder & Editor-In-Chief

Inside Your Soul

This was a really good issue you put out. The articles were interesting and I especially love your pieces on Covid19 and the BLM protests. I understand how hard it is to be as unbaised as possible when it comes to reporting current events, but you have done a good job. Daisy G

Ever since I saw her in The Secret, I have loved Loral Langemeier. She has this very funny practical way of coming across that is so relateable. Her principles are really useful for me to make more money and create a cash machine for myself and my family. Now I’m considering her upcoming programs.

-Toronto, ON

I’m glad that your magazine featured that nice man from The Salvation Army, Robb Kerr. He is a dedicated man of God and there should be more like him who is willing to do God’s work. Greta O

-Brampton, ON

Fashionista Sista was outstanding. I loved all the dresses featured in that article. I hope to see more from FKSP. Thank you Soulful Image. Norina S


-Toronto, ON

I can count on you to be a consistent magazine in good quality and content. It makes me believe that I can go for my dreams as well. I appreciate all that your publication does. Lisa S.

-Hamilton, ON

-Toronto, ON

Share Your Voice We asked some of our readers...

Steve Kerr Brampton, ON

Unsinkable faith in God!! He is my anchor, He is my rock and on Christ the solid rock I stand all other ground is sinking sand. I am PowerfulSteve have yourself a powerful day and remember aim high, spread wings, fly!

Jason Barbeck East York, Ontario

“My inspiration to press on is this. Failure is not an option. When one door closes God opens another. We place our faith in The Almighty not the earthly. I believe that when The Lord places something on our hearts we must see it through. It is our mission as it were.”

If you missed issue 20, you can get it at soulfulimagemag.com; faithfilledbooks.com

What is your inspiration to press through to succeed in these challenging times? What makes you ACT LIKE YOU CANNOT FAIL?

Donnie Persuad Toronto, ON

I believe that we have been designed not just to survive – but to thrive. Fear is dysfunctional but faith is directional. It’s my forward-looking faith and my thrive that refuses to quit. Find your thrive. Live by faith.

Michael H Ballard North York, ON

I was able to put more practice into spending time in gratitude for so many little things, like seeing the sun at 5 am. I’m able to take my son to work when I get up. Finding the truth of my community, and being a larger voice for compassion and love for all living beings as we are all GOD’s Children.

Submissions chosen may be edited. All submissions become the property of Soulful Woman Ministries and may be published along with the name of the individual, in any and all Soulful Image Magazine branded media now known or hereafter developed.

8 Soulful Image Magazine / Issue 21

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Inside Your Soul Share Your Voice

Byron Nelson Los Angeles, Ca International Public Speaker, Mentor & Matrix Leader What makes me act and live as if I cannot fail is the oppression, suppression and pain of a black man in 400 years of being the distraction and excuse of attention in the U.S. It is not exclusive to the U.S. I just happen to be a part of the demographic that has been used as every minority from the beginning of time for wars, drugs, guns and a country that was built on a democratic process that excluded us from the process but used us as a tool to gain power and influence. The human race continues to thrive as does good and evil on our planet. When you overstand that we have been given a choice to either find a reason or an excuse to be who you choose to become. You can choose failure or success for your existence. I choose not to fail because I am clear I have a choice. Success does not mean you don’t fail. Success means you fail until you succeed. Winners use failure as inspiration. Losers use failure as an excuse to QUIT. Being the Spiritual son of Mr Les Brown, we need to find iconic leaders that have led the way to show what is possible. In that, you will act like you can’t fail until you SUCCEED.

Share Your Voice

next day they agreed. Two days later, we recieved a certified cheque of $20,000 as a deposit. Two days later after that Ontario was placed on a mandatory non-essential shut down due to the Covid19 pandemic. We had sold everything inside and took all other equipment out. On May 1st, 2020, the full balance was paid for and they took over the lease in a practically empty space.

Collin Williams

Toronto, ON Executive Chef & Entrepreneur

Despite the world is enduring through these trying times, our food truck business has become quite ideal for us and has proven to be our best time in business, and there’s no looking back.

Gospel Cafe was birthed a decade ago but last year the lord told me it was time to leave the spot of where we were. I was very confused because I knew God gave me the name and also the location of the Cafe.

Who but God knew me before I was formed? He knows my ending before my beginning. Being a son of the King taught me that there is no failing unless God fails. I am a son and not a servant, so winning is a must for the sons of God. His will for me is to prosper.

Now He was saying its time to move and not saying where I was going, so by faith and obedience I listened. We put the Cafe up for sale and got some offers, but nothing close to what we were asking for, so we waited. We got to the point that we were willing to walk away from the business altogether, but we had 5 years left on our lease. One day I was visiting a store located behind the Cafe and the lady at the cash asked how business was going

and if we were selling. (Wow!) I asked her the reason for her inquiry. She said something inside told her to ask. I told her that I’m considering selling the place and she said she will call her husband to check the place out immediately. From what they both saw, they really liked the space. I told them our asking price and the very

Matthew 6:33 said if I seek him first, all good things will be added unto me. So I will never worry about what I wear, eat, drink, or live, because God is my source. I live not in the Kingdom of the world but in the Kingdom of God, and His Kingdom comes with signs and demonstrations.

