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“The  simple,  secure  way  to  protect       your  checked-­‐in  airline  luggage”  


What We Do…..

Today, more and more people from all countries and all walks of life are travelling. The rapid expansion of global travel is putting increased pressure on airports to cope with the higher traffic flows and huge amounts of luggage.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that literally millions of bags go missing every year at airports. Some are recovered, but many are not. Insurance might compensate the loss with money, but most people will tell you they would prefer to have their bag back rather than financial compensation.

That’s where TRACE ME Luggage Tracker comes in. Our product is remarkably simple …. You attach one of our TRACE ME tags to your bag. If your bag is lost, the individual serial number can be entered into the SITA World Tracer airline baggage handling system, and your bag can be identified and returned to you.

Who We Are…. •  TRACE ME Luggage Tracker Ltd (TMLT) is a UK company, founded in 2007. •  In 2011 we were appointed as an official SITA enabled partner, to implement a Unique Identification Service (UIS) into their global airlines’ WorldTracer Bag Management IT infrastructure. •  UIS is recognised and supported by IATA as the only officially recognised group of 3rd party baggage tag issuers. •  In 2014, TMLT expanded operations with the establishment of our first international distributors in Russia, Asia and the opening of a Middle East. •  We are B2B partners for insurance & financial services companies, security & telecoms providers, and the travel industry globally. •  Our experienced Executive Team have held, or still hold, senior executive positions within the global travel insurance industry, financial services and leading multi-national FMCG companies.

‘Is your Bag Safe? How big is the problem?’ Annually, the aviation industry handles around

4.25 billion pieces of checked-in baggage

23 Million Bags were mis-handled on international flights in 2015  

8 Bags per 1,000 passengers were

mis-handled in Europe in 2015  

1.92 Million Bags were mis-handled in the USA domestic market alone in 2015

Tagless Bags are the ones that are most likely to be truly lost   An 8%

increase in mis-handled bags in Asia-Pacific

Un-identifiable bags are

sold at auction  


The Future …… why we know lost luggage will continue to be problematic…

Passenger numbers are growing fast: 1.89 billion in 2003, 3.54 billion in 2015…… •  Many of the luggage conveyor systems at major airports operate at full capacity. •  Bag Handlers and Ground Services Agents are not homogenous across different airports. •  Airports and Airlines ONLY recognise official luggage Tag Serial Numbers as their core means of identifying luggage.

The standard airline paper bag tag system has limitations and weaknesses….. •  •  •  • 

The tags are easy to remove and become damaged. This prevents the serial number being read correctly. This is normally the only systematic means of passenger and bag identification. It is not widely known that the Serial number on paper tags expires in 72 hours. It is then problematic to identify the bag owner IATA and the airlines are working on high tech solutions, but these will take a number of years to implement globally.

TRACE ME Tag, a Smart Tag that protects your bag today, tomorrow, always……

The TMLT system is unique in its simplicity. Each TRACE ME Tag carries an individual serial number, recognised by the SITA WorldTracer System and endorsed by IATA.

When a passenger loses a bag, they fill in the standard airline ‘PIR’ form at the lost luggage counter, including the TMLT Tag serial number in the bag description. If the standard airline paper tag is lost, destroyed or damaged, baggage handlers across thousands of the world’s airports simply enter the TRACE ME serial number into their system. TMLT will be advised that the bag has been found. We will identify the owner. Using contact details stored securely in our system, both TMLT and the airline will inform the passenger that their bag has been found. Nothing on the market today is as simple, affordable and effective as the TRACE ME Luggage Tracker Tags. With no moving parts, no batteries, and always visible, our TRACE ME Tags have proven compatibility with global systems used by thousands of airports, airlines and baggage handlers.

Benefits to Industry Quicker Repatriation Improve passenger experience TRACE ME

Better matching

Passengers feel more secure that their bag will be found

Uniquely identified tags

The SITA Baggage Services / confidential SITA 2014

If standard paper tag is lost.

Airlines notified by TRACE ME.

Improves likelihood of ground handler entry.

