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Box 10

High sensitivity and consistent casting accuracy are main ingredients of Bream fishing at long range. Trabucco GNT Accurate provides all those factors with wings and interchangeable antennas, built on carbon stem to enhance those critical lift bites. Quill made from tubular polycarbonate to be straight forever, while the weight is made with interchangeable disks to adapt rig’s weight to fishing conditions. Individual packing in clear bag with hang header.

010-92-140 010-92-160

On top, flights allow to cast at long range with very high accuracy.

010-92-180 010-92-200 010-92-220 010-92-250

Two interchangeable hollow antennas are included with each float. The whistle for extreme long range and the standard, both with carbon stem.



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Box 10

Expressly developed to offer the maximum sensitivity in long distance bream fishing, it offers two interchangeable antennas mounted on carbon stem and an offset whistle style antenna, equipped with long carbon stem that perfectly highlights those critical lift bites. Non-deformable polycarbonate stem.

010-91-140 010-91-160 010-91-180

Fischio 5.00mm Insert 4.00mm Insert 3.00mm

010-91-200 010-91-220

The range of supplied antennas allows you to adopt any style of fishing with the utmost visibility in all weather conditions.



The insertion of the tubular stem is a critical point for any waggler: problem solved with a special elastic resin and a tailor made collar which seals the top end of balsa body. On right, the top end of the float receives and securely locks the antenna’s stem.

The modular brass disks allow to adapt the float’s loading: from the waggler configuration with ultralight rig to a slider with heavy shotting pattern.


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GNT OPZIONAL ANTENNAS A specific antenna for each fishing condition! To complement the float range, a selection of spare, optional antennas are available to allow you to adapt sensitivity and visibility to your needs, from hollow models in different diameters to whistles, visible even at very long distances. Packed in practical 3-piece bags. 010-91-000 010-91-010 010-91-020 010-91-030


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Insert 3 mm



Insert 3.5 mm



Insert 4 mm



Fischio 5 mm



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