Soulful Image Magazine / Issue 21


Light In Your Soul

Act like you CANNOT FAIL.

by Allister and Tracey Thomas


lright, you’re up! Babe thought to himself. It took a couple of moments for him to stand up from the bench. A small part of him was enjoying where he was sitting in the dugout just below the current of the breeze. They don’t call Chicago “The Windy City” for nothing. But no chilly Chicago air was going to stop him from doing what he had in mind to do. As he stepped out from the dugout swinging his bat, he had to chuckle at the immediate deffening boos from the Cubs fans. They had good reason, Babe thought, the Yankees were keeping the series tied and the people of Chicago didn’t like it one bit. But who cares he concluded. Chicago pitcher Charlie Root was on the mound watching the 37 year old slugger lumber to the plate. He was encouraged by the desdain given to the batter at the plate, but Root’s mind was racing on what to throw past this brute. This was no ordinary come and go player. This was the living legend. The Bambino. The Sultan of Swat. This was Babe Ruth. And this was not the time to lose it. Babe stood at the plate with his bat down and looked at Root as if it was going to be a showdown. He wanted Root to understand the seriousness of them facing off during the third 10 Soulful Image Magazine / Issue 21

game of the World Series. But instead of returning the hard gaze back at Babe, Root decided to turn his back on him to exchange words with the second baseman and brush the dirt on the mound with his cleats. That does it! Babe thought. This guy had been playing almost as long as he had and was gonna treat him like he was some chump! Babe looked around at the booing crowd for a short moment. These people were insulting him at no end. They harrassed him every minute of the hour trying to get him off his game ever since he got in this town. He looked over at the Cubs dugout and could see them jeering and taunting him like

Light In Your Soul the people in the stands. ‘One of these yahoos even spat on my wife and was too chicken to own up to it, he thought to himself. He looked at Root once more who’s back was still facing him. Babe then stood straight up and quickly looked around at the Chicago fans to get their attention even more. He lifted his right hand and pointed right to center field. The immense booing died down a bit as the people in the stands were puzzled by his action with a one general question in mind... what’s he pointing at? Babe got in stance as Charlie Root turned around seeing him ready at the plate. Root wound up for the pitch and screamed a fastball past Babe. “STRIKE ONE!” shouted umpire Roy Van Graflan. The crowd broke out cheering as Babe took his stance again with his bat on his shoulder. Root delivered a breaking ball which caused Babe to give a mighty swing and a miss. “STRIKE TWO!” the umpire screamed. The crowd was on their feet howling in excitement. They were about to see The Yankee Hero, The Great Bambino get struck out. Babe stood up and stood straight once more. “I got somethin’ for ya... I got somethin’ for all o’ ya!’” he mumbled to himself with a smirk. Then he pointed again to centre field. The crowd knew what Babe was trying to say and so did Root, and Root was infuriated. Root looked at his fellow players in the outfield outraged by The Babe’s impertinence. This gorilla forgot who’s field he’s playing in, Root thought as he looked into Babe Ruth’s eyes. Babe took his stance once more as both players looked at each other. Root wound up for the pitch once again and hurled a lightning bolt of a curve ball. Babe tightened his shoulders and torqued his bat for a hard smooth swing, connecting the white horsehide ball with an echoing CRACK! The ball was careening into the air. The crowd fell silent as every eye watched the ball soar higher and higher as if it was going to go into orbit. A few spectators looked on in complete shock and grief as Babe did the most brisk of slow jogs heading to first base laughing in spite of himself as the ball was hitting it’s arc. He was passing the Cubs dugout looking at every player peeking out with their eyes glued on the ball. “THE BALL IS GOING, GOING,GOING HIGH

INTO THE CENTRE FIELD STANDS... “AND IT’S A HOME RUN!” shouted Cubs broadcaster Tom Manning. The Cubs dugout fell back defeated as if they were shot by machine gun fire. Babe looked up at his wife in the stands as he was heading home base giving her a look as if to say, ‘no one messes with my woman.’ The crowd was at their feet in a weird silence by what they just witnessed. They wanted to boo, yell and scream at him. But how could they? They all knew they witnessed something painfully special. They all knew they witnessed history. And despite all the factors that was against him, and the insurmountable amount of people that opposed him, on that day of October 1st, 1932, at game 3 of the World Series with the score tied at 3-3 with two strikes against him, the people of Chicago in Wrigley field witnessed for the first time, a man who acted like he could not fail. It is time for you to begin to see yourself acting like you cannot fail in this season, because your foundation in God is stronger than any circumstance that may come your way. Have the wisdom to know that you are very valuable to the Lord. He cares about your success. You may have to navigate through a few bumps along the way or go through a redirection, but ultimately it is your consistent persistence to win that God wants to see from you. And as long as you are willing to do your part, God will do His. He will bring the right opportunities, open the right doors, or introduce you to the right people. When God is for you, who can be against you, right? You cannot fail when you trust in the Lord with all your heart, with all your strength, or with all your might. So don’t be afraid to take that step towards fulfilling God’s plan for your life. You will not fail if you take the necessary steps to prepare, plan and execute. And if things change, take some time to rethink, reorganize, or refocus yourself, and then get back up and go again. The only time you fail is if you quit. Because remember faith without works is dead. Faith is an actionable movement that is full of life! So encourage yourself today and say out loud, “I will act like I cannot fail because I am unstoppable with the Lord my God on my side!” Begin to see yourself everyday doing something that will take you closer to your goals and in no time you will achieve great success!

Soulful Image Magazine / Issue 21


Light In Your Soul Tyler Perry Talks Production and Representation in 2020 Perry touched on his childhood and path to becoming a media mogul, as well as the power of television to create change during a time of racial justice movements in the U.S.

