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CARP CRYSTAL WAGGLER Special waggler characterized by very short length, as it is oriented to topwater or shallow carp fishing with live or inert baits. Its completely transparent structure avoids alarming the most shy fish, while the built-in rolling swivel downloads all line’s twists. The weight of its solid plexiglass body provides an ideal flight trim and great stability while fishing.


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Specific float for surface commercial waggler fishing Perfect for summer fishing with pellet, sweetcorn or other bulky baits Balsa body; high visibility antenna with incorporated flights Loading system based on interchangeable brass disks and swivel Each float is supplied with 2 interchangeable clear disks, designed to slow down the float’s penetration in the water, when hitting the surface • Individual bag with header and Euro slot, to hang it on shop’s displays Above, the classic loading with swivel, including removable brass disks to possibly use heavy hookbaits. Straight from the bag, the Pellet Waggler is loaded to the limit for best sensitivity. The two clear disks supplied with each float act like a parachute to slow down the float’s trip through water, after hitting the surface. In such way, float’s action is developed on the top layer only, while carp have enough time to detect the hookbait and immediately bite it.

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HT BLUE LOADED WAGGLER 45 Polycarbonate straight waggler, loaded so that all sizes need same rig’s shotting weight of 1 gram down the line. The load includes a rolling type swivel which eases its use as slider. The float offers a multi-coloured hollow plastic antenna of 4,5 mm in diameter, which can be replaced with a light stick of equal diameter or accommodate a 3 mm one inside.

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HT BLUE WAGGLER 45 Polycarbonate straight waggler without any loading system, featuring a plastic foot equipped with a hole for the line’s passage. The 4,5 mm multicoloured antenna is made from hollow plastic to light up strongly in the daytime; in case of night fishing, it can be replaced with a 4,5 mm light stick, or filled in with a 3 mm one.

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HT BLUE INSERT WAGGLER Polycarbonate straight waggler, equipped with a long insert antenna made from hollow plastic of 3 mm in diameter. At the base, the load consists of brass disks that can be removed and recomposed at will, with a built in rolling type swivel allowing its use as a slider.

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Cygar shaped waggler designed for top water fishing in commercial lakes, with Carp as main target. In summer, those fish tend to rise and are attracted by any noise, so, when pellets are dropped in by catapult, the action is immediate. This model doesn’t replace existing XD Pellet Waggler, because it offers heavier weights to fish at longer distances.











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