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In the today’s global market, the raw materials and components for rod’s production are available to everybody, but is the technology that makes a difference. In other words, the way to handle the materials varies from company to company, leading to different results. Our core technologies are here illustrated and identified by icons that are used within the catalogue pages.

In some segments of sport fishing, the super slim profiled rods are very much appreciated for their natural lightness and for easy handling. In order to give these rods the required level of strength, Trabucco employs the most advanced production’s technologies.

The taper of the blank provides balance and the right power to cast and drive the fighting fish to the landing net. Some special Trabucco rods show faster taper than the average, in order to develop a certain behaviour while in action.

In all sort of fishing rods, both telescopic and put over, joints are the most critical areas. Our own joints sweetly follow the rod’s action, avoiding those “flat spots” which cause bend imperfections and seriously prejudice rod’s strength.

This technology gives strength to the rod’s joints, but without exceeding in weight. This is possible because it takes advantage from high modulus carbon used to create crossed reinforcements, which bear the stress peaks in those areas.

In the river trout telescopic rods, as well as in some sea boat rods, the length is adjustable thanks to special rubber collars, which are fixed on top of sections to lock them to the below one. This is a careful job, done with hand craft precision.

The great sensitivity and the resistance to traction of the interchangeable tips are important assets to influence boat rod’s performance. The small single leg guides are well aligned and then carefully wrapped.

In the segment of sea boat rods, this icon marks the models which aren’t supplied with interchangeable tips, but only have a solid fiberglass telescopic tip. No difference regarding sensitivity and durability.

A fantastic sensation of smoothness and a greater control of the rod comes from the special finish of carbon rod handles. Apart from improving the fishing pleasure, this finish helps rod’s cleaning after each fishing session.

The advanced high modulus carbon sheet, which gives enormous power to the rod’s blank, sweetly blends into softer materials to provide the right sensitivity to detect fish bites. But the conversion is gradual, within the tubular top section, and this requires high class technology to avoid weak points and curve imperfections, which would cause poor looking but also a bad power transfer, with some risks of sudden breakage for the structure. All over the world, this concept is well known as “multi-action tip”, but it’s not equally common the process of layer’s overlapping and fusion which bring to a perfect result, inch by inch. The technology which leads to the perfection of final product can give the best only in case the engineering and design process are assisted by computer, which can evaluate the stress point by point and realistically simulate the reaction of the material according to the fixed specifications.

Trabucco Fishing Range 2022

The concept behind the Hybrid Tip arises from the need to obtain a good tip action on all models in our surf casting range, in order to compare the performance between the lower and the higher level rods. We then managed to get the unsurpassed sensitivity of a solid carbon tip design matching perfectly with the power of a tubular carbon blank, whatever the modulus of the carbon used to build the rod itself. With this hybrid solution, the blank takes care of the part inherent to the casting action, charging power before releasing it during the lash, while the tip takes care of directionality, of the accuracy and, obviously, of the identification of even the lightest fish bites at very long range. The crucial part is obviously the transition between the tubular carbon blank and the solid tip, subject where we have applied all our famous design capabilities.

Some Big Game rods differ from all the other by a peculiar guide’s configuration, which is known worldwide as “Acid” or “Spiral Wrapping”. Instead of being in line, they follow a spiral which surrounds the blank, getting aligned only in the top area, with the last guides and the top guide oriented downward. So the line never touches the blank, when the power of a big fish bends it to the limit, without inducing abnormal twists and reducing fatigue with the user.