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BOLO RODS From the early fifties to present times, the bolognese has brought around the world the image of Italy as a country with a strong sport fishing vocation. Everyone talks about it, everyone knows the technique, everyone appreciates the quality of Trabucco rods. From today, such certainty turns into astonishment, because Energhia bolo perform a substantial leap in the scale of quality, thanks to some interesting innovations that link tradition to the future. The construction of telescopic joints stands off the crowd, as they benefit from X-Joint technology to display the unique coexistence of fastness and flexibility. A wonder that

actually improves casting distance, because it shortens the oscillations, realigning the rings in a faster time at the end of the pushing effort. With Energhia XR, the traditional way of evaluation - which is normally done by shaking the rod becomes even limiting, because only on the water you can appreciate the big difference compared to any other rod belonging to the “normal” world of high class bolognese.




Thanks to the use of multi-axial carbon sheets, the X-Joint allow to obtain perfect action curves, absorbing all the torsions to which the blank is subjected, increasing the structural resistance and the response to stresses. X-Joint is therefore able not only to improve the section’s links, but rather assist the whole structure for maximum performance. Definitely the best joints ever made!


• Stress is concentrated at both ends • Dead spots, risk of breakage 45° REINFORCEMENT (X-JOINT)

Within X-Joint by Trabucco, the carbon cloth is wound by two directions, and such construction is visible on top end of each section.

• Stress is dispersed along the blank • Perfect curve, no breakage risk


• Perfect curve, without dead spots. • Unique coexistence of flexibility and stiffness. • Higher structural strength, because stress is dispersed through the blank, instead of being concentrated on joint’s ends. • Less oscillations at the end of casting, which means quicker re-alignment of guides.



+ The carbon fibers oriented along the longitudinal rod’s axis (0° unidirectional carbon) provide great resistance to linear traction.

+ The carbon fibers oriented at 90° to longitudinal rod’s axis enable the cross section to resist the compression caused by strong flexion.

The X-Joint carbon fibers, oriented at ±45° to rod’s axis, are able to absorb and disperse the torque, improving the joint’s performance and saving the rest of the section.

In the rods produced with the computer assistance, the joint’s precision is so high that, when they are wet, it is possible to form the vacuum, resulting in very tight section’s locking. The problem is prevented by creating thin air chambers through cross bands milled on the male side of each joint, and this is one of the new technology specifications that enrich Energhia XR Pro.

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REEL SEAT The plate reel seat is the best you can actually ask for, the tried and tested PacBay. Made entirely of stainless steel with protective rubber profiles, it is resistant to wear and external agents, and is ergonomic and stylish at the same time.

HI QUALITY GUIDES The guides fitted on Energhia XR rods take advantage from a special production process, referred to as PVD, English acronym of “Physical Vapor Deposition”, which allows to obtain a very high resistance to corrosion and aggressive agents. All this takes place through the deposition of a protective film on the frame, which seals and protects the steel without changing its structure, weight and technical specifications. All accompanied by SiC rings. A further step forward for rods with very high performance and more reliable in every part!

Trabucco Fishing Catalog 2017 EU  

Trabucco Fishing Catalog 2017 EU