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Top saltwater game spinning reel. Exceed series is designed for extreme fishing, as tropical popping, deep speed jigging and heavy spinning, from the boat and from the shore as well. Reels born not to accept any compromise, a perfect combination of cutting edge technology and performance.

EMOTION Salt water spinning, from the boat targeting blue tuna hunting in schools, or other noble and pugnacious species is absolutely a serious affair, not leaving any chance to improvisation or last minute equipment. It is key to use reels casting at greater distance, able to face longer than 1 meter fishes, made of powerful muscles, light enough not tire the casting anglers even after several hours of fishing. And it is key as well to know you can count on them in very instant of the fight, you can count on every single screw! And it is essential the drag can stand such a fight, being able to turn the head of the prey in the right direction when the moment is come, even if the line is whizzing through the guides and the rod blank is creaking. Who tried this perfectly knows what we mean. And knows this strong emotion can become obsession and reason of life. And finally knows he needs an Exceed reel!

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FULL METAL BODY The whole body of an Extreme reel is made of metallic alloy and aluminium, extremely resistant but lightweight materials, only 855 gr for the big 10000, a real winch for legendary trophy fishes. The whole oversized precision gears are made of rugged premium quality materials as well and are absolutely reliable: stainless steel drive gear, manganese/bronze alloy oscillation gear, stainless steel pinion and main axis. Positive Screw Lock handle, directly self locking into main gear. 4 mm solid aluminium bail arm. Bronze alloy drag knob and clicker. Nothing is left to chance.

Trabucco Fishing Catalog 2017 EU  

Trabucco Fishing Catalog 2017 EU