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TELEMATCH RODS Most probably, the telematch rod is the emblem of versatility in the Italian fishing scenery, and that’s why it has deserved a pretty good reputation in most European countries as well. Beyond the obvious waggler fishing, it can solve thousands of problems both in fresh and saltwater fishing. It can catch lake Trout as well as river Trout with lead sinker and earthworms. It can cast floating bombardas for surface fishing at

sea side, but it’s also powerful enough to serve paste bait to Grass Carp and drive them to the landing net. We have seen it light drifting from the boat for Mackerel, and even used as heavy feeder for Barb, as the tubular top is equally at home in fast running rivers. Strong and powerful rods to bear everything, including the injuries coming from the newcomer’s rough hands!

VANADIA XT-MATCH Among the vast population of telematch lovers, many are those who prefer the carbon handle instead of traditional cork one. That’s why Trabucco also offers rods like Vanadia XT, which show an impressive Super Slim butt considering the tremendous power it can deliver. The concept seems to push these rods into Bolognese fashion, but once in your hands, it’s clear that the slightly upper reel seat is there to help you push as much as you like. In line with such need, the body of these rods is engineered to be heavily loaded, thus boost heavy wagglers to the horizon. The job is done by CX-1 Micro Pitch carbon, whose structure is so tight that the blank’s answer is strong and neat, without oscillations. The blank is further powered and protected by a cross winding carbon yarn, which is purposely missing on top section to generate a perfect action curve. A great feeling comes from Sensi Touch finish of Code 150-34-450 150-34-455

Length 4.50 4.50

C. Length 130 130

34 | Trabucco Product Guide 2017

Weight 202 208

Sections 7 7

C.W. 10-60 20-80

Guides SiC SiC

handle area, proving the Trabucco’s attention to details. Guides are short leg HD model, able to quickly disperse heat caused by the endless line flow, an essential part of waggler fishing.

Blanks made from Micro Pitch Carbon CX-1 (Super Slim).

Medium leg HD guides (quick heat dissipation).

Trabucco Fishing Catalog 2017 EU  

Trabucco Fishing Catalog 2017 EU