Unique Identification Service (UIS) ü UIS Tag is entered into WorldTracer On-Hand ID field ü Each ID is unique to TRACE ME ü SITA sends email to TRACE ME WorldTracer OHD ID

Global Database

EMAIL Tracing

ü  Now on “Advice if Hold” (AHL) report to assist matching. The SITA Baggage Services / confidential SITA 2014

TRACE ME Tag is simple to use…. 7 easy steps

You  register  your   Tag  serial  number   and  contact   details  at   and  a>ach  the   Tag  to  your  bag  

Airline  finds  your   bag  with  a     TRACE  ME  Tag  

The  airline   system  sends   us  your   TRACE  ME   Tag  details  

TRACE  ME   confirms  your   details     to  the  airline   system  

TRACE  ME  and   airline  noBfy  you     that  your  bag  has   been  found  by     email  and  SMS  

The  airline   reunites  you   with  your  bag  

Full  customer   support  is   available     via  email  

REUNITED  with  their  Bags!  

In  2013  it  took  an  average  of  36  hours  for  passengers  to  be  

Tag Registration is easy…. and your personal information is secure We maintain the most robust data security to protect your identity and your bag. Our data bank accreditation is certified to ISO 27001 – the most secure data bank certification.

Tag Registration You must register your TRACE ME Tag in order for us to be able to identify you, and to link your name to your unique and individual TRACE ME Tag Serial Number. We’ve made our Registration Process quick, simple and easy to use. It should take no more than 2-3 minutes of your time! Registration can be done on your computer or you can download the FREE App at our website It’s not only in English, but also in Chinese, Russian and Spanish. As soon as you have successfully registered your TRACE ME Tag, you’ll receive an immediate acknowledgement from us via email.. If you accidentally lose your TRACE ME Tag or it becomes damaged, we can provide a replacement. Because all our serial numbers are unique, we will de-list the original Serial number and replace it with your new one. You then simply register your replacement Tag in your TMLT account. Each registered Tag has a 12 month duration, which you can renew every year.

Proven integrity & compatibility •  TRACE ME Luggage Tracker is a founding partner of SITA’s Unique Identifier Service (‘UIS’) which is recognised and supported by IATA as the only officially recognised group of 3rd party baggage tag issuers. •  The TRACE ME Tag is fully integrated within SITA’s WorldTracer Bag Management System. •  WorldTracer is used by over 90% of airlines globally (450+ airlines, 2,000+ airports). •  WorldTracer is the ONLY global tracing and matching database for delayed/lost luggage. •  TRACE ME Luggage Tracker is an enabled, officially recognised SITA partner. •  TRACE ME Luggage Tracker is a robust permanent bag tag. It features a clearly visible unique compliant Serial Number identifiable by airlines and airports. •  In contrast, RFID and Satellite Tracking devices are currently not configured to work within the global airline bag management system. •  TRACE ME Luggage Tracker is designed and administered in the United Kingdom.

We back our Tags…. with a Bag Loss Guarantee! Because we are confident that the TMLT system will work to protect your bag, we’ve added an additional feature. It’s called our Bag Loss Guarantee. In the unlikely event that your airline declares your bag permanently lost, and it had a valid TMLT registered tag attached, we will pay you a sum equivalent to USD $500. This is in addition to any compensation offered by your airline. Our Bag Loss Guarantee is underwritten by certain underwriters at Lloyd’s of London, one of the world’s largest and oldest insurance markets. It is not an insurance policy…it’s our personal Guarantee!

Standard or Custom Designs available for RETAIL and CORPORATE Customers…


Our latest innovation – the “Self-Print” Tag A Downloadable version of our standard TRACE ME Tag The TRACE ME "Self-Print" Tag is our latest innovative product. We provide you with a sequence of individual TRACE ME Tag links, which you then forward to your customers. All your customers need to do is click on the link and download their own individual TRACE ME Tag, print it, register and activate at, and attach the Tag to their bag using their own tag holder, before travelling. Each Tag comes with a 3 month life and is an ideal product for web-based business models.