Tyler Perry’s 330-acre Atlanta studios — built on Fort McPherson, a Confederate army base have housed the casts and crews of four different shows and seen the completion of 82 episodes ready for 2021. Before stepping on set, people quarantined for two weeks on the lot and there’s been regular testing and mask wearing. “I had to do everything I could and go above and beyond to make sure that the cast and crew

was safe, especially because Black and brown people are the ones who are dying the most from the disease,” Perry said, adding he also wanted to bring some levity to the quarantine experience by hosting outdoor movies, workout classes and food trucks at the studio. “It was really fun, so much so that all of the casts are asking, ‘Can we come back next year?’ I’m like, ‘Listen, if there’s a vaccine and COVID is over, this is over,’” he joked, noting that pandemic safety precautions are adding 15 to 20 percent to his shows’ traditional costs.

“What made the civil rights movements so powerful were the visuals and the images from television. That is television at its best, when you can take an image and show it to the world and affect change,” Perry said. “That is exactly what happened with George Floyd’s horrific murder. The very visual of watching it played out in real time spoke to every human being on this planet who had a heart to say, ‘Listen, this is not right.’ That is the power of this business: that is the power of an actor, of a writer, of a news anchor. That is the power of television, and when it’s used in the right way and for the right thing, it can change the world.” The superproducer, who has a long-term TV and film pact with Viacom, has written 1,275 episodes of television, 22 feature films and more than 20 plays, most of which he has also directed. By Kristen Chuba kirsten.chuba@thr.com

Kim Kardashian, Jimmy Kimmel, Tyler Perry Join ‘PAW Patrol’ Animated Movie Kim Kardashian, Jimmy Kimmel, Tyler Perry, Randall Park, Dax Shepard, Yara Shahidi, Ian Armitage, Marsai Martin and Will Brisbin have joined the voice cast for the “PAW Patrol” animated movie. The film is based on the animated Nickelodeon series of the same name, and it is produced by Spin Master Corp. Paramount Pictures has set a theatrical release for Aug. 20, 2021, and the film is in production with creators, artists and producers collaborating remotely. The “PAW Patrol” series, which premiered in 2013, centers on a young boy named Ryder who leads a crew of search-and-rescue dogs that work together on missions to protect the shoreside community of Adventure Bay. The dogs — Chase, Marshall, Rubble, Zuma, Rocky and Skye — live in houses that transform into vehicles for their missions. The movie sees Ryder and the pups being called to Adventure

12 Soulful Image Magazine / Issue 21

City to stop Mayor Humdinger from turning the bustling metropolis into a state of chaos. “PAW Patrol” is being directed by animation veteran Cal Brunker, whose credits include “Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature” and “Escape From Planet Earth.” Spin Master Entertainment’s executive vice president Jennifer Dodge is the producer. Executive producers are Ronnen Harary, Spin Master’s co-founder and co-CEO; Adam Beder, Spin Master’s executive vice president of strategic partnership & franchise development; and Peter Schlessel. The “PAW Patrol” movie is the first of several feature films in the works by Spin Master’s Entertainment division. The series currently airs in over 160 countries in 30 languages. It’s currently in its seventh season on Nickelodeon and has been renewed for an eighth season. The movie project was first unveiled in February.

Light In Your Soul Kobe Bryant’s daughters new guardians of interests in their father’s trust. According to TMZ Sports, legal documents state Erika Williams was appointed guardian ad litem for Natalia and Bianka Bryant, and James Summers is representing Capri, Kobe’s youngest daughter. The document further explains that Vanessa Bryant and Kobe’s former agent Rob Pelinka are to pay any expenses for the new guardians using money from the trust. This comes after Vanessa filed documents asking to appoint the guardian ad litem for her daughters on Friday (March 20), according to TMZ. Vanessa also previously asked a judge to amend her late husband’s trust to include their youngest daughter Capri. A judge will reportedly handle the details of Kobe’s trust at a later date.

by Vanessa Etienne

RCA Inspiration & Life Room Release New Music From Rising Star Doe Wowed by both her singing and songwriting prowess, Johathan McReynolds and Life Room Label’s President, Walter Thomas, and Head of A&R, Darryl Howell, signed DOE in early 2020 and began working on her debut solo album. He says, “I’ve been a fan of DOE for years now. She’s special. This music is special.” McReynolds hopes to usher in a new wave of music through this partnership and various joint ventures. He shares, “I feel like the Life Room Label will be the destination for a new generation of Christian expression and will be one of the best parts of my life!”

important conversations with people about life, love, and relationships. The best is yet to come,” she says. On October 5th, BET premiered the video for “Brighter” on its BET Soul, BET Her and BET Gospel channels, as well as on BET.com. Additionally, DOE is featured on McReynolds’ virtual Those People Tour, which kicked off on October 1st. Tickets for the Those People Tour are on sale at www.liferoomlabel.live. by Dave McNeary

She offers a refreshing sound with uplifting and introspective messages that people are in need of more than ever right now and she’s excited to share her artistry with the world. “I’m excited to use the outlet of music to express the heart of God and have

Soulful Image Magazine / Issue 21


Light In Your Soul much that you have to pull it off because you’re going to be looking at us like we better get this right,” said Queen Latifah. The main cast is made up of Christina Bell (Elbernita “Twinkie” Clark), Angela Birchett (Jacky Clark Chisholm), Shelea Frazier (Dorinda Clark Cole), Kierra Sheard (Karen Clark Sheard), Raven Goodwin (Denise Clark Bradford), and Aunjanue Ellis as the Clark Sisters’ mother, Dr. Mattie Moss Clark.

