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TELEBOAT RODS From tackle point of view, boat fishing is a mix of tradition and evolution, with a wide background and, at the same time, a strong potential for wide growth in the whole Mediterranean Sea. Rods must be first of all reliable, then adapted to local needs, then nicely priced, and all these are fields in which the Trabucco engineering is naturally


succeeding, thanks to an advanced technology and thanks to the attention about the finest details in term of action and components. Great results are waiting for you: just go out with your boat and be sure that everything will be easier with these fantastic rods.


Three telescopic boat rods for light drifting with some great properties: extremely thin talons, amazingly sensitive and with a perfect action. They are so a nice mix of technology, innovation and experience, supported by a CX-2 Nano Carbon Tek material. The blank is thus really powerful but always balanced and light weight. The blanks are built in 6 sections plus 2 put in tips, one in solid carbon and one in solid fibreglass, both coming with guides. The fibreglass tip has been chosen for pelagic fishes such as: bonito, mackerel and little tunny. The carbon tip is more indicated for bottom fishing with weights from 30 to 200 g for other kind of fish: grouper, snapper, conger and sea bream. Equipped with SiC stainless steel double leg


guides. The three sections above butt are adjustable to allow the user adapt the rod’s length to fishing conditions.

Code 162-20-100 162-20-200 162-20-300

Size 5.00 5.00 5.00

C.Length 143 143 143

Sections 6+2 6+2 6+2

C.W. 100 200 300

Guide SiC SiC SiC


The Astore Pro Boat rod series continues the success of Astore rods destined to the sea experts and offers only the best in terms of innovation and design, tailored to the expert of bottom fishing, because this is one of the most complex disciplines, requiring top quality tackle to be able to provide wonderful catches. A series destined to make history in the specific sector, created by the use of High Modulus CX-2 Nano Tek carbon, which allows the production of incredibly light blanks, offering at the same time stunning strength properties. We pursued the goal of creating a high technical level rod, which could be used in most fishing conditions from the boat; so we’ve added a tele-adjustable block on top end of butt section, which allows it to extend the rod up to 4 meters, or fish with a 3 meters (Multi-Length System). In both lengths, it keeps all the features that you require for a perfect bottom fishing rod. The rod will be used at 3 meters when you decide to fish with short arm bolentino rigs (or to catch small size fish), and will choose to extend it to full length to employ extra long arms, or when you will face a powerful fish that It needs an extra meter to be managed at the best (Sea Bream, Dentex, Gilthead Bream or a nice Bonito in light drifting). The Astore Pro Boat

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rods are available in three different actions and equipped with two solid Fibreglass interchangeable tips, finished with high visibility paint, with action curves designed by the top specialists of boat fishing. The two options of sensitivity allow to have the right tip for all fishing conditions. Being destined to live forever and to give countless glorious catches, these rods have been set up with the highest quality guides, such as the Sea Guide double leg SiC with anti-rust treatment on the stainless steel frame. The reel seat is made from stainless steel, with rubber shock and vibration absorber cushion. A non-slip rubber cap completes the lower end of the butt section and removes the risk of skating on the deck. Code 162-21-100 162-21-200 162-21-300

Size 3,00-4,00 3,00-4,00 3,00-4,00

C.Length 136 136 136

Sections 4+2 5+2 5+2

Action Light Medium Strong

Guide SiC SiC SiC

Trabucco Fishing Catalog 2017 EU  

Trabucco Fishing Catalog 2017 EU

Trabucco Fishing Catalog 2017 EU  

Trabucco Fishing Catalog 2017 EU