Trabucco Fishing - 2022 International Catalog - English

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SEATBOX | Genius Box S Light Concept

A very, very interesting range of seatboxes which stands for the general quality and customization options, created to fulfill the space between the fantastic high-end products and more elementary fishing seats. With the diameter of


25 mm, the legs actually accept any accessory from the Genius and Universal Clamp lines: side trays, rod holders, supports for the keepnet and for the bucket, trays holders and umbrella arms, allowing to definitely increase their level of comfort. Thanks to the available modules, the user can adapt the seatbox configuration to his personal needs.




Model characterized by the back rest, which is padded as well as the cushion and folds down for transport. All other components are identical to those of basic model S1 Light. Due to its general characteristics, stability and practicality, this seatbox is also ideal for boat fishing. Of course you can increase its capacity by inserting modules H40 and H80 (the latter with front drawers or side drawer), available separately.


S1 LIGHT It’s the simplest model of the entire range, but it is the only one to be equipped with carrying handle and clips for attaching the legs to the bottom of the container. Thus the seatbox assumes a compact volume, to find space in the narrower car booth but also on a scooter. The lower compartment, of 40 x 30 cm, 13 cm deep, is able to accommodate accessories and reels, and is closed by the cushion. The seatbox can be customized with modules H40 and H80 (the latter with front drawers or side drawer), available separately.



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