The Clark Sisters. Lifetime pays homage to legendary gospel group On Saturday, April 11, Lifetime debuted a new movie that portrayed the lives and careers of the legendary singing group the Clark Sisters. Dubbed “the first ladies of gospel,” they are the highest-selling female gospel group of all time and have three Grammy Awards to their name. During the premiere of The Clark Sisters: The First Ladies of Gospel, viewers were wondering if the cast was doing their own singing. The answer is a resounding yes. Read on to find out why it was important to executive producers Queen Latifah, Mary J. Blige and Missy Elliott to find actors who could take on such difficult music and also which cast member is the real-life daughter of one of the Clark Sisters.

At the 2020 Television Critics Association winter press tour, the EPs revealed that director Christine Swanson wanted singers who could “bring the house down” in order to really capture “the essence of the Clark Sisters.” Queen Latifah said that during the casting process, if someone couldn’t handle the Clark Sisters songs in the audition, then that was a dealbreaker. “You may think this is some sort of typical casting, but I’d behoove any of you to go into the Clark Sisters’ catalog and become familiar with their music … I would love for you to listen to their music and try to break down their harmonies and the way that those tracks are built, and the way that they do their runs, and see if you can follow them, and see how challenging they are and how they bounce into different cadences. You got to have a pocket. You got to be able to really pull this off and it’s no easy task. And people love the Clark Sisters so


Soulful Image Magazine / Issue 21

During the casting process, Kierra, who is Karen Clark Sheard’s daughter, ended up being cast to player her mother. But she had to audition like everyone else and she says it was incredibly intimidating to try to fill her mother’s shoes, especially because she wasn’t sure if her vocal chops were quite up to snuff. “Trying to sing like her, I literally became lightheaded trying to hit her notes,” said Sheard, adding that within the cast, sometimes they had to “switch the notes” that they each singing because “it would be too high for [them] to sing on,” but that was part of what made them feel like a real family during filming. “I’d be like, ‘Ang, can you take this for me? Can you handle that for me?’ Or ‘Christina, can you handle that?’ So I think that was, too, how we became like true sisters,” said Sheard. Birchett also said that she really had to work on making her voice sound like Jacky Clark Chisholm because Jacky’s voice is so different from her own. But they worked with producer Donald Lawrence, who produced some of the Clark Sisters’ music, and he helped them get it right. “Donald Lawrence, who is so beloved by the Clark Sisters, he worked with us before they even yelled, ‘Action!”’ and we just got that sound just so precise to a certain point where we actually put a clip online and no one believed that it was not the real Clark Sisters. So, I think we got pretty close to it. It kind of scared us, too,” said Frazier.

Light In Your Soul 8-Year-Old Recording Artist JAZMINE HEADLEY Drops Debut Single “DANCE WITH ME” Toronto, ON - Jazmine (Jazzy) Headley is an eight-year-old Canadian pop artist. The young artist will drop her first single “Dance With Me” November 20 on all platforms. At just eight Jazzy has already made an impression. Writing music and playing piano at an even earlier age. The first song Jazzy wrote was a tribute to George Floyd. Jazzy found a way to connect with her own age group. The rising pop star has always had a sense of purpose & is fearless when getting her message out. Jazzy uses her music as a vehicle to promote positivity with kids. From her appearances on television to a clothing line, “Jazz Me Apparel” featuring t-shirts for kids with positive mental health quotes, Jazzy has found a way to connect with fans. Jazzy became an ambassador for Miss Bonita and Friends this year. The children’s web series is based on the popular children’s books of the same name. The perfect choice. Jazzy leads by example. The young artist’s music is upbeat and fun at a time when kids are looking for a release from Covid-19 restrictions and parents are looking for positive ways to do that. Jazzy brings her own outgoing personality & heart to her role of Mission Bonita Ambassador. The message she delivers, “be a positive participant in your own life and others.” Keep Up With Jazzy: Facebook: @realljazzj8 Instagram: @ realjazzj Tick tock: @ realjazzj Spotify: @RealJazzJ

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The 35th Stellar Awards went virtual to commemorate First Responders and Congressman John Lewis Not even a global pandemic could diminish the powerful spirit of praise, worship and celebration during the historic virtual broadcast of the Stellar Gospel Music Awards Sunday night on BET and BET Her. Led by hosts Kirk Franklin, Jonathan McReynolds, and Koryn Hawthorne, the 35th Anniversary Stellar Gospel Music Awards awarded trophies in 28 categories for the year’s best performances in the genre -- including six statues presented to the night’s big winner, host and Gospel icon Kirk Franklin. From the first moments featuring welcome remarks by Stellar Awards Founder and Executive Producer Don Jackson and powerful show open by Tye Tribbett of his uplifting anthem “We Gon’ Be Alright,” through the final credit roll, the “Greatest Night in Gospel Music” lived up to its claim to fame. Virtually bringing together the nation’s Gospel community to offer hope and inspiration during these turbulent times, among the evening’s highlights are a moving tribute to the late Congressman John Lewis by CeCe Winans, who performed “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” and special recognition to COVID-19 first responder heroes. The show’s hosts visited first responder heroes on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic in Dallas, Nashville and Chicago, expressing gratitude for their sacrifice and bestowing commemorative Stellar Awards lapel pins in honor of their service.

