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Self Promotion & Data Visua=lisation

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What Am I Like?

Self Promotion & Data Visua=lisation

Its All About Me I found this piece I entitled “All About Me” was fairly narcissistic, yet the name therefore suited quite nicely to the task. The mood board consisted of presenting a group of 10 objects that represent me; from my favourite ‘Food’ to ‘Pastime’. I found the task interesting in firstly finding out a few things about myself, and more importantly what style of work I chose to use for the mood board. I decided to do the piece on Photoshop, which is an area at the time I didn’t feel most comfortable with, so felt this would push my boundaries and challenge myself. The piece I created in some way defined my preferred style of work: this of which I think I can develop upon further. I see now that working in other ways and using a variety of mediums and techniques could have made this piece more interesting.

Self Promotion

Promote Yourself I began my journey of self promotion simply thinking about which colours and styles were best suited to myself. This section will provide some insight into my personal designs and abilities. Yet I feel there is still a lot of room to progress on the subject, and that “promoting yourself� is something that can be continuously developed upon. In my first attempt, I brought together some ideas that made me question my style. I feel that I can adapt my work to a variety of forms when I get an idea, sometimes graphic but sleek, minimal but somewhat detailed. Thus, this section will provide you with some original examples of my work and the start of my developing promotion.

Self Promotion

Initial Ideas





1 2 3 4

Roman Numeral Style Initials Mix Signerica Initial Mix in Circle Curly Detailed Initials TJ Minimal Combination

These are my initial few ideas I came up with for my own logo. I did find this quite a challenge, especially with where to start. I tried a variety of signiture styles to begin with, but wasn’t too happy with what I could make of it. The first idea you can see on the left (1) if a combination of all 3 of my initials, TJK. I liked the way it created a roman numeral look, but couldn’t quite make it look professional with my lack of skills using Adobe Illustrator - something I aim to get better with. This is when I started to use some fonts that I liked and downloaded to create a more professional style. This of which I could develop upon to get to grips with what style best suited me. Number 2 is using the font I commonly use on my blog and for self promotion, the sketchy but neat style is something I’ve always worked upon.

When I looked back upon my original drawings, I noticed that I commonly attempted to bring together my initials into a curly style together. This influenced me to try bringing together a very curly font that would look best for this style in number 3. The last logo I developed was when I tried focus in on what I would want portrayed in my work and business cards further. I didn’t want something too overpowering, as that isn’t a style that suits me. The minimal approach to this design was something I decided could be worked into a variety of formats at a later date and I quite liked. The design was firstly me creating a ‘T’ like I do in my personal signiture. When I looked at the simple design more, I realised it can portray ‘T’ and ‘J’ also - my middle name inital. The more I stared in decision of the logo, I thought it sometimes didn’t even look like letters at all. This feature I also thought was surrealistically interesting to be used.

Self Promotion

Business Card This business card shown to the left is my further development of self promotion. At the time I needed to print a business card for our Berlin study trip I wasn’t happy with how my logo had progressed. Thus, I created this card which furthermore promotes myself as a fashion communicator and creative by presenting my skills and area of work in a visual way.

In Further Development

This is a couple short developments on my preferred logo for self promotion. I like the minimal approach to the logo and think I could further develop it in multiple ways. I also thought about getting a stamp made for the design, so I could perhaps get a wax stamp design made to create a minimal and exclusive look.

Different Contexts

I put my preferred logo into a range of different contexts. This allowed me to see if I liked the design if used at a later date for professional purposes.

CV & Covering Letter

Tracey Kemp 30 Waterloo Road Nottingham NG7 4AU

Aspen The Street Sheering Bishops Stortford Hertfordshire CM22 7LY (Home)

Mobile: 07969661103 Email: Date of birth: 11/11/1993

Education and Qualifications

Nottingham Trent University (Sept 2012 – Present) BA (Hons) Fashion Communication and Promotion Expected Result 2:1 The Leventhorpe Sixth Form Hertfordshire (Sept 2010 – Jun 2012) A2 level: Textiles (A); Sociology (A); English Language (B) AS level: Art and Design (C) Burnt Mill Secondary School Essex (Sept 2005 – Jun 2010) 13 GCSEs grades A*-C incl English Language and Mathematics 1 BTEC grade (Merit)

