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FEEDER RODS Despite his knowledge has spread all over Europe for more than forty years, the feeder fishing technique continues to evolve as a few others, not only for the continuous creation of new feeder models, but also for the expansion of its application horizons. Today, fishing in the commercial lakes takes an important share of the specific scenario, even if the more exciting

segment is match fishing, finally alive and well regarded also in Italy. The use of braided lines grows without pause, making soft action rods more and more in demand. All these requirements find a proper answer by Trabucco brand, whose research and development team continues to succeed in creating nice rods at all quality levels.


Extremely fast and powerful rod, superlight and balanced at the same time, designed for medium or long distance fishing with high accuracy. The structure is made from CX1 Micro Pitch Super High Modulus Carbon, assembled with the new ATC “Anti Twist Carbon� process which allows to contrast the dangerous twists that the blank undergoes during the casting loading. Produced in two lengths of 12 and a 13 foot with MP action New tip colour system with thicker diameter to (Medium Power) with a maximum caenhance visibility in any light condition. sting weight of 90 and 120 grams, it is ideal for feeder matches, where the obsessive execution of accurate casts is essential to have the edge over the competitors. The rod features the brand new Sea Guide K SiC guides, also ideal for the use of braided lines, integrated screw reel seat, natural cork grip handle with upper and lower EVA grips and 4 carbon spineless quiver tips, each with a specific action, able to cope with all the different fishing conditions. The top area of these tips is characterized by a new coloring system, which increases the visibility, actually helping to detect even the most delicate bites. The tips are contained in a protective tube, to preserve them from any harm during transport. Code 150-96-360 150-96-390 Spare Tips

Length 12' (3,60) 13' (3,90)

C. Length 125 135

1 150-96-001

Sections 3+4 3+4

Action MP MP

2 150-96-002

48 | Trabucco Product Guide 2017

C.W. 90 g 120 g

3 150-96-003

EVA tapered butt grip with refined Trabucco logo medal.

Elegant and comfortable screw reel seat, with rubberized black finish.

Sea Guide SiC guides with double and single leg K frame.

Folding stainless steel hook holder.

Guides Sea Guide K SiC Sea Guide K SiC 4 150-96-004

Trabucco Fishing Catalog 2017 EU  

Trabucco Fishing Catalog 2017 EU