Rounding out the night with one Stellar Award each were JJ Hairston (Praise and Worship Album of the Year), Ben Tankard (Instrumental Album of the Year), Gospel Kids (Youth Project of the Year), Keith Wonderboy Johnson (Quartet of the Year) and Greenleaf; Season 3 (Special Event Album of the Year). Performers raised the bar with awe-inspiring renditions of their work calling attention to social justice and other challenges facing our society. Breathtaking and visually-stunning performances were delivered by Tamela Mann, Anthony Brown, James Fortune, Koryn Hawthorne, J.J. Hairston & Youthful Praise, Jonathan McReynolds, Travis Greene, Kierra Sheard, Marvin Sapp, Tye Tribbett, Tauren Wells, Zacardi Cortez, Pastor Mike Jr, DOE, and Rich Tolbert Jr. Emerging artists making their Stellar Awards debut, Group Fire, Keyla Richardson, Melvin Crispell III, and Titus Showers joined a rich legacy of 35 years of excellence in Gospel music.

Gospel legend and icon Kirk Franklin co-hosts the Stellar Awards from his home via internet to millions of viewers worldwide.

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Light In Your Soul the political climate and the social unrest that has affected so many worldwide, myself included, whether directly, indirectly or physiologically. As demonstrations continue across the world as an expression of frustration over longstanding issues of police brutality and inequality, all while facing a pandemic, the world just seems a bit dark and gloomy right now. “This song is meant to give the world hope of the change that can be. It’s meant to encourage them to shine amidst the darkness and remind them that we are stronger united,” Kirk explains. As a student of Garveyism, believing in the unification and empowerment of African-American men, women and children under the banner of their collective African descent, and the repatriation of African slave descendants and profits to the African continent; Kirk felt it was befitting to take it back to the motherland for the video. The video for the Single is was shot in Uganda, East Africa. This could be dubbed as a new age pan-africian anthem. In tough times like these, when hope struggles to find its way through the fog of history, listening to “Let it be done” helps us to imagine that another future is possible. Let it be done is now available on all streaming platforms.

Kirk Diamond’s Let It Be Done. A New Age Symbol of Hope & The Pan-Africian Movement

by Kimberlee Shelley-Ajibolade


uno Award Winner Kirk Diamond is singer, songwriter, producer and social activist in his own right. Diamond has proven that there are no limits when high expectations of oneself and ones goals are achieved. Spreading musical messages of unity, inclusion, and love for all walks of life, The Movement Of Ahryel joins Kirk Diamond in delivering his greatness to reggae & dancehall lovers. Since it’s formation, the band has been opened for international reggae powerhouses Maxi Priest, Third World, Luciano and Etana, to name a few. Kirk was also nominated for the Vigor Awards in 2020. Kirk believes in the unification and empowerment of men, women and children under the banner of their collective African descent. This is reflected in his music, which is influenced by the philosophies of Haile Selassie and Marcus Garvey. Diamond’s unique sound has landed him on the global music stage making him the only Canadian Reggae Artist to appear on Freestyle BBC 1XTRA and the only reggae artist to close Afro-fest to date. Diamond has also performed on several other major music stages including : Calgary Reggae Festival, Toronto Reggae Festival, JUNOFest, Congregate Brixton, Winrush Festival, Middlesborough Reggaefest , Channel One 45th Anniversary Show, Yard Vibes Germany and TVJ’s Smile Jamaica. He’s also performed for Mayor Patrick Brown and other elected officials at City Hall for Brampton’s Black History Month Event. Kirk was a Guest Host on ET Canada in October 2020, making him the first Reggae artist to be a co-host on the show. Despite the amassed recognitions and critical distinctions, Kirk still stays humble and continues to push the influence of reggae music internationally, while bringing about social change through his music. Staying true to the culture and the music, Kirk has also been a part of various marches, protests and other events in the quest for equality. His latest Song - Let It Be Done - was written in light of


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Top: Album cover or latest release by Kirk Diamond, Let It Be Done. Middle Right: Single Greater that earned him a 2018 Juno Award. Bottom left: Kirk Diamond and The Movement of Ahryel in video, Give Thanks. Botton right: Single Cover for I Will.

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Sam Tita

The author of the book Radical Prayers, Racical Results discusses how through the powerful force of prayer, God saved his marriage, his family, his business and ultimatey, his soul. Sam, what inspired you to write this book?

When I started writing Radical Prayers Radical Results, it was intended to be a book on marriage, based on the amazing thing God did by restoring our marriage after a five-year separation. Naomi and I were not followers of Jesus Christ at the time of our separation. We were going through some difficulties which we tried to resolve on our own for several years. But when I didn’t think I could handle it anymore I bolted and left my wife and children. In fact, I was so psychologically done with the marriage that I told Naomi that even death wouldn’t bring us together. Without knowing it, Naomi had reached out to a friend who took her to church, and she surrendered her life to Jesus and started praying for my salvation and for the restoration of our marriage. Her prayers unleased the prayers of members of my family who had also become followers of Jesus and they prayed and fasted for my salvation. It took me five years before allowing the grace of God to arrest my heart and to surrender to Him. So, as you can see, we have an amazing marriage testimony, which was why I wanted to write a book on marriages and how God can restore them. However, after writing and reading the introduction, I sensed the Holy Spirit saying to me that this was to be a book on prayer. I wrote for four months, and this book is the result of that effort.

Once you regained your marriage, family and began successful businesses, what was your inspiration to begin your ministry works?

