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THE BODY The stiffness of reel’s structure is very important to allow a smooth rotation of inner gear, because all mechanisms are fitting to the body in many points. A really stiff body offers safe, stable and firm anchorage to internal parts, while a normal one, subject to deformations under load, actually limits their freedom and creates the well known sticky effect which - for too long time - has been regarded as synonymous of quality. The precision and high quality of gears are useless if the body is subject to flex and torque. The same applies to ball bearings: an high number doesn’t improve the rotation power if their seat is prone to deformation.That’s why more and more Trabucco quality reels are built around a metal body, being it the ultralight magnesium alloy or the versatile and convenient aluminium. The difference is immediately felt during a strong fish fight, as the line is easily retrieved, without forcing with the rod. A totally new mix of emotions, able to change the fishing pleasure and confirm Trabucco brand as one of the most attractive in the world. Body and rotor fully made of premium quality metal alloys, built to withstand the most challenging situations and to last in time. This technology belongs to top range reels only. With a specific gravity 20% lower than aluminium and an even higher stiffness, the Magnesium alloy is definitely the most advanced material to produce reel’s bodies. Great fashion, but also great performances. Innovative material added of uni directional Carbon micro fibres. This technology is the ideal combination between light weight and stiffness. It is naturally corrosion free and we use this material for high performance reels only. Innovative technology that allowed us to produce fully Carbon Body and rotor, the top you can get in terms of lightness and still able to grant a great resistance to mechanical stress. As per the Metal Body this technology has been used for top range reel only. Hybrid Body means a body made of aluminium and graphite. The aluminium has the task to withstand the mechanical stress, while the graphite helps to keep the weight as light as possible. Hybrid Body reels can grant you to fish safely and with light equipment. It is the more common material used in the fishing tackle industry for reel building: light weight and reliable. It is anyway a very important step to add an appropriate structural development to get outstanding performance from it. Only a few companies can do it properly.

THE GEARS GEAR RATIO. It defines the number of revolutions performed by the rotor around the spool for each complete turn of the handle. The larger the first number, the quicker the reel. Obviously the spool’s diameter plays an important role: for a correct evaluation we suggest to pay attention to the amount of line recovered per turn of the handle, indicated between brackets in the tables of this catalogue. In general, we recommend fast reels for long distance fishing techniques and slower models where instead more cranking power is requested.

BALL BEARING SYSTEM. A well designed mechanic uses only high quality ball bearings to improve the gears motion. The BBS indication on each product, provides the number of the bearings used on the reel. The first figure is the quantity of the ball bearings used, whilst the second is the number of the roller bearing. The roller bearing is one-way only, and it’s positioned on the central pinion to force the rotation and prevents the reels from the even the smallest back turn, also known as the “One way clutch“. The ball bearings reduce friction of moving parts and the more there are, the better the mechanics work.



We have to talk about raw materials and in particular metals, because these are at the heart of all the gears. Durability and performance of derive mainly from the quality of the materials involved in the construction of pinions, gears and bearings... for these mechanical parts Trabucco uses only the best quality materials such as bronze and steel... we don’t use other materials because only these can provide the reliability standard and resistance that our customers deserve.

Are the basis of the mechanical function of our reels. The fluidity and smoothness of rotation that Precision Gears provide is responsible for the speed and above all of the power of the reel. The rotors and the gears of our reels featuring the PG technology are designed using the latest 3D softwater, thus to guarantee the perfect assembly of every single part to improve efficiency and reduce friction.

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