Skills And Abilities Communication o Experienced in dealing effectively with a wide range of customers through my work experiences in retail and restaurants o Communication with colleges has been a key quality for quick and efficient shifts in waitressing and other areas o Given presentations at my time at University to lecturers and fellowstudents as part of my course o Developed excellent writing skills from my work at University and A Levels Leadership o Given leadership roles commonly in my work at Hunters Meet Restaurant, being a member with experience I have been given managerial roles to run the floor when necessary o Encouraging and motivating team members in work environments to ensure everyone works to their best ability and to ensure the customers are happy o Training new members in the restaurant environment o Supervising and running the bar areas Teamwork o Learned to adapt quickly to different teams through a variety of work and University tasks o Gained insight into how teams can develop strategies to deal with problems through participating as a team member in project assignments as part of my course

Aspen The Street Sheering Bishops Stortford Hertfordshire  CM22 7LY MOB. 07969661103 HOM. 01279734248

__________________ __________________ __________________ __________________

Dear _________ I am interested in gaining some work experience at ______, in the marketing, advertising or promotion department. Firstly I would like to tell you a little about what I do and how it relates to the role. I am in my second year of taking Fashion Communication and Promotion and Nottingham Trent University, a title quite conglomerate can essentially be defined through the ability to find creative, innovative and aesthetically pleasing ways to promote brands, products or services. I would like to put my creative and communication skill to test at fashion brand I feel passionate about such as ______, as I feel this is an area where my interest lies. As a young female I think I can relate to the brand and perhaps show my creative input in a way that would suit the brand well. I do feel I could offer some interesting and innovative ideas in contribution and I would love to be part of the team. I hope you would consider me and get in touch if anything were available. Yours sincerely, Tracey Kemp

Please find my CV attached for you perusal.

Visual CV

Visual Curriculum Vitae This is my final draft of my creative CV, as you can see edited and adapted from my original draft. I tried to limit down some the content of the cv, as my original one was two pages and a bit long winded - something that employers tend not to read. Therefore I created a piece, short and sweet with some minimal visuals.


PROFILE Enthusiastic and highly creative individual, determined fashion student, perfectionist and full of innovative ideas from the year of 1993.

EDUCATION NOTTINGHAM TRENT UNIVERSITY (Sept 2012 – Present) BA Fashion Communication and Promotion Expected Result 2:1 THE LEVENTHORPE SCHOOL SIXTH FORM (Sept 2010 – Jun 2012) A2 level: Textiles (A); Sociology (A); English Language (B) AS level: Art and Design (C) BURNT MILL ACADAMY (Sept 2005 – Jun 2010) 13 GCSEs grades A*- C incl. English Language and Mathematics 1 BTEC grade (Merit)

SKILLS ABOBE CREATIVE DESIGN SUITE Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator Illustration, Styling, Typography, Photography, Research, Photo manipulation

STRENGTHS AND INTERESTS STRENGTHS From a range of work and University activities I have gained a lot of experience and confidence in team working and leadership. I believe I am a very organised and creative person who can turn my hand to a range of tasks, with the ability to adapt and apply to each one. As a visual communicator I am able to design concepts that are relevant to the brief. INTERESTS Art, fashion, advertising, film, architechture, interiors, music, graphics and styling.


NEW LOOK PR DEPARTMENT Image requests, monitoring coverage, showroom visual merchandising, store press office requests, returns process, scanning coverage, magazine filing and answering calls and emails.

2010 - 2014

HUNTERS MEET RESTAURANT, HOTEL AND LEISURE Waiting tables and taking food and drink orders, experienced with bar, work using the cashier, taking calls, bookings and payments, creation of promotional advertisements, excellent communication skills needed, taking leadership well and able to perform as team leader when needed.

Online Portfolio

TKemp Portfolio This is a screen-grab of my online portfolio shown to the right. At first I was quite apprehensive of making one, as although I have had a fair amount of experience in making and editing websites, I had not used the typical formats of a portfolio – such as Cargo Collective or Wix. Thus, I stuck to something I had recently got to grips with – Tumblr. This is still something fairly new to me, as I had only just made a personal blog of my own on Tumblr in 2013. However, when I got into making an online portfolio in this format, I found it fun and fairly straightforward. I made the online portfolio with the aim to show some of my best work, work I found most interesting or learnt the most from. At the bottom right I have provided the web address to the portfolio. Enjoy!

