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Unique blank design for fast release of the power applied by the user (Fast Reaction Blank) FH RIP Tip made by fusion of different materials to obtain a spineless and extremely sensitive top section The top end of the tip is colored with highly visible and reflective paint Inserts between guide’s feet made by glowing paint to allow better control during night sessions Fuji DNPS Gold Label reel seat, the best in the market Exclusive bottom grip with round rubber knob

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-40% Ultralight Titanium frame.


During their endless research and development activity, Fuji engineers found the most advanced ceramic with a very compact structure and extremely smooth surface, being 40% lighter than Silicon Carbide (SiC).



Compared to SiC guides of same size, a Torzite guide offers a 15% wider ring, offering more room to running line. In addition, less weight applied to rod’s blank (20-30%) means that it has more freedom to fully develop its reactivity, with great advantage on casting distances. ULTRA LOW FRICTION Torzite’s gently round cross section shape allow the ring to contact line in double the length compared to the Sic. Thanks to it, the pressure to the ring is reduced half compared to the Sic. The load is spread in the POINT

The load is spread in the length of the contact.

Thanks to a dramatically angled ring, Fuji solved the line tangle problem forever. A common problem which normally causes time loss, sometimes line breakage and, in worst cases, even rod breakage.

On the Poetica MN range, we selected only the best components and as reel seat we used the ultra reliable Fuji Dnps gold label, entirely built by graphite it offers a great strength, ergonomic and designed to last longer.


The rod’s butt ends with a soft rubber handle, which provides the perfect grip to control the rod during most quick and powerful casts. The rounded butt cap is particularly useful to lock the rod to the groin when a big fish is being retrieved.

The Nano Tek high modulus carbon sheet, which gives power to Poetica’s KW blank, sweetly blends into softer materials to provide the right sensitivity to detect fish bites. But the conversion is gradual, within the tubular top section, and this requires high class technology to avoid weak points and curve imperfections, which would cause a bad power transfer. All over the world, this concept is well known as “multi-action tip”, but it’s not equally common the process of layer’s overlapping and fusion which bring to a perfect result, inch by inch.

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