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Match & Feeder | HOOKS & PRE TIED RIGS

MATCH & FEEDER HOOKS Since ever, the competitions have always been the active laboratory in which ideas and attention to details generate increasingly performing equipment. The hooks don’t escape to this logic: however small, these components play an essential role in result’s achievement. From an ultralight bunch of Bloodworm to a twin boilie, the match & feeder hookbait’s scenario is so vast that it requires an equally wide range of choices regarding hooks, whose shapes and structures must be designed to easily adapt to every type of presentation. If in the Match sector the hookbait’s refinements have always been important, in the Feeder field the keyword has now become “balancing”, and it’s clear that this is achieved by choosing the lightest hook possible, or, when necessary, opting for unusually small sizes. For these reasons, our initial range of Feeder hooks now expands with new models that follow the most current trends, in some cases also meeting the needs of advanced pole fishing. THE FIVE MERITS OF TRABUCCO match & FEEDER HOOKS • • • • •

The reliability programmed size by size, important for the ever growing fish The eyed models, easing Knotless Knot for a whole world of opportunities Modern barbless versions are simply vital for the serious angler The wire diameter indication, which enables to compare and evaluate hook’s strength The bags of 15 hooks are quite compact to be easily stored in the seatbox trays New technology which allows to make the hook’s surface infinitely smooth, non-sticky and hydrophobic, improving the baiting’s ease and penetration into the mouth of the fish. The gun smoke colour and the absence of glare avoid scaring the fish.

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