Work Experience

New Look PR Department This piece of work was based upon the work experience I gained during my months away from Fashion Communication and Promotion in the Summer 2013. My moodboards were on my internship at high street brand New Look’s PR Department based in London. My first visual A3 moodboard was based on the experience I gained in the Oxford Street store where I worked hald my internship in the store press office. The second A3 moodboard comparitively was based upon my work roles in the New Look head office on Mortimer Street, London. Depending on my timetable, I was set to work in either store or head office each day. Each board contains information visually represented of the roles I performed in each area.

Objects To Represent Me

My 5 Objects






This task involved me collating a range of 5 objects that I believe represent me. Again, another task the sounds fairly simple – but if thought about it too much can be quite difficult! What best represents me? Well, here’s my shortlist. Object number 1: the flowers in my University room – although they are not real – I feel that I have always felt comforted by flowers in a house, something I think derived from when my nan was around, who had a passion for flowers. Object number 2: my sketchpad and pencil. As I think of myself as creative, I enjoy sketching and artistic forms such as this. Object number 3: my sleeping mask – for a girl who most definitely needs her beauty sleep! Object number 4: my Nikon camera, although I have never studied the subject, I enjoy and have a passion for photography. Object number 5: my makeup bag, something I bring with me at all times – call me vein I don’t mind – I love make-up and styling also.

Moving Manifesto

Moving Objects Manifesto

This is a few still shots from my Objects Moving Manifesto shown above. I think this task was one I firstly avoided the most and therefore found most difficult. With my lack of knowledge in making a moving manifesto, I made it online – the address is listed above.

All Walks

What is Beauty?

Team Photographs

Our All Walks project began with our photographic exhibition pieces that were based on behaviour change and a disputable question - ‘What is Beauty?’ The project was only two weeks long, to which we came up with an interesting and challenging topic, which aim to make a statement upon conventional beauty forms. Nonetheless, we did not originally portray connotations to gender diversity and inner confidence as well as we hoped at first. We had an original photo-shoot that wasn’t cle to the audience what messages were to be received. In our second photo-shoot, shown above, we portrayed and enhanced our model Adam Thomson’s true identity and unique style. Through the confidence in Adam’s feminine style, we were able to derive a subject the questions gender stereotypes and androgyny.




What is Beauty?

Magazine Context

The photoshoot topic and style needed to also be suitable for a particular publication. Our group came to the conclusion that Another magazine (Or AnotherMan) would be best suited to our subject matter. This was decided on the fact that the publication is not only a fashion based magazine, but also lifestyle, culture, art and film. These platforms of interest to the Another magazine customer base we believed could relate to the socially challenging subject matter of our photoshoot. Here you can see a few of my personal editorial and cover page examples in the context of our chosen magazine.

Text and Direction Tracey Kemp Photography Christie Hutchinson Stylist Zoe Harrington

From exploration into gender phenomena, ‘beauty’ has been shown to be a complex and evergrowing matter. Our model Adam described a beautiful male as “somebody who doesn’t necessarily realise that they are beautiful, or doesn’t fit into the typical stereotype of attractiveness. Yet they have an aura about them that makes them stand out from the crowd, they appreciate their own body and make the most of what they have.” This quote further gave meaning to the underpinned ideologies in our imagery. We set out to promote self-esteem and self-acceptance

“They have an aura about them that makes them stand out from the crowd” into individuals and to find their real inner beauty and ‘true self ’. It is said that ‘Beauty is only skin deep’ and thus we further promoted this phrase in terms of diversity; moving away stereotypical and superficial forms of ‘beauty’ in society today as actively creative and exhilarating. We also related this to the social construct of gender, showing that diverse forms are as equally beautiful. Beauty is something that is shown from within, self-accepting and having confidence in your true self is a beautiful thing.

Adam Thomson

Fashion Designer and Creative Explores his

Inner Beauty

Bright Young Things

Hiroaki Kanai For our Bright Young Things task we were set to focus on one of the designers that had their work showcased in the London Selfridges store, 2013. We were given Hiroaki Kanai - am extremely talented Royal College of Art graduate. His collection denoted mid-century couture meets sportswear, making a sum of elegant head-turning menswear. The surreal display of his creations influenced us in our task to create a store space inspired by the young designer. We presented a range of ideas for in-store spaces and window visuals. Developing on the idea of distorting the perception of the viewer in his displays, we created some further ideas that would display Hiroaki’s work. Shown on these pages are the moodboards we created and presented to portray our ideas on in-store spaces and the retail environment we aimed to construct.

