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ACCESSORIES Maurizio Fedeli

XP 3000


These are the special leams developed in cooperation with Team Ravanelli; successfully used during many National and International matches.

The Damp Leam is an extremely soft terre de somme with very fine granulometry, therefore ideal for the realization of the “pongo” (plasticine style over dampened leam) or possibly sieved straight from the bag, to create an attractive cloud in the swim. It is available both in classic brown colour and in black. The River Leam is heavier than the previous ones, especially suitable to add weight to any groundbait or to be used in medium fast rivers with frequent baiting action (classic example Medelana venue). The Grey Leam is a bentonite with high binding specification, which can be added to the other leams to create an endless series of different combinations.

Code 062-16-100/10 062-16-200/10 062-16-300/10 062-16-400/10

Description Xp 3000 * Damp Leam Xp 3000 * Black Damp Leam Xp 3000 * River Leam Xp 3000 * Grey Leam

Bag 2kg 2kg 2kg 1kg

BUCKET 40 LT Code 140-00-010


Description Mastello Trabucco 40 litri

Code 143-00-000

Description Coperchio Secchio 17 litri


TRABUCCO BUCKETS Code 140-00-000 140-00-005

288 | Trabucco Product Guide 2017

Description Secchio Trabucco 17 litri Secchio Trabucco 12 litri

Code 048-37-160

Description GNT Match Team bucket cover 12 litri

Trabucco Fishing Catalog 2017 EU  
Trabucco Fishing Catalog 2017 EU  

Trabucco Fishing Catalog 2017 EU