To answer this question properly, I must go back to the time right after I got saved. I was in the United States at the time. After I surrendered myself to the grace of God, through circumstances too lengthy to include here, a pastor I did not personally know told me to return home to my wife. I immediately said, “No sir!”, because I remembered the


Soulful Image Magazine / Issue 21

reason that I had left in the first place. Of course, I was a new Believer, and in a very complicated relationship, which was getting more emotionally toxic by the minute. It got so bad that I begged God to rescue me from it in a way that the fallout would not be catastrophic. I promised Him that if He did this for me, I would serve Him for the rest of my life. Well, in a way that only God can do, He did not only rescue me from that relationship, He orchestrated it so that when I left the United States on a trip back to meet with Naomi and the kids, I couldn’t return to the US for five years! And the woman I was in a relationship with couldn’t travel into Canada. Therefore, with this new love that He had put in my heart for my wife, I was forced to settle down and to give it time to flourish. After I returned home, Naomi and I started a new technology company. We wanted to have the flexibility with our time to be able to serve God, so working for someone else on a fixed schedule didn’t fit in our plans. However, starting a company requires a lot of time, and we worked long hours, Monday to Saturday. As it happened, we were working very hard and getting no where fast. Then one day the Holy Spirit ministered gently to my heart and asked me about the promise I had made to serve Him if He rescued me from the pit that I was in. I tearfully recalled that promise and asked Him to forgive me. Right away I knew things had to change. So, to make a long story short, Naomi and I closed our business and God dragged me to a new place of work, which would lead to the business that has prospered us over the years. I say “dragged” because I refused to make the move to that company for over a month. And as only God can do it, the moment I made up my mind to begin serving Him, everything changed. That year my income tripled, and I was invited to join the hosting team of a Christian television show. I didn’t even know a word of Scripture! But that is how

God does things sometimes. The rest is history.

List all the ministries you have.

Influence Center for Christian Leadership and Philanthropy (Influencecenter.ca ). This is our flagship ministry. Everything else we do sprouts from here. The others are: Prayer Wave (PrayerWave.ca) and Sam Tita Ministry (SamTita.com ).

What courses or discipleship programs can people sign up with you today? Our flagship program is called Prevail in Life and Ministry. This is our 27-week leadership and discipleship program which we run out of Influence Center (via Zoom). We’ve taught it at several churches as well. It is based on three of my books, Radical Prayers Radical Results, Radical Trust and Radical Witness plus a Prevail in Life & Ministry Workbook. As the name indicates, the program is designed to help Believers succeed in all areas of life, including marriage and finances, and in ministry. We also have a business program that we introduce graduates to, so that they can jumpstart their financial success without risking anything called Enrich Network. Interviewed by Tracey-Acadia Thomas. Go to enrichnetwork.com for details or samtita.com

Radical Prayers, Radical Results is now available at SamTita.com and FaithFilledBooks. com Get yours TODAY!

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“Her prayers unleased the prayers of members of my family who had also become followers of Jesus and they prayed and fasted for my salvation.�

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20 Soulful Image Magazine / Issue 21

Light In Your Soul

Jagger Gordon Every chef feels that everybody deserves a great meal, but this Executive Chef believes that EVERY PERSON has the right to be fed a great meal. And you know what? We agree with him!


or those that know Etobicoke Chef Jagger Gordon, the founder of Feed it Forward, there is no surprise that he was selected as a Star Metroland Media 2020 Urban Hero in the Business category, Judge’s Selection.

Years ago, Feed It Forward and 11 other charity programs, started when Gordon became increasingly aware of how much food wastage there is in this country. “More than half of the food produced in Canada ends up as landfill.” says Gordon. “I can foresee what I’m now supposed to do,” and that has led the Etobicoke resident to the forefront of his food rescue and redistribute initiative in the Greater Toronto Area. Gordon said he had to educate companies that their unsold food can be donated without liability and directed to people in need, contrary to popular belief. “I went out to restaurants, I went to hotels,” he says. “I started knocking on every door. People listened and they gave. You do good, good will come to you — and it has,” says the Chef. As a family man with a wife and children, Gordon noticed how some of his daughter’s friends were secretly struggling trying to aquire food, not knowing where their next meal was coming from. He soon thereafter redefined food insecurity as “when a person struggles with their next meal, at any level.” With revelation in mind, Gordon began pooling together all his resources and started a new initiative by providing free food and meals for students and anyone that was hungry at certain after-school events. That in part inspired him to also start a pay-what-you-can soup bar in downtown Toronto, where homelessness was the most severe, but also did the same at Humber College and other post-secondary institutions.

and details on what was taken. The concept is pretty similar to a pay-what-you-can pizzaria in Manhattan New York called Rosa’s Fresh Pizza, where patrons can pay for slices in advance for those who cannot afford. You can also make a donation to Feed It Forward to help with the overhead of running this much needed service to the community. Prior to the 2020 COVID-19 hit, Gordon had just signed a fresh five-year lease on a new grocery location on Dundas Street West. Unfortunately the lockdown on non-essential business was announced late March in Ontario and became mandatory causing Gordon to lose all his catering jobs in the immediate future, Undaunted, he and his kitchen staff ramped up their production of frozen meals from repurposed food, making up to 5,000 a day. Gordon became an essential service for the community and started asking for more volunteers — he now has 2,200 — and for more board members, vehicles and grants to sustain Feed It Forward. We all must understand that we don’t have to be a politician or famous to have an impact or change the world. All you need is to be willing to do the necessary work to make the change. And Chef Jagger Gordon is proud that the same high-quality meals he cooks for celebrites, can be given to someone without a home. “It’s dinner with dignity. Food is not a privilege, it should be filling empty bellies, not rotting on some land heap” he says. Bravo Chef Gordon, Bravo.

