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ACCESSORIES The large expansion of feeder fishing, the growing attention to the fish welfare and the size of caught fish, which goes up everywhere with the refinement of fishing tackle and techniques, are the roots from which a new range of Airtek Specialist landing net heads came to life. Structured with ultralight and rigid aluminum frames, thanks to their “D” cross section, they feature threaded brass connections, assisted by a rubber O-ring, with high strength and durable nets. The presentation in the shop is carefully designed, with a device to hang the head and a stylish identification board.



Net heads made with highly waterproof PE mesh, whose most important advantage is not the very rapid drying, but the speed with which they cut through the water when the fish must be scooped. Green moss colour; flat bottom with differentiated mesh.

Structured with identical frames to the PE versions, these net heads feature the rubber coated mesh, which dries quickly and does not retain any bad smell. Bottom “V” shaped for housing the fish with the ideal orientation to be easily grabbed. Moss green colour.

Code 083-68-510 083-68-520

Description AirtekSpec.Net Head*PEMesh AirtekSpec. Net Head*PEMesh

L W H Net mm 45 55 35 8x4 50 60 40 8x4

Code 083-68-610 083-68-620

Description AirtekSp.NetHead*Rub.Mesh Airte Sp NetHead *Rub.Mesh

L W H Net mm 45 55 35 8x4 50 60 40 8x4

In recent times, commercial lakes have drawn a high interest from the feeder fishing experts. Given the actual catch toughness, due to the high fishing pressure, the Method and Hair Rig style have become essential, and with them the need to use landing net heads featuring microscopic mesh. Thus the pellet stoppers and bait bands don’t get tangled in it, accelerating the return to action after each catch. But the dark side of small mesh nets is friction in the water: the right solution are the nets made from Polyethylene fibers (PE), hydrophobic material that guarantees a certain maneuverability of the landing net.

METHOD PE Available in two well different sizes, one oriented to silver fish, carassios and F1, the other capable of accommodating good sized carp, these heads have a tubular aluminum frame and the “fish friendly” net. The bottom is “U” shaped to keep fish calm. Black and brown colour.

Code 083-68-010 083-68-020

Description GNTSpec.Net Head*Method PE GNTSpec.Net Head*Method PE

L W H Net mm 45 40 30 3 50 45 40 3




They’re built with a dual size mesh, large on the sides and a thick fish friendly material on the bottom. The D shape frame is made of anodized aluminium to increase resistance keeping the heads extremely light. Available in three different sizes.

Net head designed with a greater depth than normal to allow to safely bring important fish to the bank. Perfect for carp, or at sea, it features a 20 mm mesh.

Head with waterproof PE net, which dries instantly, it does not retain bad smells and is particularly “fish friendly”. Considerable depth and flat bottom.

MONO Code 083-66-040

Description TX-3D 2 Mesh

L W H 60 55 28

312 | Trabucco Product Guide 2018

Code 083-66-810

Description TR Pro Net Mono

PE L W H 45 52 40

Code 083-66-820

Description TR Pro Net PE

L W H 38 50 35

Trabucco Fishing Catalog 2018 - Fishing tackle  

Trabucco Fishing Catalog 2018 - Fishing tackle Fishing Tackle - Europe - English language

Trabucco Fishing Catalog 2018 - Fishing tackle  

Trabucco Fishing Catalog 2018 - Fishing tackle Fishing Tackle - Europe - English language