Diversity Now Competition

Illustration Shown of this page is my Diversity Now competition entry. There were a variety of different forms of the entry that I could have entered with, from Journalism to a Zine, Photography to Illustration. As you can see I chose to do illustration, I felt this was an area that I really enjoy doing and is something I don’t always get the chance to do, especially for part of my work deadlines. I wanted to base my illustration upon the ideas that beauty in the fashion industry is predominantly white, and in a way question ethnic forms of beauty performed in the industry as equally beautiful. The first illustration on the left was painted upon Rick Owens employing a multiracial troupe of step dancers for his S/S 2014 collection at Paris Fashion Week - a brave and intentionally diverse show. Similarly the far right illustration is an attempt of biracial model Malaika Firth, based upon the fact luxury brand Prada hiring her in its fall 2013 ad campaign - a brand that hadn’t used a model-of-colour for an outstanding 19 years. I found both these quite revolutionary and an example of diversity progressing in the industry. Furthermore, I wanted to portray colour as equally or even more beautiful than the stereotypically white-washed fashion industry. The piece is entitled “Need for Colour”, to portray that the black and white line drawing of Kate Moss, a white British model who was excessively used and still hired for her white skin and typically “white” features.

‘‘Need for Colour’’

Lord Whitney Workshop

The Alarm Clock In our workshop with the brilliant Lord Whitney, we were set to focus on one particular item to create a similar display of work to their own. We was given ‘The Alarm Clock’ which instantly took us on a different route to every other groups. Whereas many groups used themselves into the creation, we decided that our idea would be most effective if it was laid out on the floor. This way we could move objects around it in each photograph to create our desired effect. To begin this process we all sat on the floor as a group of around 10 people brainstormed ideas. We seemed to compose a lot of ideas based around dreaming and the time leading up the when a person wakes up in the morning. This proposed our idea of creating the alarm clock itself and through moving the hands of the clock to go through the night, we could create a gif of photographs creating this sequence of events through as the night goes on. We got making straight away, thinking of more and more objects that could be in different stages of the ‘sleep’. Examples being in the earlier stages of the night as you can see in figure 2, the sleep included counting sheep. Later stages of the sleep included things that we believed would wake you up. So we put in creations of the sun, which moved around, a cockerall and the smells of a fried English breakfast. The idea was supposed to be quite surreal, like a dreaming state. The gif ended on the alarm going off and the outburst of confetti and ballons with the ‘eyes’ opening to show the sudden awakening an alarm clock creates.

Nous Vous Workshop

Zine Making In our workshop with Nous Vous, we were set the task of creating a group zine. In our 4-hour time frame (split across two days in our seminars) we got straight to work. Each group was given a song from a range of eras that our zine ideologies would be based upon. We was given ‘Declare Independence’ recorded by Icelandic singer Björk in early 2008 - we had one of the more modern pieces. From this we listened to the song once or twice in our first seminar and come up with some first thoughts across the group, mind mapping a variety of words. This furthermore allowed us to create a storyline based on some thoughts the music gave us. This allowed us to come up idea of our zine based upon the ideas of society controlling us, like a world of robots socialised into conformity. The idea was about on particular robot which “declaring independence” decides to break away from the restraints of society. The music made us think of breaking away from a “black and white” world, which is why we portrayed more and more colour in the story as the robot starts rebel from a repressed world of robots.

Nous Vous Workshop

When printing our zine we found that it printed with some marks and eroded some parts. However, we called this a happy mistake due to it creating a unique and artistic style we all quite liked. I have shown some examples of each the original zine and some of how it printed on both this page and above. The workshop furthermore taught us all a lot about the way we work. The time frame meant that we couldn’t overthink the task or waste time re-doing pages that wasn’t to our satisfaction. We got stuck in straight away and thought fast for interesting and original ideas. We found from the positive feedback of our work that we can create pieces of work well in a limited time frame. Although there was an original panic, I had never made a zine before and didn’t have a clue where to start - I especially learnt a lot from just getting to work and seeing how it progressed and come together in the end.

PDF Portfolio 2013-2014  
PDF Portfolio 2013-2014