His personal obligation to help those less fortunate finding food didn’t end there. After one rainy Oktoberfest event he was catering for, he was stuck with so much food, he gladly gave out free meals in Trinity Bellwoods Park. Hundreds showed up to collect. Gordon then started getting fresh produce from a 200-acre organic farm in Whitby. It was a great support ensuring that he can use organic local produce for even fresher meals instead of solely waiting for whatever is leftover from grocery stores. In 2018, Gordon took a bigger step by opening Canada’s very first pay-what-you-can grocery store and café in The Junction on Dundas Street West. The concept is pretty simple. Whatever groceries you need and can pay for, do just that. If you are short on funds, visitors can only take one day’s worth of food for a family, or choose a bi-weekly box of pre-packaged food and recipes. And checking out involves providing your name, contact information

For more information, go to feeditforward.ca and jaggergordon.com

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Robert J. Moore The founder of The Magnetic Entrepreneur takes us back to the times he was faced with addiction and poverty, got saved, and turned it all around. What do you believe was the beginning point that started your addiction? When I was 20 years old, I lost the mother of my two kids. She died giving birth July 20th 1992. I didn’t know how to identify with my emotions. I didn’t know how to feel. l didn’t know where to go. I didn’t know who my friends were. That’s when I really turned into an alcoholic. Years later I found myself sitting on top of a case of beer rolling cigarette butts I found on the ground in the woods. I felt like, I’m alone all the time. Nobody cared to stay around me because I was always angry, and I blamed everybody else for how I felt. I never considered it to be my fault. I wasn’t taking responsibility at all and this was the pattern of my whole life.

When did you start to see things change?

That same night I sat there, I asked God, “Is this really all you got for me? Is there nothing more to this lifetime?” Then suddenly a wave of hope overcame me that I didn’t understand. I got up and gave the case of beer I had left to some guys sitting nearby who were also drinking in the woods with me. “Here guys take this. I’m out of here!” And then I took off. I had no idea where I was going, but I felt that God was leading me somewhere to get help. So right there I decided that I didn’t need any more drinks and went right to the hospital and got myself into rehab to start the process. I started believing that maybe there’s hope for me after all. Since then, I have been clean and sober for 15 years.

That’s amazing Robert! So when you finished rehab, how did your new life start?

Shortly after my recovery, I decided to go to school and take my education seriously. I attended Georgian College and obtained a BA in Counselling and Psychology. During school, I met a real cool guy who kept asking me if I would like to hang with the youth at his local church and help out. I eventually agreed and started helping out every week. However, because I had been an alcoholic


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brought up around bikers and spent 16 years in and out of jail in the past, my language was pretty abrasive and the f-bombs kept coming out around the youth. Many times I had to be pulled aside to be talked to because of that. After a while, the same guy who originally got me into the program was right there with me when I was compelled to succumb to God’s will and I finally accepted Jesus into my life. We did the sinner’s prayer and after a couple of days, I felt like a whole different me. I was like, “WOW! This is cool!” It felt like I gained a new life and a new me.

To God be the glory! What was an impactful lesson you learned being a child in Christ?

I was unclear when it came to my expectations when praying to God. But after a while I saw it in a different way. You put a prayer out there and God puts it on the shelf wrapped up and ready to go. He never says when it’s going to arrive. Your gift from God will arrive when HE wants it to arrive, not when YOU want it to. That’s where my expectations got in the way. I use to ask, if there really is a God then why is it not happening? And I would give up 10 minutes before the miracle happens. Then I tried asking again but this time dropping all my selfish expectations, and all of a sudden the package arrived. “Oh, then maybe there is a God,” and I started believing in him again. But the problem was I found out that a lot of people they only go to God when they want something, not for when they’re doing well. So now I can sit and say, “Thank you God for allowing me to have such a beautiful day. Thank you for allowing me to have the things I have today that I’m grateful for.”

So how did your business the Magnetic Entrepreneur come about?

My very first coach was the operations manager of Think and Grow Rich. He taught me that it was my intelligence of learning how to get the solution to a problem, that’ was a gift I had to give people. After finding my purpose in that, I made forty eight thousand dollars that month.

I studied 50 of the top Achievers in the world to be where I am today. I went to a Tony Robbins seminar to look at the lights, to look at the way he dressed, to see his paperwork, and how he put his event rooms together. I looked at how he organized his events because I wanted to host one myself. When I met Eric Thomas he pulled a lot out of me by actually ripping my business apart on the friends’ prayer line. I was like “Wow!” I really needed that to see things differently. Afterwards, things started to change. I would go to a gas station or somewhere, and people would just cling and talk to me. My dad would notice and say, “Every time we go somewhere you’re just like a magnet.” A month or two after that, when I was thinking of rebranding, I remembered my dad kept saying I’m a magnet. So instead of coming out with my original intention, The Better Way Formula, I came out with The Magnetic Entrepreneur instead. And when that came out, my business really started to move and things in my life started to change.

5x Internationally awarded Best Selling Author, Speaker, Publisher, Business Coach & Guinness World Record Holder. Facebook/ MagneticEntrepreneur, YouTube & Twitter

Inspire & Motivate

He was born and raised in impoverished conditions. He was labeled uneducatable. However, he talked his way into becoming a radio personality, was elected into state office and became the most renowned motivational speaker on the globe. He is Les Brown. Soulful Image Magazine founder TraceyAcadia Thomas had the honor of personally interviewing this optimistic orator, father and man of God to discuss his past, our present and what we all must do to solidify a positive future for ourselves.

