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MAGGOTS The Maggots are imitations of the natural fly larvae, the bait used throughout Europe, both in fresh and saltwater. The Slurp are produced with a silicone compound, which is soft and floating, therefore excellent to balance the hook’s weight and create a natural presentation. The new colour Natural Red replicates the one used for the dyed maggots, commercially available in any shop: with the white (Natural White) it forms a pair of highly effective bait for all kind of fish and for all seasons. Beyond the convenience and easy storage, these baits can be used in water where the real maggots are banned.

Code 182-00-010/10 182-00-050/10 182-00-020/10 182-00-030/10 182-00-040/10

Description Maggot Maggot Maggot Maggot Maggot

10 / Natural White

Colour Natural White Natural Red Blood Red Yellow Orange Glitter

20 / Blood Red

Pcs 50 50 50 50 50

30 / Yellow

40 / Orange Glitter

50/Natural Red


Marco De Biase

Spaghetti is a classic lake trout bait, but with the addition of the inner scent and oil, the Spaghetti Slurp! become irresistible and capable of ensuring a lot of catches even where many other baits fail. All colours are very bright and vivid, suitable to stimulate the most lazy trout. The new fluorescent colors recall the paste hookbait’s tones, while the Blood Red is very effective in clear water.

10 / White

40/Fluo Pink

Code 182-00-410/10 182-00-420/10 182-00-430/10 182-00-440/10 182-00-450/10 182-00-470/10

20 / Orange Glitter

50/Blood Red

70/Fluo Green

Description Spaghetti Spaghetti Spaghetti Spaghetti Spaghetti Spaghetti

Colour White Orange Glitter Yellow Fluo Pink Blood Red Fluo Green

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30 / Yellow

Slurp! Blood Worm is the perfect imitation of the Ver de Vase, the typical and most natural bait that normally lives in lakes and canals. So they are the most convenient baits for a large variety of fish, such as carp, crucian carp, bream etc. Available in its peculiar blood red colour.

Pcs 12 12 12 12 12 12

Code 182-00-110/10

Description Blood Worm

Colour Blood Red

Pcs 50

Trabucco Fishing Catalog 2017 EU  

Trabucco Fishing Catalog 2017 EU