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TRABUCCO LINE TECHNOLOGY First of all, the contact with bait or lure, then link to the fish. Not a mere accessory, but a vital piece of tackle, which deserves the best attentions. Line and fishing are actually inseparable, since the sporting aspect has taken over the food needs.

SUPER HYDROPHOBIC POLYDIMETHYLSILOXANE COATING It’s quite difficult to memorize the full meaning of the acronym PDMS: it’s surely much easier to realize and remember its benefits. Each single strand of the Trabucco braids which are made with such technology is coloured and coated prior to the formation of the line, obtaining an unsurpassed level of protection. This was possible because the PDMS allows to create ultrafine membranes with high flexibility, photoresistance, waterproofness and ability to saturate microscopic rooms. On its surface, water forms tiny balls and slips away, and it is obvious that the salt and any chemical pollutants can’t penetrate and damage the fibers forming the line.

The High Modulus Polyethylene is the best material for braided line’s production. Flexibility, linear strength and abrasion resistance are its quality factors.

The future technology is already here, with the core of the monofilament featuring an unprecedented compactness for maximum cooperation between the molecules.

PE braided lines with great strength per diameter, thanks to the high number of strands the profile is rounder, avoiding the line digging in the spool.

Series of monofilaments super resistant to shocks and knots, always reliable and top quality. A timeless classic of Italian fishing style.

Hi-Tech monofilaments of the latest generation, each series is dedicated to a specific fishing techniques and it is essential due to its unique structure.

A true hi spec competition line. Quality and performance always consistent. It is just the best way to build super strong and totally invisible hook length.

Super soft and abrasion resistant monofilaments, the best for spooling your reels. Specific lines available for Match, Surf Casting, Predator, Feeder and, generally, for all the techniques that need long casting performance.

A new range, specialized in the most common fresh and saltwater uses. Total reliability and a plus: the side cover which include the hole to hang each spool in the shop.

The highest quality monofilament in the world. You will never find on the market any other monofilament with such a high strength test.


TRABUCCO PARALLEL SPOOLING The spooling process is a step of production which can heavily affect the line’s performance and behavior while fishing. When the monofilament gets from the big spools to commercial, small ones, the machines involved in the operation can induce abnormal tension and torque, up to “loading” the line with a stress that will be given us back when we will wind it on to the reel’s spool or when we will use it to build up a rig or an hooklink. The solution used by Trabucco to overcome this problem on high end lines is the parallel spooling, a special process which cannot be applied on the whole range due to longer time process that, in the end, causes cost’s increase. A very special machine lays every coil parallel to the previous one under high precision and minimal tension, without inducing any torsion and generating the fantastic effect which everybody can see through a magnifying glass. Excess of accuracy? Maniacal care? Nothing wrong, because only in this way the line will come off the spool with unchanged specifications, the best precondition to get the optimum from it, with less tendency to tangle and with a smooth flow through rod’s guides. AUTHENTIC QUALITY The embossed logo inside the spool? A strong headache for those who try to produce copies of the extraordinary Trabucco lines, because replicating such a sophisticated spool involves a heavy investment that pushes up prices. In the future, it will gradually be applied to new products, making the authentic Trabucco production recognizable. IN THE SHOP In each commercial package there is a tag showing the traditional code and the EAN barcode. By placing it on the display peg before the product, the retailer will be able to reorder the line without mistakes when all the spools will have been sold, ensuring its consistent availability within his shop.


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