    Each link allows customers to download one PDF file with three pages:   "Self-Print" Tag with clear instructions and key facts and information. Page 1 – the Page 2 – the "Inside Bag Identity Leaflet". This is to be placed inside the luggage,   to provide additional security from loss, in multiple languages. Page 3 – Simple   illustrations on how to use the product  

Our website and social media platforms Our comprehensive website contains complete information about TRACE ME, the product and general baggage safety information for travellers. The website is available in English, Russian, Spanish and both Simplified and Traditional Chinese. Other languages are also available on special request. You can also download our FREE App from most popular online stores. This allows you to register and manage your Tag online account easily on the move via any smart phone or tablet.


We are active on Facebook, LinkedIn and our YouTube Channel. We share interesting, travellers related articles and videos with our fans or who interested in travelling. We also use these platforms to arouse interest and promote our products and service.

Real Value Added Benefits Through Customised Corporate Packages TRACE ME Tags are a low cost yet high value proposition differentiator.

Rewarding your customers’ loyalty with real luggage protection.

•  TRACE ME Tags can be branded with your corporate identity. High resolution visibility across your large customer base will ensure your brand is noticed by thousands, if not millions of travellers.

•  Offer TRACE ME along side any product promotion. As Trace Me Tags contain your corporate prefix, you’ll be able to identify your customers once they register their tags.

•  TRACE ME can also provide you with your own ‘shop front’. We can offer your own branded corporate registration page through which your customers will register their tags.

•  Provide your customer with a tangible and valuable product which affords them ultimate luggage security protection and gives them a significant comfort factor.

•  TRACE ME is a perfect partner for NAC proposals, partnership schemes, loyalty and affinity membership clubs

•  TRACE ME is therefore an ideal component for loyalty card and other benefit schemes  

•  TRACE ME makes an ideal corporate gift for clients or staff.

Business Partnerships Let us make a positive impact on your bottom line‌.

TRACE ME Luggage Tracker provides several opportunities for you to generate increased revenues. The unit costs are low and get lower and lower the more you order. Whether you include them for free, at cost or cost +, we have a number of flexible business partner options‌.

Simply talk to our representative about your corporate and customer needs. We can tailor a package to suit your business.

Flexible Ways to serve your customers… The Standard Tag is generally available from stock. TRACE ME Tags are available in English, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Russian and Spanish. The brochure and instruction leaflet is also available in English, Chinese, Russian and Spanish. Each Tag features TRACE ME branding and carries an individual TMLT serial number. These Tags can be made to order in other language combinations depending on order volumes.

We can also customise your TRACE ME Tags. • 

The front face is available for your branding. The rear face layout is fixed, but can be colour coded to match your branding.


Tags can feature a serial coding unique to your company, allowing your customers to be identified within our systems.


Production lead times vary, but are approximately 4-6 weeks from agreement on artwork, and order confirmation, depending on quantities. For “Self-Print” Tag, production lead times will be shorter.


We also have a serial number only option for production via your own card supplier, or for integration on your existing tags.

Flexible Business Models (examples only – not exhaustive) TMLT  to  End  User   Direct    

Via   Distributor  


Via  Agent  or   Introducer  

Client/  Customer  

Client/  Customer  

End  User  

Legend: Commissions Sale

Agent  or  Introducer  

Sale or Gift Payment

TMLT  to  Client/   Customer  Direct  

Client/  Customer  

Renewal Payment

Business Partners We are set up to work with partners in a variety of ways based on business needs and opportunities.

Basis of Commissions

•  DISTRIBUTORS typically work in a defined territory, buy direct from TMLT, and are responsible for customer relationships, contracts, delivery and in some cases local production. Remuneration is generally via commission.

•  Commissions vary based on the amount of work completed by the various partners on each deal.

•  AGENTS identify and negotiate with Customers on TMLT’s behalf. Contracts and fulfilment are managed by TMLT. Attracts commission on each sale. •  INTRODUCERS secure access for TMLT to prospective customers, and are paid a commission on each initial order. •  RE-SELLERS buy from TMLT or a Distributor, for resale at markedup prices to customers and end users.

•  All commissions are based on a share of gross margin. We calculate this for each order. •  Gross Margin is calculated using the Sell Price less cost of production and distribution, sales and VAT taxes, insurance costs and IT admin fees. Overheads are not included in this and are paid by each party from their share of the margin. •  Typically, commissions range from 5% for Introducers up to 20% for agents, and 40-50% for Distributors.  

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