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SEATBOX ACCESSORIES Line of multifunctional arms, suitable for any existing seatbox or feeder chair, which can be fixed to their legs without inserting the body from top, but simply by applying it laterally. Thanks to the innovative “Clamp” system, the body of these accessories opens like a clamp, allowing it to be inserted into the preferred position even if the leg already houses one or more accessories. But there’s more. In some accessories, marked with the Easy Switch logo, a removable threaded head allows the accessories to be interchanged. Alternatively, the body can remain applied on the leg, while the accessory and the head come off for transport. In the case of the keepnet, for example, it comes off instantaneously to carry out the fish for weighing operation, keeping the head screwed onto the threaded pin.


A practical lever frees the Easy Switch threaded head, which has an octagonal section to avoid rotation under load. The device is present only on the Keepnet Arms and on the Cross Arms.

The supplied adapter set allows the accessories to be applied on legs with a round section of diameter up to 36 mm, or with a square section of 20 mm.


Code ode 086-19-200 9-200

Code 086-19-190

Description Easyy Switch - SID SIDE BASSIN 30x25



Code 086-19-180

Code 086-19-110 086-19-120 086-19-130

Description Easyy Switch - KEEPNET ARM Easyy Switch - KEEPNET ARM 5 Easyy Switch - KEEPNET ARM 20

Description Butt Rest

Size 5 cm 20 cm

Description Pole Arms (2 pcs)



Code 086-19-160 086-19-170

Description FEEDER ARM 90° / 90° FEEDER ARM 90° / 140°

340 | Trabucco Product Guide 2018

Size 90 cm 140 cm

Code 086-19-140 086-19-150

Description Easy Switch - CROSS ARM 10 Easy Switch - CROSS ARM 25

Size 10 cm 25 cm

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Trabucco Fishing Catalog 2018 - Fishing tackle  

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