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Series that incorporates the aesthetic and technical characteristics of the homonymous front drag variant, offering the convenience of the rear drag knob, a solution that more than forty years after its birth is still very popular all over Europe. With the three available sizes, characterized by the light graphite structure, the Kronos allows you to create perfect combinations with bolognese, match rods and trout rods. The special shape of the handle arm approaches its center of gravity to that of the reel, reducing the oscillations and making the rotation quite pleasant. The extra graphite spool, supplied with the reel, is valuable to always have a different or fresh line ready to use.

Code 033-79-200 033-79-300 033-79-400


Model 2000 3000 4000

Wt 260 290 320


It’s the first rear drag reel to benefit from oversized spool design, a Trabucco project that enriches several front drag series, including the homonymous Dynamic XTC-FD, which is coordinated in features, components and cosmetics. The series consists of four sizes, able to meet all classic requirements: bolognese, match fishing, lake and river trout. Despite the price is really interesting, the spool is machined from a solid bar of aluminium to ensure high strength. Just look at the spool through a good magnifying glass to clearly see the micro-grooves left by the tool that removes metal from the original block to carve the spool. An element that has a significant impact on the value of the reel because the spool’s resistance belongs to another world.

Code 034-23-100 034-23-200 034-23-300 034-23-400

Model 1000 2000 3000 4000

Wt 260 270 340 360

Gear Ratio 5.5:1 (78 cm) 5.5:1 (81 cm) 5.2:1 (83 cm) 5.2:1 (91 cm)

Extra Sp. Spool Capacity Ø 0.20 mm - 195 m 1 Ø 0.20 mm - 230 m 1 Ø 0.25 mm - 215 m 1 Ø 0.30 mm - 175 m 1

B.B. 2+1 2+1 2+1 2+1



OVERSIZED SPOOL PERFORMANCE • Wider line coils, with smoother flowing during the cast and lower tangle risk. • Higher quantity of line retrieved per handle turn: practically, exactly as the reel had a faster gear ratio. • Better drag performance, specially at the start, due to bigger distance from line bulk and disk’s axis. • Better control with hand’s fingers, thanks to the shorter distance between spool’s lip and rod’s handle. • Thanks to tapered profile of the spool’s skirt, it fits the whole available room between rotor’s arms, with lower risk of line tangle and definitely better look of the reel.

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Gear Ratio 5.1:1 (68 cm) 5.1:1 (71 cm) 5.1:1 (77 cm)

Spool Capacity Ø 0.20 - 300 m Ø 0.25 - 265 m Ø 0.30 - 250 m

Extra Sp. 1 1 1

B.B. 5+1 5+1 5+1

Trabucco Fishing Catalog 2017 EU  

Trabucco Fishing Catalog 2017 EU