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MATCH RODS When an Italian Company sells match rods to the UK Market, it means that these rods has been designed really well: this is the result obtained by Trabucco. Our UK consultants provided all the essential elements to create a product that respects tradition and technique, then the team of Italian champions have managed to combine these features with all the needs for fishing in continental waters, and finally gave Trabucco the latest manufacturing technologies on the market. Finally the results is an unrivaled range of match rods able to provide highly specialized and appropriate rods. Does not exist a company with such a vast range of match rods.



Developed to face the extreme fishing conditions of certain lakes and the widest canals, this special series impresses already at the first contact for her extraordinary body’s stiffness. The first meter above the handle is able to absorbe a huge power, returning it with an amazing projection of large wagglers. Such a lot of power is not only necessary to send on the opposite bank the 30 and 35 grams wagglers, but also to beat the force of the wind, very frequent in those environments. The blank is structured in High Modulus Radial Carbon for an outstanding responsiveness, and is accompanied by the fantastic Fuji Match Alconite. Unparalleled handle made from cork of the highest quality, with the IPS Fuji reel seat to provide a firm and easy grip. Code 153-22-450 153-22-480

Length 4.50 4.80


C. Length 155 165

Weight 210 240

Sections 3 3

C.W. 10-35 10-35

Guides Fuji A Fuji A


The 2K Match Power complete the wide Energhia range, without any presumptions, the most beautiful and famous match rod series in the world. The blank, made from High Modulus Radial Carbon, can develop the power to shoot 30 grams wagglers up to 100 meters away. In this model we have applied the latest technology, research and design available. Superb components and finishes: Fuji guides, Fuji reel seat and AAA cork handle. This rod is dedicated to all those who want to complete their series of Energhia match rods. Code 153-21-450

Length 4.50

C. Length 155

Match rods are intended to withstand heavy stress, especially while casting, when the weight of the waggler along with the opposing force of the wind can generate an explosive mix. For this reason the Energhia Match joints are made and refined under computer’s assistance: only with extreme precision it’s possible to perfectly match male and female parts, obtaining full cooperation between them and, consequently, a very high strength. 38 | Trabucco Product Guide 2017

Weight 200

Sections 3

C.W. 10-30

Guides Fuji A

Trabucco Fishing Catalog 2017 EU  

Trabucco Fishing Catalog 2017 EU