Interviewed by Tracey-Acadia Thomas

Soulful Image: When was that first moment from your childhood when you knew things had to change? Les Brown: In my book called “You’ve got to be hungry” I talk about the defining moment when the birth of hunger took place in my life and in a person that’s hungry, they act like they can’t fail. They lay it all on the line. It’s not over till they win. They believe I will or I will die. I remember back when I was with my mother while she was working in Miami Beach for a wealthy family. She cooked and served them and took the leftovers from the families that she cooked for. She kept for their children and we wore their hand-me-down clothes. One day she went to work for a lady named Miss Harris. She sent my mother to go in a room to find her purple hat she wanted to wear. When my


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mother went in the room I heard her begin to clap her hands. I said “Mama?” “What is it Leslie?” “Why are you clapping your hands?” She said “don’t you worry; just continue cleaning those spots off the floor in the kitchen.” She came out of the room and said “Miss Harris, it’s not in there.” Miss Harris said, “look in the other room down the hall on the left.” Once again, my mother went in there and she started clapping her hands, and I said “Mama, why are you clapping your hands?” And this time she was irritated. She said “didn’t I tell you don’t you worry? You just clean up those spots on the floor.” Miss Harris stormed over to me and said “I can tell you why she’s clapping her hands.” “Why ma’am?” I asked

Soul Therapy Check out these new insightful books of faith that will touch your soul and help you get through this pandemic with courage.

Faith Filled Books

Radical Prayers, Radical Results Author: Sam Tita Publisher: iiNFLUENCE Publishing

Many Christians claim they don’t have time to pray regularly, as though the time they spend in prayer is for someone else’s benefit. I have learned that spending even only ten minutes with God before engaging in my daily schedule sets the tone for the rest of my day. I tap into His rest and counsel and remind myself of who walks with me. This gives me great confidence as I navigate the minutia of daily living and deal with the many encumbrances along the way.

Do It Afraid:

Embracing Courage In The Face of Fear. Author: Joyce Meyer Publisher: Faith Words

Recognize, confront, and conquer the fears holding you back from living boldly and freely with renowned Bible teacher and New York Times bestselling author, Joyce Meyer. Fear is the devil’s favorite tool in the toolbox of schemes he uses to destroy God’s good plan for you. He uses it to hold you back and prevent progress in your relationships, career, and more.

Better Decisions, Fewer Regrets:

5 Questions to Help You Determine Your Next Move Author: Andy Stanley Publisher: Zondervan

Good questions lead to better decisions. Discover five game-changing questions to ask every time you make a decision--questions that will help you in your finances, relationships, career, and more. Your decisions determine the direction and quality of your life. Your decisions create the story of your life. And while nobody plans to complicate their life with bad decisions, far too many people have no plan to make good decisions.


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Soul Therapy

The flow of life is this, you are born, you learn to walk, talk, and create with your thoughts. And once you learn that you can manifest the things that you think about and say, you have the power to create anything you want. When you walk in alignment with your words, thoughts and actions great things will happen. But everything that has meaning to you will change once you find out the reason you were put on this earth. When you find your purpose, you will begin to live to attract things, experiences and people that will help you fulfill your life’s calling. God gives you the opportunity to explore your gifts, talents, likes and wants. But when you evolve to a place where you redirect your blessings back to Him, He will begin a relationship with you sharing His divine power and spirit so that you will become a vessel of ultimate blessings to this world. Right now there are many opportunities to be a blessing even in the midst of suffering, uncertainty and chaos. But the ultimate question is how powerful are you really? Is your power based on the things that you own? What about the titles or jobs you may have had that has kept your life stable? Or are you conscious that your power is given from the one who created you? Have you considered that right now during this global pandemic, God is taking you through a time of testing to see how strong your faith is? What will you do once a few things or everything is stripped away from you? Will you still love Him? Will you still push through life with the beliefs and morals you swore to uphold? Will you fight for the life you say you really want? Or will you make excuses based on what you see happening around you making you feel it’s happening to you?

How can God give you what you have been praying for if you refuse to release what you have? Most often people follow their own plan to try to attain what they want instead of trusting God with the end result of their lives. In other words are you ready to surrender to His will and ways of being so that you can finally receive what you truly want? Can you be open to shift when He says to shift with no fear or questions? My heart says that we are in a season of great global testing. God is testing His people because He is getting ready to promote those who pass His tests. When the day comes that He rises up His leaders to reign with Him, no one can say that they were overlooked. We all have the same types of tests to take (that produce patience, endurance, and steadfastness), the same types of opportunities (that develop the character of Christ), and the same resources we all need to achieve the same things (faith, power, and authority). But God is waiting for you to step out of the boat, keep your eyes on Him, and walk towards Him ignoring all the storms and chaos around you towards your destiny. He wants you to Act Like You Cannot Fail today and to do what needs to be done to achieve what most people are not willing to do.

Some of you who have been receiving His messaging downloads will fully understand what I am saying here. While some of you are just not prepared yet to receive this revelation. You must open your spirit to receive Him and draw closer to Him so that you too can find His treasures. Stop running from Him. Now is the time to submit, pray, seek, ask, knock and study His Word thoroughly or you will be left behind. Life’s answers are written in His WORD, but only those who are baptized by the Holy Spirit will have the eyes to see beyond the common understanding. I truly pray this blesses you all. I pray that you will find the strength, power and peace you need to make it through this season. Share this magazine with your family and friends. Purchase a subscription or gift a few copies to your loved ones. May the blessings of the Lord be with you all! Sincerely,

Tracey-Acadia Thomas

Founder & Editor-In-Chief

Are you ready?

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