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Reactive and powerful blank made from Super High Modulus CX2 Nano Tek Low Resin Content carbon Blank made with 45° and 135° carbon crossing to contrast torque Joints made with 45° carbon to achieve a perfect curve A special Tape Grip has been applied to the joints to provide grip during the assembly and dismantling operations FH RIP tubolar tip made by fusion of different materials to obtain a spineless and extremely sensitive top section Zero Friction Blank finish that rejects moisture and water drops to avoid line sticking to the rod The top end of the tip is colored with highly visible paint and tape Fuji K Alconite guides, with stainless steel double leg K frame, fitted with double wrapping to seal their feet from saltwater intrusion Fuji DPS graphite screw reel seat with stainless steel hoods and safety screw Exclusive bottom grip with round rubber knob to ensure the best casting control



The high modulus carbon sheet, which gives power to Cassiopea blank, sweetly blends into softer materials to provide the right sensitivity to detect fish bites. But the conversion is gradual, within the tubular top section, and this requires high class technology to avoid weak points and curve imperfections, which would cause a bad power transfer. All over the world, this concept is well known as “multi-action tip”, but it’s not equally common the process of layer’s overlapping and fusion which bring to a perfect result, inch by inch. On the butt section, the special 45° gradient of the upper carbon layers is clearly visible. It counteracts torsion in the blank, protecting it from breakage but mainly increasing casting distance and accuracy, because the longitudinal carbon fibers and rod’s guides keep their alignment during the cast. So Hidrogen performs like a knife, rather than - in a mess - like a whip.

The Fuji DPS screw reel seat guarantees safe locking, corrosion resistance and durability. Its moving hood is assisted by a second nut (Fuji Back StopTM) that prevents it from loosening during the execution of the most energetic casts. The exclusive ribbed rubber lower grip ensures excellent control of the rod, while the rounded knob relieves the load on the groin, when the support is necessary.

171-97-160 171-97-200 171-97-230


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160 (2-6 oz)




200 (3-7 oz)




230 (4-8 oz)

It’s well known that all joints connecting rod’s sections are weak points, both from strength and action’s point of view, as they cause those “dead spots” which are risky in term of breakage, beyond the bad looking. The solution is hidden in the X-JOINT technology, which means that - on joints area - carbon cloths are laid by 45° angle instead of 90°. TRADITIONAL REINFORCEMENT


• Stress is concentrated at both ends • Dead spots, risk of breakage

• Stress is dispersed along the blank • Perfect curve, no breakage risk

• Perfect curve, without dead spots. • Unique coexistence of flexibility and stiffness • Higher structural strength, because stress is dispersed through the blank, instead of being concentrated on joint’s ends. • Less oscillations at the end of casting, which means quicker re-alignment of guides. Within X-Joint by Trabucco, the carbon cloth is wound by two directions, and such construction is visible on top end of each section. 0° UNI-DIRECTIONAL CARBON



+ The carbon fibers oriented along the longitudinal rod’s axis (0° unidirectional carbon) provide great resistance to linear traction.

+ The carbon fibers oriented at 90° to longitudinal rod’s axis enable the cross section to resist the compression caused by strong flexion.

The X-Joint carbon fibers, oriented at ±45° to rod’s axis, are able to absorb and disperse the torque, improving the joint’s performance and saving the rest of the section.

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